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Letter to Supplier for Outstanding Payment

Sample response letter to supplier for outstanding payment of stores, supplies or purchase orders etc. When supplier send you letter for payment you can write this letter in response to the payment letter.

Letter of Demand for Outstanding Payment

Letter to company or party for outstanding payment request.

Banana Factories Pvt, Ltd
Mr. Kinley
Steve Brokers
Los Angeles

Subject: Letter for Outstanding Payment

Dear Mr. Kinley

It is to inform you that during the annual audit it has been reported to recovery department of our company that some of the funds have been suspended from your side. You have not paid your monthly dues since the last three months. You are directed to pay your reminders before September 18, 20XX so that further transactions can be continued.
In case of failure to pay for your past transactions the company has the right to redeem all the running contracts with you and company has also the right to engage the consumer court for dispute settlement.

We can provide you 5% on paying all the reminders before the given date. Thank you for your concern. Please feel free to contact our Finance Recovery department on this number 654487657 for any quires.


HR Executive
Collisions & Co.

Strong Letter For Payment Recovery

Hall Road,

Dear Joshua,

You have really tested me this time that I am writing such a letter to you. I am unable to comprehend the idea what have stopped you from not paying me the money for all the goods I have provided to you. I cannot see any reason apart from your negligence and carelessness. I am giving you this last chance which I should not be giving, to pay my money as soon as within two working days. Otherwise I will sue you in the court of law.

Joshua, this letter is not to humiliate you, but the problem is that I am a man of white collar and I have to earn my living. Your not paying can really cost me and I will sue you if you do not give me my money.



Response Letter to Supplier for Payment

Dear M/S Stephen traders

I have been directed to convey the sorry feelings from my administration regarding the matter of late payment in respect of the final bill submitted by your firm consequent upon completion of the project named construction of 6 rows premix road 20 km long from city circular road to the northern bypass.

The intention to write this letter is not to create unnecessary confusion in your mind regarding any substandard work on your part neither any unfair demands from you but to let you understand the prevailing situation of the office. It might be in your knowledge special audit of our office is underway by a team of specialist auditors hired particularly by our head office to carry out the audit which meant to be completed in 10 days and all of our office staff is busy with the team all the day long.

Our office in particular feels unhappy about the delay of the remaining payment to you but at the same time want to realize you their constraint in the scenario mentioned above. I would now drag your kind attention to the decision of the office management about the time frame set for you to clear your outstanding payment. It is hoped the understanding our problem you will not bother bad feelings about us and visit our office.

Yours sincerely,


Complaint Letter to Supplier for Damaged Goods

Sample letter to supplier for Supply of damaged goods and poor quality items on site. Complaint letter to supplier for delivery of expired goods or damaged goods on site.

Letter to Supplier for Change of Damaged Goods

Mr. Eric John, Good wood suppliers, LA.

Respected sir,

With all respect I would like to bring it to your knowledge that  I had order 5 wooden cabinets from your company last week. I have got my order but I would like to bring it to your knowledge that  3 of them were damaged, the locked were broken and are not fixed properly. I was expecting a perfect delivery but somehow it was not what I expected. I would like you to change them on urgent basis as I have to fix them in the house. Looking for your response. Thanks.


Ana Merchant,

Letter to Supplier for Damaged Goods

Dear Smith and Bro,

It is intimated that your firm made a supply of the stores against the contract agreement vide our supply order no 3052.asmt.23.supp dated 15 Jan 20XX. The items have been inspected at our warehouse by our quality team in respect of the quality standards which were found satisfactory but some of items out of those have been found broken due to improper packing.

The damaged items have been segregated at our end and kept separate. You are hereby instructed to visit our warehouse and collect these and replace them with intact quality of stores. If you fail to replace these broken items in the next week the accepted quantity of the items will be taken on charge and payment will be made only for accepted quantity. It is expected that you will not waste any time to make the delivery good.

Yours sincerely,


Complaint Letter to Supplier for Poor Quality of Service

1A/1 Ghalib Market,

Dear Albert,

I have a complaint for you, which might make you improve your services in the future. The problem is that the crockery supply order I placed in your firm has perfectly reached on time but the problem is that most of the goods are damaged or cracked giving me a loss of $1000 which is a huge amount of money for me.

Your drivers and other staff has been so careless that despite the fact that the boxes mentioned the ‘fragile material’ signs. I truly respect you and had it been someone else, he would have been facing a law suit. I would like you to improve and train your staff when dealing with such material; otherwise I will have to take an action against you and your staff.

Atticus Finch,
Gulberg 3, Lahore

Complaint Letter Format for Damaged Goods

Mr. S.W. Lincoln
Executive Manager,
Bacon Suppliers & Co.
Hill Station Newland

Subject: Complaint Letter to Supplier for Damaged Goods

Dear Mr. Lincoln,

I have ordered a pair of soccer cleats item number 34K2 to your company via internet and my order number was 56B000. I have received the package last night. I have checked the package and found that the soccer cleats that your company has sent to me are used and one of them is damaged also from the toe.

I had paid the cash via debit card but know I think I have not been served good. I am sending the package back to you with this letter. Please refund my money and there is also no need to send another pair of soccer cleats as I have bought a pair from local sports shop.

Thank you for the time you given to consider this letter. Please feel free to contact me on my number 123456789 or you can email me on john@outlok.com.


John L. Thomas

Letter to Supplier for Delay in Payment

Sample Letter to Supplier for apologize due to Delay in Payment of project. letter for late payment to supplier or contractor from the company with excuse and Apology for Delay in Payment.

Letter to Supplier for Late Payment

Dear Smith and Brothers,

We are very pleased that the project of construction of bridge one km long on the across the shine river against our contract agreement has very satisfactorily completed by your company as per drawings and specifications within the stipulated time frame. As you know 80 percent payment of the said job has already been made to you.

Dear now due to non-receipt of the payment allotment to our office it seems that we will not be able to pay your firm the remaining 20 percent payment of the final bill. I am not feeling happy to inform such late payment but it is our departmental constraint. But one thing I assure you the correspondence regarding early issuance of the allotment letter with higher authorities is under way and it is hoped the same will issued in the next 10 to 15 days. Once again it is requested not to be disappointed due to this late payment and please keep in touch not creating any negative feelings about our department.

Yours sincerely,

Manager Finance

Letter Format for Delay in Payment

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that we are continuously receiving short payments from your end from last 2 months. We are in extreme pressure from our credit control department for holding your supplies. Please update us about this, so we can update our finance department. Below is your break up of pending payment detail.

Short payment Aug’20XX = 3.0 Million
Payment against Sep ’16 supplies = 3.5 Million
Total = 6.5 Million

We are looking forward for prompt positive reply from your end. Account statement also attached for your viewing.


Hassan Tahir

Apology Letter to Supplier for Delay in Payment

ASUS Computers,
London, England, United Kingdom.

The Finance Manager,
Scottish Logistics Company,
Scotland, United Kingdom.

Dear Sir,

I feel remorse to state that your payment for the products which we have received the day before yesterday may be delayed this time by virtue of some financial problems of the company. As you have better knowledge among all of us, the sudden decline in the value of Pound Sterling has affected many business deals and also disturbed the financial budget of our company, adversely.

Furthermore, the company had ordered the supply of consignment before this month but unfortunately it needs time to pay full amount. Meanwhile, if we are able to pay full amount of order then we will do it in a jiffy.

Keeping in view the above mentioned circumstances and past years of working with our company, you are earnestly requested to please consider our request genuine and give time for the payment till next month.

With regards,

Peter Pounce

Delay in Making Payment Letter

M/s GYX Private Limited

Subject:  Delay in Payment

Dear Rafi Sahib,

We feel sorry to inform you that your last bill is delayed at our end due to non- availability of funds against the given head of account. We have applied to the concerned for more funds against the given head. As soon as new funds are allocated, we will process your bill so that you get your payment.

Best regards

Attique Ahmed
Tariq Corporation.

Letter to Supplier for Delay in Payment

Marlboro Companies,

Respected Supplier,

It is to inform you that I have still not received the amount for the product which I had supplied a few months back. I want you to pay me as soon as possible because it is a high time now. I shall be very thankful to you.

Your Contractor,

Adolf Hitler

Letter to Supplier for Payment Collection

Sample Letter to supplier for payment or collection of payment after delivery of stores/items/purchase order etc.

Letter Format for Payment Collection

ASUS Computers,
London, England, United Kingdom.

The Finance Manager,
Scottish Logistics Company,
Scotland, United Kingdom.

Dear Sir,

We are thankful to your cooperation in the matter of delaying payment from our company regarding your provided goods last month.

The company is in position to pay full amount of above said order and has great interest to continue trading with you in future.

It is therefore requested that you can collect full payment in form of cheque from the head office Asus Computers, London by 10th of this month.

With regards,

Peter Pounce

Format of Letter to Supplier for Payment Collection

Dear Shahid Ent.

Thanks for the timely delivery of the stores as per our contract agreement. Moreover as per specifications and samples provided by you, quantity and quality of the store was inspected and found it up to the required standards.

Now as the supply of the items has been completed and accepted you are therefore intimated to attend this office on the first working day after receipt of this letter along with the bill made in accordance with scheduled rates of the contract. You are also informed to append a stamp of your company on the bottom of the bill duly signed by the receiving officer. Also attach receipt voucher duly signed by the stock holder. These formalities will ensure an early finalization of the bill to issue you the payment cheque.

Yours sincerely,


Payment Collection Letter Example

M/s GYX Private Limited

Dear Rafi Sahib,

We are pleased to inform you that your last bill has been processed at our end and payment will be ready by tomorrow positively. You are requested to please collect your payment from the cashier in our office as soon as possible.

An urgent action in this regard is requested because limited funds are available and we have to make payments to the other contractors as well and payments will be made on the first come first served basis.

Best regards

Attique Ahmed
Accountant, Tariq Corporation,
Gulberg, Lahore

Letter to Supplier for Payment Collection

The Supplier,
XYZ Firm.

Dear supplier,
It is stated that your due payment of the past two weeks has been imported in the form of cheque from our international office and your cheques are clear to be processed and cashed anytime. This letter is to request you to kindly collect your payment from the Head office of the firm as soon as possible because the office would be closed for about a week due to Christmas break.

Thanking you,
HR Manager,
XYZ Firm

Letter to Supplier for Price Negotiation

Sample letter to supplier for rates and price negotiation as a final settlement. Sample Letter for Price Negotiation with traders or supplier for long term contract.

Letter for Price Negotiation with Supplier

Zenith Properties
David Store
New York

Dear Mr. David

We have received your consignment sent on august 29, 20XX. The packages have been in good condition and the supply has been although a bit late but is in chained serial. It is to inform you that the price that you are charging for per consignment is not according to the market rate of the concerned packages. We have some other suppliers too who are willing to provide us the same article on $4 for each. As we are purchasing the articles on $6 for each by you so we are continuously in a loss of $2.

So it is requested that please have a short meeting with us so that we can discuss the terms and conditions regarding price control and the current price must be negotiated.

Thank you for your concern. Please write us back for the meeting timetable as soon as possible before the further delivery of goods.


HR Department

Letter to Supplier for Price Reduction

Mr. Sean Bob, LA,

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to you to discuss about the price list you have sent me last week. Sir I really like your material and for sure the quality you are providing is up to the mark, but the rate you have mentioned are much more as compared to the market, I have known your company from last 10 years and I would like to deal with you if you bring your prices low.

It’s my humble request to you to consider my offer as I have started a new business and I am not in earning period, I cannot afford these rates. It would be appreciated that if you give me some discount, looking for a positive reply. Thanks.


Mike Carol,

Sample Letter to Supplier for Price Negotiation

Dear Tahir Brothers

Thanks for quoting your rates against out floated quotations published last Sunday in newspaper. Dear I’m very glad to learn that and find that you are the only supplier in the market who has the capacity to supply all the stores/products our firm require for its smooth functioning. But one thing that is worth mentioning here are rates which you have quoted.

These rates seem to be on much higher side keeping in view the prevailing rates of the international market. Now as you are the only supplier we want to consider for purchasing the products but at the same time we want to negotiate on your quoted rates. We want you to decrease your rates minimum 20 percent so that your bid can be accepted and finalized.

Please reconsider the rates and reply us but not later than 5 working days. I hope that you will respond positively.

Yours sincerely,


Sample Business Letter for Price Reduction

1A/1 Ghalib Market,

Dear David,

The reason for my writing to you is that I have liked your supplying of goods contract terms and conditions as they are very flexible and to the point. But the problem is that I am unable to afford your fees as my earning does not allow me to afford it.

So, I would expect you to reduce it for me and provide me with a little bit discounts in the price so that I am able to afford it. I shall be very thankful to you if you are able to do so.


Albert Einstein

Request Letter to Decrease Price

Darcy Supplier Co. Ltd.,
United Kingdom,

Respected Supplier,

With respect, I want to say that I cannot afford the rates of supply you are offering and they are unreasonably high as well. I want you to reduce the charges so that I can afford them.

Your Customer,


Letter to Supplier to Stop Material Supply Due To the Work Completion

Sample Letter to Supplier to Stop Material Supply Due To the Work Completion on the construction project or site etc.

Letter Requesting Cancel the Supply of Material

Dear sir,

We are pleased to inform you about the completion of our ongoing infrastructure project that has been continued till 4 years. As we were getting our work done at a very swift pace and it was a fast track project so now it is near to its completion.

The purpose of this letter is to basically inform you that we will not be requiring any material from you due to the project completion. As you are well aware of that we made our order for material supply few months back. As we can see that the material lying at site will be sufficient until the completion of the project may be some of that material will be left and will be returned to you.

So we are requesting you to please cancel our pending order of material supply at the earliest. An early action in this regard may be taken from your side. It is requested that if some material left out at site after the project completion it may be returned at any good price according to you.

We will be very thankful to you for this cooperation and acceptance of left material.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best regards,

Ayesha Khan

Letter to Supplier for Stopping material Supply

Mr. Riaz Ali Shah
Sami Constructions
New Delhi

Dear Mr. Riaz,

Good Afternoon! I am Rajiv Kumar from New Delhi. As you know that my new house is being constructed and all material is being supplied from your company.

I need to update you that the construction work of my house is almost going to end. For last stage, I still have sufficient & related material at my end.

Therefore, you are requested to stop the material supply on immediate basis as it is no longer required. I appreciate you for your timely availability of all stock related to stock.


Rajiv Kumar

Letter to Supplier to Stop Material Supply

The Supplier,
XYZ Agency.

It is stated that the material you were providing us with has been top quality and up to the mark, however you are requested to kindly stop sending any more supply as the construction work is complete and no more material is required. It was pleasant doing business with you and we hope you hire you as our supplier again in our upcoming projects.

Thank you for your services,
XYZ Group of contractors.

Sample Letter to Supplier for Supply

Sample letter to supplier for delivery of supply quickly due to shortage of material on site. Request letter for material delivery/supply on the construction site on urgent basis.

Letter for Supply of Stationary Items after Quotation Approval

CEO Esso Petroleum Co



This is with ref to our meeting, on,4-10-17. The management has approved your quotation for the stationary items. The detailed quantity is as under:

File covers: 30

Plastic files: 68

Employee cards, UV, 100.

Please send these items within three days, as decided.

Suhail chughtai,

Procurement manager,

Letter to Supplier for Quick Supply

Subject: Letter for Urgent Supply

Dear sir,

It is to have your kind attention to our placed order with you dated 21, September, 20XX. According to the invoices and bills it is clear that the payment has been released in the favor of your good name through online funds transfer by bank.

As you may be aware that we have put this order supply on hold due to some ongoing issues of placement of material in our store, as we have sufficient space in the store made by the utilized material we request you to continue the supply and deliver the material at your earliest. A quick action in this regard is anticipated from your side. we will be very grateful for an early delivery.

Thanking you for your cooperation.



Letter for Supply Order

M/s Sohail Enterprises,
Anarkali Lahore

Subject: Supply of Stationery Items for Office Use

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to inform you that the rates quoted by you in your quotation dated 21st September, 20XXhave been accepted.

You are therefore, hereby directed to supply the following stationery items in our office as soon as possible:

  1. Paper Ream A4 size                            10
  2. Printer Cartridge for Laser Jet 11 1
  3. Pointers                                                     30
  4. Fax Paper Rolls                                     10

An early action is again requested so that office work runs smoothly.

Yours Truly,

Naveed Younus

Sample Letter for Urgent Supply

M/s GYX Private Limited

Subject:   Supply of Office Items

Dear Rafi Sahib,

You are requested to please provide the following items for office use at your earliest.

  1. Laser Printer HP 1
  2. Fax Rolls                         10
  3. Paper Ream A4 Size 10
  4. Highlighters (Yellow) 20

Best regards

Ferhan Ahmed

Director, Tariq Corporation,

Gulberg, Lahore

Sample Letter to Supplier for Supply

Esso Petroleum Co.,
United Kingdom,

Respected Supplier,

It is to inform you that the date of your supply has passed, in fact, you are a week late. The company requires the supply as soon as possible due to increased customer demand. It will be kind of you to supply it as soon as possible.