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Letter to Principal for Library

Sample Letter to Principal from Parents for Unavailability of Library in the College. Application letter requesting to principal to establish a library in the college, school or university.

Letter to Principal for Library

The Principal,

XYZ school.

Respected Sir,

With due respect it is to be stated that I am a student of Grade 8 in your renowned institution. With a deep apprehension I want to draw you attention toward the importance of library in an educational institute. Modern era is of research and innovation. It’s getting hard for the students to cope up with new challenges in the absence of a library, which is the only gateway to effective learning and research. I hope that you will have a kind look on the point which I have raised and soon we will have a library in our institution.

Yours truly,


Application Letter to Principal for Library and Books

The Principal,
Beacon College, London

Dear Respected Sir,

Beacon College has been proving its educational standards over the years by means of its bright academic results and highly qualified faculty. At the same time, it has successfully maintained its academic records. With due respect, I want to suggest you that establishment of library equipped with modern needs of the students and teachers will enhance the capacity of students as well as teachers to perform well in their respective areas of study.

Actually, it was my son, studying in your college in grade XII, who told me few days ago that majority of students in his class regularly visit public library in order to meet certain needs of their subjects. I think the teachers will also have to visit any library to gain access to certain books relevant to their area of study.

Therefore, establishment of college library will save precious time and energy of both students and teachers in your college. It will also help improve ranking of your college in the national rankings as it is mentioned in the criterion for rankings of national colleges.

I look forward to you for keenly considering my suggestion as a parent of one of your students.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

Kanza Faisal

Application Letter for Establishment of Library in College

Dear Principal,

Greetings! Hope you will be fine. I am Steve, have been teaching computer for the last 6 months in your school. Through this application, I want to put your attention towards a very intensive need of college.

As the college is in process of established, yet we have no library. Normally, teachers refer books to their students of different authors and editions. This process is costly even teachers have to purchase the books from market for their own reference.

If we have library in our college, it will be best source of knowledge for the students as well as for teachers under one roof. We will have a chance to get maximum knowledge and definitely college results will improve. I hope you would look into this suggestion.



Warning Letter to Student by the Principal

Sample warning letter to student from principal, teacher or coordinator due to poor performance, misconduct, misbehavior, absenteeism, cheating etc.

Warning Letter to Student for Poor Performance

Dear Mr. Jimmy Ashton,

I can remember your history of academic results since your enrollment in the school. It was more than satisfactory. However, your recent academic reports are marred by poor grades in all subjects except English literature. Such an academic performance is neither satisfactory nor acceptable here. Your persistent lack of interest in your studies is not only harming your career but also wasting precious money of your parents along with ridiculing their hopes for your future.

I am warning you that you must not continue with such poor academic performance and lack of diligence in you studies. In other case, I am afraid you shall not be able to continue your further studies here. As you know that there is no compromise on the standards and quality of education in my school. Same applies on the performance of students.

I am looking forward to hearing good news regarding your academic reports.

Yours sincerely,

Warning Letter to Student for Poor Performance

The City School,
Sri Lanka,

Dear Student,

It is to inform you that you have failed all your Monthly Tests for the third month consecutively because of which this warning letter has been sent to you. It is the first and the last warning letter being sent to you, if you fail the next time, then your admission will be cancelled and you will have to apply for a readmission as per school policy.

We hope that you will take this letter seriously and work hard in the future in order to improve your grades.


School Administration

Warning to Student from School

Abdullah Mudassar,
Residential Area,
DHA, Lahore

Subject: Warning Letter

Dear Abdullah,

This is to send you a formal warning letter after your despicable behavior at school with the teachers and the custodian staff. You have caused damage to the school property and have shown extremely disappointing attitude towards your juniors. Such reckless behaviors are strictly prohibited within school premises and the school reserves all rights to cancel your admission at any time without any prior notice.

You are therefore, forewarn for any such future mischievousness. One more complaint against you and you’ll be dropped out of school. Kindly take this seriously and mend your ways before it’s too late.


Asadullah Khan

Warning Letter to Student by the Principal

Dear Student,

This letter is written to you as a warning letter and this is the extreme action to be taken by me as a Principal of the school. The issue is known to you, that is, your misbehavior  towards the teachers and especially your last misbehavior with Miss Molly. If you are seen doing that again your admission will be cancelled immediately and you will never be allowed for re-admission in our school.


Lon Fuller

Warning Letter to Students for Absenteeism

It is to inform you that your attendance in the whole semester till now is fewer than 50%. You have to get yourself an attendance of 95% in the rest of your curriculum. Otherwise according to the university rules and regulations you would not be allowed to sit and attend examinations.

Warning Letter to Teacher from Principal

Sample warning letter to teacher from school principal due to absents, performance and negligence. Warning letter to teacher from principal for misconduct or late coming regularly.

Warning Letter to Teacher from Principal for Poor Performance

Miss Jane Ann, Hope high school, LA

Respected madam,

With all respect I am writing this letter to you that after checking the monthly report of our staff we have come to know that you are doing your job carelessly. We have come to know that you take 2 or 3 hours leave per day, students are also scoring less in your subject, we respect your privacy and family issues but the school cannot afford a bad image. We are giving you a last chance to improve your performance as we are aware of your talent. We will check your next monthly report and will make the decision. We hope you will not give us a chance to warn you as its your last time.


The Management team, hope high school, LA

Warning Letter from Principal to Teacher

Dear Mr. Douglas Amok,

I have evaluated the monthly academic reports of all classes. The subjects taught by you have shown poor results. The consistent poor academic performance of majority of students in your subject shows that the fault lies on your side. They even don’t understand the very basic concepts of the subject. Their expression of ideas and illustration are not up to the mark.

You were supposed to take notice of this by means of their feedback. Unfortunately, lapse on your side has wasted much precious time of the students. Moreover, I have also checked your attendance record of the previous month which is also disappointed because you have been absent for a day in every week. How can a teacher advise his students to be punctual if he himself is not punctual in the class?

Mr. Douglas, your performance as a responsible teacher is not satisfactory at all. Please consider this writing as a warning. I hope you shall not repeat such a disappointed performance.


Mr. Forbes Robar,
The principal, the National Service institute

Warning for Teacher’s Misconduct

Ms. Shaheen Masood,
Teaching Assistant,
Department of Chemistry.
GCU, Lahore

Dear Ms. Shaheen,

This is to inform you that the disciplinary committee of GCU has anonymously received a formal complaint against you. We have been reported of your casual attitude in class, favoritism with the students and unprofessional behavior with other colleagues. The DC had secretively investigated this matter and from various sources gathered similar information. You are hereby being warned for your inappropriate conduct. We are hopeful that you’ll take this seriously and will not demean this noble profession. Failing to do so, may lead to termination of your employment.


Disciplinary Committee

Warning Letter to Teacher Due to Poor Performance

Dear Mr. Shahid Mehmood,

Good Morning! Hope you are fine. I have just received an email from controller examination department about the result of class 8. It is very disappointed to see that the result of your class was much bad. None of your student could reach even 70% marks. Half of the class is below average.

You have been advised several times earlier but there is no significant improvement seen in your performance. Therefore, I am giving you Warning this time. If you still unable to improve your performance, the school has right to terminate your services on performance basis without any notification.

The school hopes for your bright career here. I look forward for positive changes in your work.


Tariq Saeed

Warning Letter for Teachers from School

Respected Miss Murray,

It has been a high time to write you about this matter, but the school administration still wants to give you a chance. While being straight forward about it I would like to tell you that the school administration is very much disturbed about your behavior of being very irregular and absent for the respective classes you are assigned. It was your responsibility to finish the course near the end of the term but you were unable to do so because of your absences.

You can still avail this last chance by improving your attendance and making the children complete the syllabus in the coming term. Importantly, you should take this letter as a warning letter as if you are unable to show improvements you will be terminated immediately because we do not want to have a bad result for our school.


John Shaw,
Principal, The City School

Letter to Principal from Parents

Letter to the principal by parents of a student to inquire about the academic performance of their son. Letter to Principal from parents about teacher and performance of their child in school.

Letter to Principal About Student Performance

The principal,
Shining Institute for Secondary Education,
Sydney branch, Sydney.

Respected Sir,

My son, Ricky Ponting, is enrolled in grade IX at your esteemed institute. He is also accommodated in the boarding hostel of the institute. I am interested to inquire about his recent academic performance from you because I have not received any of his academic report since previous two months. Can you please find some time to compile his detailed academic results and send at my home address?

Being a father yourself, you can better understand that it is immensely important to be aware of academic performance and well-being of one’s children. Although, his past academic records are quite satisfactory yet your feedback will be more satisfactory for us.

I look forward to receive a report from you about my son’s academics and related matters.

Best Regrads,

Mr. Brown Dandy

Letter to School Principal from Parents

The Principal
Allied School,

Subject: Appreciation Letter

Dear Sir,

We are very pleased to inform you that our children are becoming confident and hardworking after studying in your School. Competition in your school is very high which forces children to struggle harder in their studies. They also feel comfortable due to extracurricular activities provided by your school and feel pride to participate in those activities as well. Your great efforts are really highly appreciated. And we look forward the same struggle from you in future classes as well.

Thanks again.

Best Regards


Letter to Principal from Parents

The Principal,
XYZ School.

Respected sir,
I am the father of your student (XXX) studying in grade (XXX). We received his letter regarding his academics and how he’s aced all of the subjects he has appeared in. We met his teachers a few days ago and all of them very happy and excited to see their student reaching new heights. However, the reason I am writing you this letter is because me and his mother wanted to take your opinion.

Sir, even after acing all of his exams we are very unsure about our son’s career and wanted to ask you about the career path we should choose for him. We were hoping that using your years and years of experience, you would be able to guide us better on the situation.

Thanking you,