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Letter to Contractor for the Renewal of Performance Bond Guarantee

Sample letter for renewal of performance bond guarantee to the contractor and supplier of site projects. Agreement renewal letter with contractor for extension of contract template.

Letter to Contractor for Renewal of Agreement

Dear Sir,

This is to have your kind attention about the renewal of performance bond guarantee no. 8237348129 dated 23rd March, 20XX is expiring on 4th September, 20XX. As the extension of the contract agreement for one more year is approved by the client so it is necessary to renew the performance guarantee in time before expiry. As per the contract agreement you are bound to renew this guarantee twenty eight days prior to guarantee expiry. It is therefore advised to renew this performance guarantee 28 days prior to its expiry and be submitted to the concerned authority’s office. A quick action in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you in anticipation of a quick action.

Project Director,
Consulting Engineers

Letter to Contractor for the Renewal of Performance Bond Guarantee

M/s Amjad Builders,
Johar Town, Lahore

Subject: Renewal of Performance Bond Guarantee

Dear Amjad Sb,

It is hereby informed that Performance Bond Guarantee of your firm is going to expire on the end of current month. It is requested to please proceed for its renewal so that you can keep working with us for our upcoming projects.

I have deputed Mr. Attique in our head office to help you in this regard so that you get it done without any problems.

General Manager

AZ Communications

Letter for the Renewal of Performance Bond

The Contractor,
XYZ Bank.

Mr. Contractor,
You are hereby advised to please renew your performance bond, also known as contract bond, which was issued to you by the bank ensuring completion of your project on time. The previous bond was valid for two years and has now expired. Therefore, please submit new completion bonds as soon as you can with updated contract completion dates.

Thank you,
Bank Manager,
XYZ Bank

Letter to Principal from Parents

Letter to the principal by parents of a student to inquire about the academic performance of their son. Letter to Principal from parents about teacher and performance of their child in school.

Letter to Principal About Student Performance

The principal,
Shining Institute for Secondary Education,
Sydney branch, Sydney.

Respected Sir,

My son, Ricky Ponting, is enrolled in grade IX at your esteemed institute. He is also accommodated in the boarding hostel of the institute. I am interested to inquire about his recent academic performance from you because I have not received any of his academic report since previous two months. Can you please find some time to compile his detailed academic results and send at my home address?

Being a father yourself, you can better understand that it is immensely important to be aware of academic performance and well-being of one’s children. Although, his past academic records are quite satisfactory yet your feedback will be more satisfactory for us.

I look forward to receive a report from you about my son’s academics and related matters.

Best Regrads,

Mr. Brown Dandy

Letter to School Principal from Parents

The Principal
Allied School,

Subject: Appreciation Letter

Dear Sir,

We are very pleased to inform you that our children are becoming confident and hardworking after studying in your School. Competition in your school is very high which forces children to struggle harder in their studies. They also feel comfortable due to extracurricular activities provided by your school and feel pride to participate in those activities as well. Your great efforts are really highly appreciated. And we look forward the same struggle from you in future classes as well.

Thanks again.

Best Regards


Letter to Principal from Parents

The Principal,
XYZ School.

Respected sir,
I am the father of your student (XXX) studying in grade (XXX). We received his letter regarding his academics and how he’s aced all of the subjects he has appeared in. We met his teachers a few days ago and all of them very happy and excited to see their student reaching new heights. However, the reason I am writing you this letter is because me and his mother wanted to take your opinion.

Sir, even after acing all of his exams we are very unsure about our son’s career and wanted to ask you about the career path we should choose for him. We were hoping that using your years and years of experience, you would be able to guide us better on the situation.

Thanking you,