Following Course & Services are Offered

At with English Writing and Communication Course we are providing the following writing services for businesses, companies, legal firms, websites, blogs and students to create customized and creative content as per their requirements.

Business Communication Course

Complete Business Communication Course for Employees

  • Letter and application writing
  • Report writing
  • Face-to-Face Meeting, In-Person Oral Presentation, Online Meeting, Videoconferencing, Teleconferencing, Phone Call, Voice Message, Video, Blog, Report, Brochure, Newsletter, Flier, Email, Memo
  • Basic grammar and sentence making
  • Exercise
  • Course duration: 4 weeks (monday to friday)
  • For details contact or visit our office during 9am to 7pm Monday to Friday

About The Instructor:

Our instructors are highly professional in business communication and we have one British Instructor Ms. Charlotte Bekingam last week to fine tune your communication skills.

Writing Services:

we write business plans

We write all types of business plans to start your business or prototype of business plan for students. Our written plans are guarantee for your business success.

we write creative marketing campaigns

we design your marketing campaigns with utmost creativity and uniqueness for all type of medias including btl and atl.

we write creative letter applications

we add creativity to your all type of communication through letters and applications. If you are tired or your boss is tired from your writings we surely can fuel your writings with creativity. Our creative writers will provide utmost satisfaction you ever desire.

we write presentations

we create presentations on demand for business purposes and for students. We are expert in powerpoint and prezi with our own designs, Colors, slide styles etc.

we write for brands

we add creativity to your brand messages and all communication of your brand. No matters whether it is a packaging, tvcs, billboard, streamers, letters, flyers or catalogue of the brand.

we write website contents

We create content for websites as per the requirement of the project/company or business. We have expertise in developing all section of the website starting from introduction/about us page to contact us. our all content will be unique and self written.

we write for corporate/business blogs

We are expert in business blog writing. We ensure quality of content meanwhile high attention to relevancy of the blog content with your business. We also know to how include main keywords in your blogging so you will remain on top after hiring our blog writing services.

Blogging is becoming major attention to grow any business online. So after hiring our services your business will be ours and within given time we will put all your blogging platforms functional, smoothly running and regularly updating with most relevant content.

content proofreading

We do provide service of content proof reading for websites, blogs, news and all types of legal and official contents by our experts.

what we do actually

We guarantee that all content from will be unique, self written without any grammar or linguistic mistakes. Our expertise are to deliver content as per the requirement of our customers with full satisfaction.

We started this service for the needy students who have no knowledge of English language to fulfil their English writing requirements. With passage of time we are growing and charging from those who can afford to learn english.

For unique and paid services please fill the contact form

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