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Letter to Start a Business Partnership

Letter of intent to start a business firm on partnership to your friend, colleague, neighbor, cousin, father’s friend or friend of a friend.

Request Letter for Business Partnership

Dear Mr. William,

On the eve of our previous meeting, I can clearly remember that you had talked about your plans to start a business of your own. Fortunately, we both are on the same page when it comes to the argument that the best way of earning money is to do a business of your keen interest and wide experience.

As you know, we both have been working in the same company since past 5 years and have similar experience in the field of development of digital technologies. After profound thinking, I have also made my mind to initiating a business in this field. Would it not be wonderful if we start this business on the basis of equal partnership? My answer is: yes!  What do you think regarding this?

Before letting me know your decision about starting a business partnership, I must tell you that, for me, you are the most suitable person for this partnership. Because, as an old friend of yours, I have complete faith in your professional skills and abilities. There is no need to praise myself as I am very well known to you. Most importantly, we have essential finance for starting a business  and  both know very well about the basics of business management.

I look forward to early hearing positive response from you.

Stay blessed,

Smith Bond

Letter to start a business partnership with Friend

Dear Samuel,

Hope my letter finds you in good health. I want to apprise you that I am running a business of import of auto parts from abroad. My friend would you believe that I have found it very profitable and well reliable. I started this business last year at medium level and have established it much at better level. Basic thinking to tell you about all this is to invite you to come and join me as my business partner.

My friend I know that you are already running a shop with your brother and I also know that it’s not enough for both of you. Now question arises that why I am inviting you and not someone else so there is a very simple answer that I know you for the last 10 years and you also have marvelous talent for being a good businessman and 2nd thing is that I also require a partner in my business so that I can share my burden with him. Now you will ask that how much money will be required to be my partner I just tell you to bring only 5 percent of the auto parts presently held in my storehouse. And by the passage of time your share will be increased gradually.

I hope that you will consider my offer and respond positively and join me in my business as my partner soon after receiving this invitation.

Yours sincerely