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Letter from Teacher to Parents for Asking Donations

Sample letter to parents from school to ask for the donations to utilise within the school on poor students or to donate to any charity organisation.

Letter from Teacher to Parents for Donations

Dear Parents,

We are writing to you on behalf of this institution.As you are well aware of the fact that a huge number of families are unable to bear the educational expenses of their children. It is our utmost responsibility to show a sense of empathy of such children. In this concern we request you for donation depending upon your own financial state. We hope for a positive response from your side. This kind deed will help you in this world and also in hereafter.


Letter to Parents Asking for Donations

Dear Mr. Martin Burg,

Being father of our two students, you are well aware of social welfare projects in our college. ‘Contribution to future’ is the new initiative under which intelligent students performing well academically but are financially deserving due to with underprivileged, very poor background, shall be awarded with full bright scholarship in our college so that they can materialize their dreams without any financial hurdles. An exclusive committee comprising heads of departments in the college has been constituted for meritorious and transparent selection of most deserving students.

The letter is intended to convey this noble message to you so that you could also contribute in the future of such needy students in our college. The college acknowledges your previous contributions in its all social welfare projects. Being an ardent advocate of free educational opportunities for the poor and the needy, we are hopeful that your financial contribution and moral support to our new initiative will go a long way to help the deserving students in achieving their educational aims.

We look forward to you for becoming a role model in such regards.

If you have any queries or suggestions for enhancing the scope of our new initiative, you may contact us any time at our official contact numbers.

Thank you for your time and contribution.

Best Regards,


Ask Donation from Parents of Students

Mr. Mubashir Haider
Valencia Town

Dear Mr. Mubashir,

Greetings! Hope you & your family are fine. Your son Ali is the student of class 2-B in our school, he has been here for last year. You have always participated & showed interest to all school matters which are informed to you. It is really appreciating.

As you know that we have recently faced a huge disaster in form of Earth quake. Thousands of families in northern areas have suffered from this disaster. Many of them died, some injured & a large number have lost their shelters. They don’t have enough supply of food.

Upon this, the school has built up a board, who is gathering donations from people in order to rehabilitate those victims. Through this letter, we request you to raise the donation as much as you want and desire to donate. It will be great virtue in fact. May God bless you for this virtue.


Hafeez Shahzad

Donation Letter to Parents

Respected Sir/ Madam,

Hope that you are in good health. I’m writing this to draw your attention to very important issue we are having in our society. As you know that every 5th child in our society doesn’t go to school because their parents can’t afford for education, so they don’t send their children to school.

Due to which 20% of our population is becoming uneducated and at young age children’s are getting victims of child labor. That is why our country is lacking with many others. We have many books, many teachers but still 20% of population stays uneducated. Our organization is having an event on this Saturday for the cause of good.

So it is my humble request to contribute in our donation. It will be for great cause.

Thank you so much for your time.


Letter to Teacher About Child Progress

Sample letter to teacher from parents about the child progress and lack of focus on studies. Parents writing letter to class teacher of their child about the educational progress of the student in school with extra curricular activities.

Request Letter to Teacher about Child Progress

The Section Head,
Army Public School & Colleges System,

Subject: Encourage child to participate in curricular activities

Dear Ma’am,

It is to humbly request you that my son Mahad Mir, student of class 3B has been a bright student previously but now his grades are deteriorating. He’s always into sports or dramatics. I appreciate that he’s doing really good in that but he should not lose focus from studies. Therefore, I request you to kindly encourage him towards participating in curricular activities like grand quizzes, lab experiments, learning via charts or models, using audio-visual teaching material or collecting related stories from the newspapers so that he must retain interest in curriculum.

I hope to see positive changes in my son.
Thanking you for your cooperation.


Mrs. Rabia Mir

Sample Letter to Teacher about Child’s Progress

The Principal,
Allied School, Shadman Campus,

Subject: Bad Effect on Progress Report Due to Unnecessary Burden

Dear Sir,

I have the opportunity to inform that the unnecessary Burden put on the children in your School is badly affecting the Progress Report of my children. Every week there are many tests and even three to four tests of different subjects which are hard to prepare by the young children and ultimately giving a bad effect on children’s progress report. Because preparation so many subjects in a day is mixed up in their minds and even creating confusion. Children feel too much scared and hardly manage it.

You are requested to please reduce the Burden on children

Thanking you,

Yours Truly,

Naveed Younus

Letter to Teacher about Child Progress

The City School,

Respected Teacher,

With due respect, we are writing this letter to you. Our daughter, Kimberly Grade 5, is your student in The City School. We were very concerned about her progress in the class and we wanted to inquire about that. We want our daughter to do well in the exams. Please provide us with the progress she has made so far in the class. We shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,

Kimberly’s Parents

Letter to Teacher about Progress

Miss Robina,
Urdu Teacher, Allied School,

Subject: Good Progress of My Son

Dear Madam,

We are very pleased to inform you that my son Zain who is studying in class 4 Yellow in your school is now feeling very comfortable with Urdu subject. He was very weak in Urdu but you have really made great efforts to make him expert in this subject. He has shown good progress in Urdu in his last examination. Your great efforts are really highly appreciated. And we look forward the same struggle from you in her future classes as well. Your kind behavior is also appreciated.

Thanks again.
Best Regards

Zain Class-4 Yellow

Warning Letter to Teacher from Principal

Sample warning letter to teacher from school principal due to absents, performance and negligence. Warning letter to teacher from principal for misconduct or late coming regularly.

Warning Letter to Teacher from Principal for Poor Performance

Miss Jane Ann, Hope high school, LA

Respected madam,

With all respect I am writing this letter to you that after checking the monthly report of our staff we have come to know that you are doing your job carelessly. We have come to know that you take 2 or 3 hours leave per day, students are also scoring less in your subject, we respect your privacy and family issues but the school cannot afford a bad image. We are giving you a last chance to improve your performance as we are aware of your talent. We will check your next monthly report and will make the decision. We hope you will not give us a chance to warn you as its your last time.


The Management team, hope high school, LA

Warning Letter from Principal to Teacher

Dear Mr. Douglas Amok,

I have evaluated the monthly academic reports of all classes. The subjects taught by you have shown poor results. The consistent poor academic performance of majority of students in your subject shows that the fault lies on your side. They even don’t understand the very basic concepts of the subject. Their expression of ideas and illustration are not up to the mark.

You were supposed to take notice of this by means of their feedback. Unfortunately, lapse on your side has wasted much precious time of the students. Moreover, I have also checked your attendance record of the previous month which is also disappointed because you have been absent for a day in every week. How can a teacher advise his students to be punctual if he himself is not punctual in the class?

Mr. Douglas, your performance as a responsible teacher is not satisfactory at all. Please consider this writing as a warning. I hope you shall not repeat such a disappointed performance.


Mr. Forbes Robar,
The principal, the National Service institute

Warning for Teacher’s Misconduct

Ms. Shaheen Masood,
Teaching Assistant,
Department of Chemistry.
GCU, Lahore

Dear Ms. Shaheen,

This is to inform you that the disciplinary committee of GCU has anonymously received a formal complaint against you. We have been reported of your casual attitude in class, favoritism with the students and unprofessional behavior with other colleagues. The DC had secretively investigated this matter and from various sources gathered similar information. You are hereby being warned for your inappropriate conduct. We are hopeful that you’ll take this seriously and will not demean this noble profession. Failing to do so, may lead to termination of your employment.


Disciplinary Committee

Warning Letter to Teacher Due to Poor Performance

Dear Mr. Shahid Mehmood,

Good Morning! Hope you are fine. I have just received an email from controller examination department about the result of class 8. It is very disappointed to see that the result of your class was much bad. None of your student could reach even 70% marks. Half of the class is below average.

You have been advised several times earlier but there is no significant improvement seen in your performance. Therefore, I am giving you Warning this time. If you still unable to improve your performance, the school has right to terminate your services on performance basis without any notification.

The school hopes for your bright career here. I look forward for positive changes in your work.


Tariq Saeed

Warning Letter for Teachers from School

Respected Miss Murray,

It has been a high time to write you about this matter, but the school administration still wants to give you a chance. While being straight forward about it I would like to tell you that the school administration is very much disturbed about your behavior of being very irregular and absent for the respective classes you are assigned. It was your responsibility to finish the course near the end of the term but you were unable to do so because of your absences.

You can still avail this last chance by improving your attendance and making the children complete the syllabus in the coming term. Importantly, you should take this letter as a warning letter as if you are unable to show improvements you will be terminated immediately because we do not want to have a bad result for our school.


John Shaw,
Principal, The City School

Complaint Letter to Parents About Misbehave with Teacher

Letter to parents to inform them about misbehave of their child with his teacher in the class. Letter to parents from teacher about misconduct of their child with the teacher in class or school, college etc.

Complaint Letter to Parents from Principal

District Public School
Los Angeles
Mr. Peter
West Street Los Angeles

Subject: Complaint Letter to Parents about Misbehave with Teacher

Dear Mr. Peter

I am feeling sad to inform you that your Son Roger is not doing well in school. He is not following the rules regarding maintenance of discipline in school. He is accused of misbehaving most of his teachers. His Mathematics teacher Miss Rose has alleged Roger that he was found shouting at her. He refused to done his homework and also used inappropriate language with the teacher. His tune was also harsh.

It is my duty to inform you that this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated in the school. This time he has been left with a simple warning but if he would continue doing so and not change his behavior he would not be allowed to sit in exams and his name would be stroked off from the school.

Hope that you will play your part as a good parent to teach him how to behave with the teachers in school. Please feel free to contact me on my number 89797896 in case of any quires.


Anna Isabella

Warning Letter for Misconduct

We are sorry to inform you that your child had been involved in some unethical activities. Teachers had complained about the misconduct of your child in the classroom. So in order to achieve a good atmosphere in our school we ask to ensure your child’s manners and ethics.

Letter to Parents for Misbehavior of Student with Teacher

Mr. & Mrs. William Robert,

I am writing to you in the capacity of Principal Girls Higher Secondary School, Oxford street branch. It is surely unpleasant for me to tell any bad news or complaint of students to their parents. The letter is intended to inform you about misbehave of your daughter, Jacqueline Fernandez, with her Arts teacher in yesterday’s class.

I must tell you that it is not the first time your daughter has misbehaved with her teacher in the class. In fact, it is the third time that she had done so, irrespective of my two consecutive warnings to her in the past about her inappropriate conduct in the class. It is highly regretted that she is not mending her conduct as required. Now, i think, it is time of your intervention in this matter.

As I had already told you at the time of admission here that good academic performance and conduct in the class both will be necessary for her to retain her enrollment or continue her studies here. Otherwise, her enrollment may be terminated on the ground of consistent poor academic performance or inappropriate conduct in the class.

Hence, it is in her best interest to shun her misbehavior with her teachers in the class. It is also adversely affecting her studies. However, i am quite hopeful that you can play vital role in persuading her to correct her conduct such as advised to all students by their respectable teachers.

I am looking forward to hearing no complaints about her misconduct in the class.


Ms. W. Lagerend,
Principal Girls Higher Secondary School,
Oxford street branch

Complaint Letter Against Misbehavior with Teacher

Garden Town,
Lahore, Pakistan

Respected Parents,

It is to inform you that your child, Rory Grade 2, has been guilty of misbehavior with the class teacher. The student had been throwing paper balls at the teacher while the class was going on and has also used inappropriate speech with the teacher when she tried to stop him. It is to specify that Rory is a bad influence for the other children, as others will also learn that from him. We do not want such an effect on other children.

Rory has been suspended for one week due to his misconduct. We hope you try to manage the situation intelligently and improve Rory’s behavior further.


School Management,
Beaconhouse School System

Complaint to Parents About Misbehave of Their Son/Dauther from Principal

Dear Mr. Kabir,

It is stated that me, M.Yasir has been running my own school for the last 10 years. During this time, the school has achieved many milestones of success. The school has maintained top positions in Board for the last 3 years. Your son Waleed is the student of class 6 in this school.

I am writing this letter to you to put your attention towards a serious matter. Class teacher of Waleed, Mr. Ahmed Hussain has complained the behavioral problem of Waleed many times. Upon this, Waleed has been punished, imposed fine & suspended from school once. In-spite of these punishments, there is no significant changed is observed in his behavior.

Yesterday, Mr. Ahmed was teaching his class. While that, Waleed was talking and not paying attention. When the teacher stopped him doing so, Waleed did misbehave with teacher and left the class without permission.

I request you to please take a serious note of this shameful incident, being the parents of Waleed. I hope to have a positive response from your side.


M.Yasir, (Principal).