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Letter to Inform Employee of Salary Decrease

Sample letter to notify the employee about decrease in monthly salary. Many times companies decide to decrease or cutoff the employee salary due to recession, losses, lower profits from the company side. Companies also cutoff employee salaries due to weak performance, no target achievements etc.

Letter of Salary Decrease to Employee

North Carolina,

Respected Employee,

It is to inform you that your salary will be reduced from the next month of October due to the economic recession which has hit the market this year. It was lucky of you that you did not lose your job due to that as the Company has decided to reduce the salaries of the employees to an extent and not fire them.

We expect our employees to support us in our decision. Your salary will soon be increased as soon as the recession is over and the prices go up, so it is a temporary decision by the company.


Pepsi Co. Intl.,

Employee of Salary Decrease Letter

Dear smith

It is intimated that our company hired your services 6 months ago on monthly package of 3,000 pounds. And you also know that we have been paying you regularly without any interruption. Now the situation which I am going to reveal is that our company is running in loss since last two months. The managing director chaired the meeting of Board of directors held in the office today and taken several decisions to make the company profitable again.

Out of those decisions one was to decrease the salary of the employees to an extent of 10 percent. Hence I have been directed to convey this decision to the effected employees. It is expected that by implementation of board’s recommendations and steps the company will soon regain its previous profitable position. It has also been decided that all the employees who’s salary has been cut will again be started to get their original payments as before. It’s expected that you will not let your morale down and keep working with the same devotion and motivation and help your company get its prestige again.

Yours sincerely,


Letter to Inform Employee of Salary Decrease

Rose Petal & Co.,

Respected Employee,

With respect, it is to inform you that due to the economic recession this year which has hit very hard to the market, the company had to terminate the jobs of many of the employees. But you are among the lucky ones to be saved but it certainly has affected company’s salary paying power and due to that reason your pay has been decreased.

We are sorry for such inconvenience and hardship but whenever the company will come back to its previous position the company will pay you back your salary on the same terms as before.


Gordon Brown,
CEO Rose Petal & Co

Letter to Inform Employee of Salary Decrease


Dear employee,
I the HR Manager is writing this letter to inform you that since a past few months your performance in the office has been very poor. You have made just a few sales and show no dedication towards the work or the office. Moreover, in the past months you’ve been on a leave for a number of days which is totally unacceptable.
You leave the management no choice but to decrease your basic salary by 15% effective immediately.

Consider this doing of ours as a warning as we won’t compensate the next time this happens.

HR Manager

Request of Salary Increment for the Worker

Sample recommendation letter for salary increment of worker, subordinate, supervisor, manager or any other junior employee as a senior to request for salary increment.

Request of Salary Increment for Supervisor

The Director Finance
Sarmad Corporation

Subject: Request for Salary Increment of my Supervisor

Dear Sir,

It is duly submitted that my Supervisor Farhan Ali is working with us for the last 5 years with full devotion and regularity. He often works late hours as well and is doing his best to promote our company. He has a big family to support and having financial hard times.

A favorable salary increment is therefore highly requested and also recommended please to retain such a hard worker which will encourage him to work even harder.

Best Regards

Technical Officer
Sarmad Corporation, Lahore

Request Letter for Salary Increment Due to Cost of Living


I beg to state that I have been working in your company for almost 3 years. As I have shifted my house to the other town so I have to travel a lot for my office. I am one of the trained employee of your company and I want to continue my services here in this company as I have learnt a lot and don’t want to lose such an opportunity. So it’s a humble request to increase my salary so that I can continue my job.

Thank you

Recommendation for Salary Increase

Dear Sir,

This is to brought your kind attention towards an important matter that has been kept aside from some weeks. With reference to telephonic discussion with you it is requested that there should be a reasonable increment in the salary of Mr. Alex William who is working as a site supervisor in your good company. He is a very hardworking professional with a lot of technical skills that is essential for the given job. He has performed at the top level since his appointment as site supervisor.

So I would like to request you for a decent increment in his current salary. He has worked day and night for us irrespective of any appreciation so it is our time to pay him his reward in a good way. Kindly consider my humble request and the further actions may be taken from your side.

I will be very thankful to you.

Yours Truly,

Project Manager,
Steel Engineering Services, England

Request Application for Salary Increment

Cape Industries,
United Kingdom,

Respected Employer,

I want to say that my salary has not been increased for the last five years and it is difficult for me to fulfill my daily family needs now. I want to request a salary increment so that I can get more motivation for the work and also that I am able to support my family. I shall be extremely thankful to you.

Yours Employee,


Request of Salary Increment for the Worker

The HR Manager,

Respected Sir,
It is stated that I have been working for your firm since the past three years now and my performance and dedication towards work has been better than most of the other employees. I was promised that I would get an increment in my salary when I am one year old employee at your firm. However, it’s been three years now and I haven’t received any kind of increments or promotions.

Sir, as you know working here is very hectic. Being the project head for almost every project I feel like I’m not being appreciated enough, thus I request you to kindly consider an increment in my salary and make sure the CEO signs it himself so that there are no delays in the processing of my request.
Thanking you,