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Letter to Contractor for the Renewal of Performance Bond Guarantee

Sample letter for renewal of performance bond guarantee to the contractor and supplier of site projects. Agreement renewal letter with contractor for extension of contract template.

Letter to Contractor for Renewal of Agreement

Dear Sir,

This is to have your kind attention about the renewal of performance bond guarantee no. 8237348129 dated 23rd March, 20XX is expiring on 4th September, 20XX. As the extension of the contract agreement for one more year is approved by the client so it is necessary to renew the performance guarantee in time before expiry. As per the contract agreement you are bound to renew this guarantee twenty eight days prior to guarantee expiry. It is therefore advised to renew this performance guarantee 28 days prior to its expiry and be submitted to the concerned authority’s office. A quick action in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you in anticipation of a quick action.

Project Director,
Consulting Engineers

Letter to Contractor for the Renewal of Performance Bond Guarantee

M/s Amjad Builders,
Johar Town, Lahore

Subject: Renewal of Performance Bond Guarantee

Dear Amjad Sb,

It is hereby informed that Performance Bond Guarantee of your firm is going to expire on the end of current month. It is requested to please proceed for its renewal so that you can keep working with us for our upcoming projects.

I have deputed Mr. Attique in our head office to help you in this regard so that you get it done without any problems.

General Manager

AZ Communications