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Letter to Supplier for Delay in Payment

Sample Letter to Supplier for apologize due to Delay in Payment of project. letter for late payment to supplier or contractor from the company with excuse and Apology for Delay in Payment.

Letter to Supplier for Late Payment

Dear Smith and Brothers,

We are very pleased that the project of construction of bridge one km long on the across the shine river against our contract agreement has very satisfactorily completed by your company as per drawings and specifications within the stipulated time frame. As you know 80 percent payment of the said job has already been made to you.

Dear now due to non-receipt of the payment allotment to our office it seems that we will not be able to pay your firm the remaining 20 percent payment of the final bill. I am not feeling happy to inform such late payment but it is our departmental constraint. But one thing I assure you the correspondence regarding early issuance of the allotment letter with higher authorities is under way and it is hoped the same will issued in the next 10 to 15 days. Once again it is requested not to be disappointed due to this late payment and please keep in touch not creating any negative feelings about our department.

Yours sincerely,

Manager Finance

Letter Format for Delay in Payment

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that we are continuously receiving short payments from your end from last 2 months. We are in extreme pressure from our credit control department for holding your supplies. Please update us about this, so we can update our finance department. Below is your break up of pending payment detail.

Short payment Aug’20XX = 3.0 Million
Payment against Sep ’16 supplies = 3.5 Million
Total = 6.5 Million

We are looking forward for prompt positive reply from your end. Account statement also attached for your viewing.


Hassan Tahir

Apology Letter to Supplier for Delay in Payment

ASUS Computers,
London, England, United Kingdom.

The Finance Manager,
Scottish Logistics Company,
Scotland, United Kingdom.

Dear Sir,

I feel remorse to state that your payment for the products which we have received the day before yesterday may be delayed this time by virtue of some financial problems of the company. As you have better knowledge among all of us, the sudden decline in the value of Pound Sterling has affected many business deals and also disturbed the financial budget of our company, adversely.

Furthermore, the company had ordered the supply of consignment before this month but unfortunately it needs time to pay full amount. Meanwhile, if we are able to pay full amount of order then we will do it in a jiffy.

Keeping in view the above mentioned circumstances and past years of working with our company, you are earnestly requested to please consider our request genuine and give time for the payment till next month.

With regards,

Peter Pounce

Delay in Making Payment Letter

M/s GYX Private Limited

Subject:  Delay in Payment

Dear Rafi Sahib,

We feel sorry to inform you that your last bill is delayed at our end due to non- availability of funds against the given head of account. We have applied to the concerned for more funds against the given head. As soon as new funds are allocated, we will process your bill so that you get your payment.

Best regards

Attique Ahmed
Tariq Corporation.

Letter to Supplier for Delay in Payment

Marlboro Companies,

Respected Supplier,

It is to inform you that I have still not received the amount for the product which I had supplied a few months back. I want you to pay me as soon as possible because it is a high time now. I shall be very thankful to you.

Your Contractor,

Adolf Hitler

Letter to Supplier for Payment Collection

Sample Letter to supplier for payment or collection of payment after delivery of stores/items/purchase order etc.

Letter Format for Payment Collection

ASUS Computers,
London, England, United Kingdom.

The Finance Manager,
Scottish Logistics Company,
Scotland, United Kingdom.

Dear Sir,

We are thankful to your cooperation in the matter of delaying payment from our company regarding your provided goods last month.

The company is in position to pay full amount of above said order and has great interest to continue trading with you in future.

It is therefore requested that you can collect full payment in form of cheque from the head office Asus Computers, London by 10th of this month.

With regards,

Peter Pounce

Format of Letter to Supplier for Payment Collection

Dear Shahid Ent.

Thanks for the timely delivery of the stores as per our contract agreement. Moreover as per specifications and samples provided by you, quantity and quality of the store was inspected and found it up to the required standards.

Now as the supply of the items has been completed and accepted you are therefore intimated to attend this office on the first working day after receipt of this letter along with the bill made in accordance with scheduled rates of the contract. You are also informed to append a stamp of your company on the bottom of the bill duly signed by the receiving officer. Also attach receipt voucher duly signed by the stock holder. These formalities will ensure an early finalization of the bill to issue you the payment cheque.

Yours sincerely,


Payment Collection Letter Example

M/s GYX Private Limited

Dear Rafi Sahib,

We are pleased to inform you that your last bill has been processed at our end and payment will be ready by tomorrow positively. You are requested to please collect your payment from the cashier in our office as soon as possible.

An urgent action in this regard is requested because limited funds are available and we have to make payments to the other contractors as well and payments will be made on the first come first served basis.

Best regards

Attique Ahmed
Accountant, Tariq Corporation,
Gulberg, Lahore

Letter to Supplier for Payment Collection

The Supplier,
XYZ Firm.

Dear supplier,
It is stated that your due payment of the past two weeks has been imported in the form of cheque from our international office and your cheques are clear to be processed and cashed anytime. This letter is to request you to kindly collect your payment from the Head office of the firm as soon as possible because the office would be closed for about a week due to Christmas break.

Thanking you,
HR Manager,
XYZ Firm

Warning Letter to the Client for Non Payment

Sample Warning Letter to the Client for Payment of Invoices Submitted and contract will be cancelled in-case of non payment or overcharges will be imposed in case of late payment. Format of letter to clear previous payments.

Warning Letter for Non Payment of Dues/Loan

United American Bank
Washington D.C.
Mr. George Belly
West District

Dear Mr. George.

It is stated that the finance department has audited your account Number 98888833637262 and found that you have not cleared your debentures since the last six months. You have been sent notices 3 times to clear your debentures but you did not put an ear to these notices.

This is the final letter to you from the bank to make it clear that if you do not clear your account with in 15 days of receiving this letter, your account and all the contracts related to your account shall be terminated and further legal proceedings will also be start against you. Make sure that you clear all the loans within 15 days after receiving this letter.

No further notice will be sent to you in this regard.

Thank you for your concern. Please feel free to contact our bank from Monday to Friday on this number 98098776878.


Relationship Manager

Sample Warning Letter to the Client for Non Payment

Mr. Charles Smith, North east company, LA

Respected sir,

We would like to inform you that your company had ordered 25 chairs from our company, maintaining our commitment we have delivered your order a week ago but I would like to tell you that you have not given us the check on the committed date, sir these kinds of things are very unprofessional.

I believe that you are running a successful business and in order to maintain our dealership you will be careful next time in the matter of money. Expecting our check to be delivered within a week as we have to manage the business as well, looking forward for a quick response.


Nexus supply chains,

Letter to Client for Clearing Overdue Payments

Dear respected Sir,

With reference to our meeting in your good office on 21st September, 20XX this is to remind you about the currently pending bill invoices that has been submitted to your good office a month ago. Since no action has been taken in this regard from your side.

It is kindly requested that our company has been going through very hard time regarding the finance so we are in a need of every payment that is pending with your good company. Since we have not been able to pay the salaries of our staff from three months so they are quite fed up from this delay.

It is requested that a quick action may be taken in this regard so we can run our company with a good environment by paying out the salaries of our staff and the other stake holders as soon as possibly we can. So we leave the matter up to you from now on. It is anticipated that no further hard action would be required and you will pay the bills before any further notice and action from our side.

In case your company will not be able to pay our bills in time it is stated regretfully that we will be terminating the contract between two companies and further legal activities can be pulled on against your company. So it is best for us that we resolve this matter without any legal operations from both sides.

Looking forward to a quick action in this regard from your side and it will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you and assuring you our best professional services at times.

With best regards,

Project Manager,
Oil Industries Development Co.
Manchester, United Kingdom

Warning Letter to Bank Client for Non Payment of Loan

Mr. Maqbool Hussain,
Satayana Road,

Respected Client,

We hope that you are enjoying good health and best of your time. This letter is with reference to your personal loan account. You have taken the loan of $3000/- in March from our bank. The monthly installment of $100 was decided to pay as per the contract.

Unfortunately, we have not received the installments from the last 3 months even after several reminders through phone calls, SMS, e-mail and letters through courier.

This letter is being sent you as a Final Warning towards your installment payment. If you still unable to pay the debt, a legal action will be taken against you.

We hope to receive a positive response from your side & looking forward for a pleasant and long term relationships in future as well.


Muhammad Riaz
Manager Collection department

Warning Letter for Payment Due

4-Davis Road,

Dear Customer,

It is to inform you that it has been a couple of weeks since you showed up after buying my product Panther Tires on whole sale rate for selling them in to the market. You had promised to send me the payment as soon as the first batch of tires was sold, but now I see that you are not replying to any of my calls and messages which have made me write to you a letter of warning giving you the last chance to pay all the money within 15 days. If you are still unable to do so then I will have no objection filing a case against you. I expect to receive it within 15 days I have given you.

Yours Supplier,

Browne Wilkinson
Mall Road.