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Letter to Principal for Library

Sample Letter to Principal from Parents for Unavailability of Library in the College. Application letter requesting to principal to establish a library in the college, school or university.

Letter to Principal for Library

The Principal,

XYZ school.

Respected Sir,

With due respect it is to be stated that I am a student of Grade 8 in your renowned institution. With a deep apprehension I want to draw you attention toward the importance of library in an educational institute. Modern era is of research and innovation. It’s getting hard for the students to cope up with new challenges in the absence of a library, which is the only gateway to effective learning and research. I hope that you will have a kind look on the point which I have raised and soon we will have a library in our institution.

Yours truly,


Application Letter to Principal for Library and Books

The Principal,
Beacon College, London

Dear Respected Sir,

Beacon College has been proving its educational standards over the years by means of its bright academic results and highly qualified faculty. At the same time, it has successfully maintained its academic records. With due respect, I want to suggest you that establishment of library equipped with modern needs of the students and teachers will enhance the capacity of students as well as teachers to perform well in their respective areas of study.

Actually, it was my son, studying in your college in grade XII, who told me few days ago that majority of students in his class regularly visit public library in order to meet certain needs of their subjects. I think the teachers will also have to visit any library to gain access to certain books relevant to their area of study.

Therefore, establishment of college library will save precious time and energy of both students and teachers in your college. It will also help improve ranking of your college in the national rankings as it is mentioned in the criterion for rankings of national colleges.

I look forward to you for keenly considering my suggestion as a parent of one of your students.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

Kanza Faisal

Application Letter for Establishment of Library in College

Dear Principal,

Greetings! Hope you will be fine. I am Steve, have been teaching computer for the last 6 months in your school. Through this application, I want to put your attention towards a very intensive need of college.

As the college is in process of established, yet we have no library. Normally, teachers refer books to their students of different authors and editions. This process is costly even teachers have to purchase the books from market for their own reference.

If we have library in our college, it will be best source of knowledge for the students as well as for teachers under one roof. We will have a chance to get maximum knowledge and definitely college results will improve. I hope you would look into this suggestion.