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Letter for the Submission of Rates

Letter to steel mill for the submission of steel rates for the period 20XX to 20XX. Sample letter to confirm the rates given by your contractor.

Letter for the Submission of Rates for Bidding

M/s National Steel Mills

Subject: Quotation for Steel Rates

Dear Amjad Sahib,

Sealed quotations are hereby invited in the office of the undersigned for the new steel rates for the year 20XX within three days after the receipt of this letter.

The undersigned reserves the right to accept or reject the rates contained therein without assigning any reason thereof.

An urgent action in this regard is requested please.

Sanfast  Group of Companies

Letter for Verification of Rates

Regional Sales Manager,
Pak Steel, Karachi, Pakistan.

Dear Sir,

We are M/s Kans Consultancy Company, we provide consultancy services for construction sector. The contractor submitted his interim payment certificate and he has attached the steel reinforcement rates of your company for the period 20XXto 20XX. It is requested that confirm those rates. The rates are enclosed with this letter for your reference. The contractor claims that the rate attached are being issued by your company for the provision of steel at the required site.

We are writing this to have your up to date rates of steel for the calculation of contractor amount to the very actual. Your rate submission will make this matter quiet easy to solve.

The contractor also claimed escalation on the base of attached steel rates so confirmations of these rates are necessary for payment to the contractor.

Kindly submit us the latest updated rates of steel reinforcement for the period 20XX to 20XX as you please. Though a quick action in this regard will be highly obliged.

Looking forward to a quick response from your side.

Project Manager,
M/s Kans Consultancy Company.

Letter to Steel Mill for the Submission of Steel Rates

Mughal Steel Mills and Co. Ltd.,

Respected Steel Mill Management,

It is to inform you with the new and increased rates of the steel as the market rates have increased this time to 2%. So the increased rates will be 2% more than the previous rates. Please provide the accountant to do the statistics according to the new rates.



Letter to Contractor for the Renewal of Performance Bond Guarantee

Sample letter for renewal of performance bond guarantee to the contractor and supplier of site projects. Agreement renewal letter with contractor for extension of contract template.

Letter to Contractor for Renewal of Agreement

Dear Sir,

This is to have your kind attention about the renewal of performance bond guarantee no. 8237348129 dated 23rd March, 20XX is expiring on 4th September, 20XX. As the extension of the contract agreement for one more year is approved by the client so it is necessary to renew the performance guarantee in time before expiry. As per the contract agreement you are bound to renew this guarantee twenty eight days prior to guarantee expiry. It is therefore advised to renew this performance guarantee 28 days prior to its expiry and be submitted to the concerned authority’s office. A quick action in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you in anticipation of a quick action.

Project Director,
Consulting Engineers

Letter to Contractor for the Renewal of Performance Bond Guarantee

M/s Amjad Builders,
Johar Town, Lahore

Subject: Renewal of Performance Bond Guarantee

Dear Amjad Sb,

It is hereby informed that Performance Bond Guarantee of your firm is going to expire on the end of current month. It is requested to please proceed for its renewal so that you can keep working with us for our upcoming projects.

I have deputed Mr. Attique in our head office to help you in this regard so that you get it done without any problems.

General Manager

AZ Communications

Letter to Town Planner

Sample letter to town planner for adjustment of plots by revision of master plan. Request letter for revision of master plan to the municipal administration or development authority.

Letter to Town Planner for Public Parks

The Town Planner
AIT, Lahore

Subject:               Provision of Public Parks

Dear Sir,

It is submitted that public parks in our area are very short due to which we have to move to the far areas for recreation of our children. A few parks which are available are so dirty where most of people use to throw their debris which is never removed from there.

It is therefore requested to either maintain cleanliness in the existing public parks or make new ones so that we can use them for morning walk or for recreational purposes of children.

Best Regards

Hassan Amir
XYZ Block,

Letter to Town Planning

Dear Sir,

With reference to your previous letter dated 1, July, 20XX it is noticed that there are a number of plots seen irregular on master plan that you submitted enclosed with the letter. We held a detailed meeting on the submitted master plan and as we discussed there were some minor flaws found in the master plan regarding some of the plots with irregular dimensions.

Any plot differing from the standard plot dimension is considered as irregular plots. As far as the competent authority is concerned the standard plot dimensions is to be kept in mind while designing the master plan. So it is highly recommended to comply with the standard plot dimensions while further designing and positioning the plots on the master plan. In case the space is not sufficient for standard dimensions to be followed there is a leniency that you can at the least make plot with a comfortable area at that space.

We are enclosing herewith the copy of your sent master plan with irregular plots mention on the plan. Kindly have these plots fixed and submit as soon as possible for approval by the competent authority. The next plan you submit will be a revision to the discussed master plan and it may be mentioned on the drawing so that it can be managed accordingly in the office records.

Looking forward to a quick action in this regard from your side.

Yours Truly,

Director Planning,
Government Housing Foundation

Letter for Attestation of Documents

Sample request letter for attestation of company registration and constitution documents from the issuing authorities or departments of government.

Letter for Degree Attestation from University

Mr. J Smith
The Controller
Examination Commission
University of London
United Kingdom

Subject: Letter for Attestation of Documents

Dear Mr. Smith

It is stated that I have been a part of University from January 25. 20XX to December 10, 20XX as a student of Philosophy department and my enrollment number was XXXX. I have joined LPD and the requirement for this is that my documents must be verified from my university.

It is requested that please attest all my degrees and documents so that further process can be engaged. Kindly attest my degrees before September 15, so that I can present my degrees during my interview. It shall be a great favor for me.


Robert de Japery

Request Letter for Attestation of Documents

The MD, Mid city hospital, UAE,

Respected Sir,

With due respect, it is stated that I am applying for my passport.  As per the requirements I am supposed to get my few documents attested by any 18th grade officer. Sir I don’t know anyone in this city at such post. I request you to take some time out for me and attest my documents so the process can be started quickly as I have to go to US for job purpose, looking forward for your quick response.



Shiekh Ali, Fujaira

Request to Attest Company Registration Certificate

To Whom It May Concern

I on behalf of Amcy Corp writing to request for attestation of the copy of Constitution of Amcy Corp to open a new bank account in MCB Ltd, DHA Branch, Lahore.

Management of MCB Ltd offering best services in the area and now they requested for opening of our account in their bank. We are very hopeful that this bank account will be beneficial for the Amcy Corp, and we’ll continue having best services from the bank for future endeavors too.

Amcy Corp already have the following bank accounts with other banks:

  1. Barkley Bank
  2. Standard Chartered
  3. Soneri Bank

Sincerely Yours,

Amcy Corp Ltd

Application for Documents Attestation

Social Welfare Department
Government of Punjab

To Whom It May Concern

We want to open bank account in the following banks:

  1. Meezan Bank Ltd
  2. United Bank Limited Islamic Banking
  3. National Bank Of Pakistan Islamic Banking (Nafa)

These banks have shown their willingness to provide banking services to Amcy Corp Ltd. For opening of account they need attested copies of our Constitution & Registration certificates from your office.

We shall feel obliged if you kindly attest the copies of documents presented to you by their respective levels.


Vice President

Application for Attestation of Documents

Mr. T.K Eliot
The Mayor
Panama City

Dear Mr. Eliot.

I am going to apply as navy seal in Marines on September 10th 20XX. One of the requirements for this position is the attestation of the documents by the Mayor. I am sending copies of all my documents to you with this letter. Please attest these documents so that I can apply in Marines and the further process may continue.

Please attest these documents before September 7th 20XX. Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact me on my number 765567766.


James Peterson

Request Letter for Attestation of Documents

Cheshire County,
London, England,

Respected Sir,

I have to say that I had to make a request that I have sent my documents for attestation of my passport. Kindly, attest those documents so that I can apply for my visa to go to abroad. I shall be very thankful to you



Letter to Support a Business Partner

Sample letter to support a business partner in charity work is already being done or underway. Letter to your business partner assuring your help and required support for business operations.

Sample Letter to Support a Business Partner

The Partner AZ Communications

Subject:       Supporting you is our pleasure

Dear Ehsan Sahib,

We feel sorry that our business is not getting good response now a days due to sudden change in season due to which you must be feeling down. Also your investment is not giving out good profit rates. But I assure you that this will get better in a few days and we will arrange some meeting to discuss about its improvement. In case you do not have funds to invest further, we can provide you some financial help as well. We hope our support helps you in your disappointment.

Best Regards

General Manager
AZ Communication

Support for Business Partner in Charity work

The Media Company,
Jail Road,

Subject: business partnership

Dear Sir,

Please accept my greatest gratitude and felicitations for becoming our business partners. We have been working for the past 3 years on building shelter homes for orphans in coordination with different NGOs. Though we were doing a fair job, our company needed a boost to flourish and your partnership will prove to be the paramount of growth and success for us. We are very hopeful that this project will mutually be beneficial for us, and we’ll continue having support from you for future endeavors too.

Cheers to new beginnings!


Mr. Umar Shahzad
Managing Director

Letter to a Business Partner for Support

Cape Industries,
United Kingdom,

Respected Business Partner,

This letter is being written to you to show support towards your company from our side. We are providing you with the money required for our combined subsidiary NAAC. Being your business partner we want to support you throughout the crises which you are facing. Your problem is our problem. So don’t worry everything will be fine.

Yours Respectfully,

Cape Industries

Sample Regret Letter for Donation

Sample regret letter for donation request from an organization, person, company, school, NGO or any individual. Letter to deny donation request due to non availability of funds or any reason.

Donation Regret Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of Egro Foundation, we appreciate the important work has undertaken for the betterment of society under your organization. However, after careful consideration and review, we are unfortunately unable to accommodate the request made in support of this initiative.

Throughout the year Egro Foundation receives several requests for sponsorship and donations. Upon evaluation against particular criteria, our team assesses programs in inline with our priority areas and available budget. Due to the sheer volume of requests, we are unable to support all the initiatives.

We wish you the best in continuing this program.

Kind Regards,


Sample Regret Letter for Donation Denial

SOS Children Village,

Respected SOS Village Administration,

With a lot of regret I am writing this letter to you, and it is because I was unable to donate the funds this year due to a lot of financial troubles and business problems. I will always regret it as I was unable to provide the children their needs which they are deprived off. I shall send you the funds as soon as possible.

Your Respectfully,


Letter to School for Admission

Sample application letter for admission in school, college in any class and subjects. Request letter to principal for admission in school of your child because one of your child already studying or it is nearest school to your home.

Application Letter to School for Admission Sample

The headmaster, D P S, Lahore,

Respected sir,

With due respect I would like to say that my family has just shifted from Dubai to Pakistan and I got to know that your admissions are closed, I respect your policy but as I have just shifted here and I am so concerned about my studies, I want you to take me in your school, I am ready for the entrance exam as well. Sir I don’t want to waste my whole year. I hope you understand my problem and considering my love for education will give me a chance to attempt the entrance exam.

I am eagerly looking for a positive response from your end. I shall be really thankful to you.

Yours sincerely,

Amna Ali.

Letter to School Principal for Admission

The Principal,
Silver Oaks School

Dear Respected Sir,

This is to have your kind attention towards my admission application in class 9th in your good school. I have been studying in other school and being good at academics I scored a good score in final exams of class 3. So as per my father’s recommendation I would like to apply in your school for further studies.

I have been outstanding student since I started school. Kindly have a look at my result card which is enclosed with this letter. You will find my credentials highly inspired and you would allow me an admission in your school. Kindly accept my application so that I can have an opportunity to be educated by experienced and dedicated teachers you have in your school. Looking forward to an approval from your kind end.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours truly,

John Steve

Letter for Admission in School

The Admission Department,
Convent of Jesus and Mary,
4- Davis Road,

Respected Sir/Madam,

Most respectfully, I beg to say that I want to apply for my admission in the respective school. I have completed my primary school from the Lahore Grammar school Gulberg Branch, but I want to continue my higher secondary at the Convent of Jesus and Mary as my parents and I believe that you offer quality education and also provide students with better co-curricular activities including sports and arts.

In the previous school, my performance had been of a bright student as my primary result suggests and it had remained good throughout including in the co-curricular activities. Kindly, grant me admission in your school. I shall work as hard as possible and you will find me as a good student. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,

Patricia Grace,

Complaint Letter to House Builder for Inferior and Poor Work

Sample of a complaint letter to house builder for poor work, incomplete work, inferior work, damages and material theft etc. Letter to house developer for compensation.

Complaint Letter to Contractor for Poor Work

Mr. John smith, flex Builders, Miami,

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to bring it your knowledge that you were given a contract for the construction of my apartment 6 months back. You have done an average job, the main issue I have is the material you used is substandard, wood you have used is not fixed properly, doors are not fitted properly, and there is a leakage in kitchen and washrooms.

I was expecting a good work as I have invested a lot of my earning but I am not satisfied with your work. I hope you will take responsibility for this and fix the work as soon as possible, looking for your response.

From, Julia James,


Complaint Letter to Builder Template

Bahria Town,

Dear Tomlin-son,

The reason for my writing to you is that I am not at all satisfied with the quality of work you have done on my house. I am afraid that I will not trust you any further. I am seeing so many problems in the building material you have used, the tiles are having rashes on them, the floors are becoming faded, the paint is equally bad and the cement is corroding. Everything has some problem or the other.

I will try not recommending your services to anyone in need. Such dissatisfactory work has made me depressed as I have spent so much money on it. Try to improve your services as much as possible.

Your Customer,


Complaint Letter to House Developer

Chief Executive Officer,
Core Construction Company, Ohio

Dear Sir,

It is to recall you about the agreement between you and myself regarding the construction of my villa at street 9, downtown, Ohio. The agreement was to complete the desired work according to the technical provisions in this period decided.  As you know that you were unable to work in the desired time and we had to extend the deadline further 6 months to complete the construction works.

After the completion of construction my family shifted in the villa in a month time. Only after some weeks we started to face problems due to your poor quality of construction and lack of attention to the work.

It is noted with great observations that you have used low quality material in everything. The plaster of walls is having cracks that can even be seen by naked eyes. The distemper you painted on the external walls came off after some rains and at some places the stains are visible making the paint look really bad from the distance. There is a window you placed at the first floor of the house which is not being correctly leveled by your workers due to poor workmanship and the window looks weird that I am going to dismantle that window and realign it again.

After all I awarded you the contract for the construction of this villa based upon our previous experiences together but you have been failed to deliver the quality product. Now I want you to compensate this problem as soon as possible so that I can have a good value for my spent money on this villa. I hope you will be courteous to pay heed to my complaint and will take further necessary actions in this regard.

Looking forward to a quick action and a swift reply from your side.

Yours Sincerely,

Elton Wish,

Complaint Letter to Contractor of Construction

Mr. Rizwan Butt
House Builder,

Dear Rizwan,

Hope you are enjoying your work. I am Johhny Kumar, as my house is being constructed by your company. The work has been started 2 months ago. I have been noticing that the construction work is not satisfactory. As last night, a constructed wall fell down itself and heavy quantity of clay was found from it.

This is indeed for unfortunate & dangerous the way you people are working. Through this letter, I want to make a complaint against your labor that they are doing inferior and poor work. I request you to look into this matter, as I want this house for my personal use & I don’t want any unpleasant incident anymore.


Johhny Kumar

Complaint Letter to Home Builder for Inferior and Poor Work

Mr. Joseph
Chief Contractor
Joseph & Co.
Keelson Road Bridge

Dear Mr. Joseph

It is to inform you that I have inspected my new house which was built by your company under contract B342. I have paid the full amount to your company as it was agreed in the contract. Your crew has finished the project and left the house completed.

During inspection I have come to know that there are several flaws left by the builders of your company. The material used during the construction is of very poor quality and there are also flaws in the design of several rooms. The doors are not closed gently and one must use force to adjust it to the lock. There are also cracks in the cemented coating. Distemper has also been used of inferior quality.

I think it is not a good experience to have a contract with your company as you have not made me satisfied by your work. Please send your crew back to fix the bugs or you should refund 40% of the contract money.


Robert K. Mertin

Thank You Letter for a Gift

Sample letter to say thanks for a gift you received from your friend, boss, uncle, colleague, cousin, girlfriend or boyfriend. Letter of thanks for a gift received to your guests or ceremony participants.

Thank You Letter for a Gift Card and Dress

Mr. Dexter Morgan, Miami, Florida

Dearest Uncle Dexter,

How are you? Hope everything is fine at your end. I am also good and my parents are also fine. Mother is paying regards to you.

Uncle I am so happy that you have remembered my birthday and you were the first one to wish me. And I am so much happy that you have sent me a beautiful dress as my birthday gift. I really liked the dress, I remember once I showed you the picture of this dress, and that’s so nice of you that you remembered it and bought it for me. We are planning to come at your place next week. I will wear that dress when I will come, lots of love to you and everyone at home. Pay my warm regards to everyone.

With love,

Rita Morgan,

Thanks Letter for Sending Gift

East Coast
Mr. Kiwi
32 Downing Street

Dear Uncle,

I have received your letter yesterday. I am overjoyed to get the very precious gift that you have sent me with it as my birthday gift. It is a very nice watch. Perhaps it is the watch that I had checked in the mall last month. I was in a great need of a wrist watch as I have to engage myself with time during my exams.

I have no words to thank you for this precious gift as you have understood my need. I like this watch very much and I will always keep this safe and take care of it.

Say my regards to Aunt Lisa and my love for baby James.

Your loving Nephew

Stuart Little

Best Letter to Thank You for a Gift

Dear John Green,

I would like to remind you about my graduation party that was held last Saturday night in Club Siena on Highway Street Downtown. I invited you for that party to join me and all of the other folks for a great time together. As we have been good friends while in college and we shared a room for 6 months.

After the party was ended I collected a lot of gifts that it took me a day to open and see each one of that. I am writing this letter to thank you for your awesome gift to me. I had other gifts too but I think I felt your gifts more closely than others. As you were well aware that I always had a love for music and my utmost desire was to learn to play a music instrument.

Your gift was nothing but a beautiful guitar manufactured by my favorite guitar company “Gibson Guitars”. I was so surprised and happy after opening the packing of your gift that I even played it for an hour leaving the entire world aside. So I think my letter is nothing more than a humble thank you for your enormous gift to me. I would like to thank you for such gift and coming to the party.

Thank you again for everything.

Yours Truly,

Mark Aston

Thank You Letter for Gift

My dearest friend, Mr. John Hubble:

I hope you shall be hale and hearty. I want you to know that how much I am happy to receive a valuable gift form you on my birthday. Indeed, it is more appreciable that you remembered me and sent me your greetings despite the fact you could not participate in my birthday ceremony due to being out of station on that day.

Your gift and best wishes for me from far away have made my birthday very special and memorable. In fact, my birthday celebration would have been incomplete without your participation through your wonderful gift and a letter of greetings for me. Thanks a lot for each bit of your contribution in making my life more happy and beautiful. I wish you may have all the blessings by the God Almighty and live a very joyful and prosperous life ahead.

I am keenly waiting to see you soon.

Yours sincerely,


Thank You Letter for Gift of Mobile Phone or Cell Phone

Dear Sana,

I hope you are enjoying good health and best of your time. Last week, I have celebrated my 17th birthday. There were large number of guests have participated. I wish you would here to enjoy.

On the same day, I received a parcel from the post man. It has contained a very beautiful gift of mobile phone which was sent by you. I am really thankful to you for such a precious gift. I was looking to buy a mobile phone too. I miss and remember you whenever I use it. It has very good feature & apps.

Thanks again for showing your love & care with me. I pray for your long & prosperous life.



Thank You Letter for a Gift to Family Member

Dear Albert,

I hope you are doing well. The purpose I am sending you this letter is that, I had to thank you for the Book you sent me as a present via the courier service. You might not know that I have been looking for this book for a very long time and to my disappointment it was never available in the market. Finding this book in the courier box was like the dream come true to me.

I do not recall any instance that I have ever told you about this book and the author, but I respect that you fairly know my taste of books. Godot by Samuel Beckett had been my favorite since Aunt Adda told me about it. I was the happiest person in the world when I received that book. I do not have the words to explain my happiness in this letter, but the only thing I can say to you is to thank you so much for such a precious gift. Pay my regards to all at home.

Yours Sincerely,

Ansel Adams
Cheshire County

Letter for Reschedule of Job Interview

Sample letter for reschedule of job interview because of emergency, road blockage, traffic problem, raining, car problem, motor cycle problem and any other problem due to which you cant reach for your interview.

Letter for Interview Reschedule Due To Rain

Mr, Clark Jimmy,
Assistant manager Human Resources,

Dear Sir,

I am Mr. Alex Durant. I was expected to your office for my interview for the post of Superintendent Security officer on August 18, 20XX. Unfortunately, I couldn’t reach on time for my interview due to unavailability of any transport means for me as a result of collapse of the bridge connecting my native town to the main city. It was raining cats and dogs on the day of my interview.

Now, the bridge along with other communication infrastructure has been restored. I request to you to reschedule my interview for the above mentioned post. I shall be very grateful to you for giving me another chance to serve and become a part of your prestigious organization.

I am looking forward to your kind response to my request.
Thanks a lot for your time and consideration


Alex Durant

Request for Reschedule of Job Interview

Hello I am Mr. xyz writing you for rescheduling my job interview. Firstly I am sorry about our last commitment. I was having an urgent work somewhere due to which I was unable to come last time. So kindly reschedule my job interview and send me complete rules and formalities of your organization so that I may come prepared accordingly. I shall be very thankful to you

Thanks and regards,

Mazhar Ali

Letter for Reschedule Interview


Last week I have made a commitment for my job interview as I have already done with my three of the interviews and now looking for the last interview as you have given me the date of 30 OCT 20XX. The problem is that my uncle is ill so I have to travel to Sialkot. So I could not make up to the interview.

So this is to inform you that please conduct my interview on some other day as this job is very important for my carrier as I am jobless these days. so kindly shift my interview to some other day so I can join the job as soon as possible I hope you will show your kindness on me


Application to Request Reschedule of Interview

The Manager Recruitment
Education Seek Ltd,

Respected Sir,

It is to inform you that me, M. Furqan have been the candidate for the post of Sales Officer in your esteemed organization. Two weeks ago, I had dropped my CV for this post. I got a call for job interview last week; it was due yesterday at 10 am sharp.

Due to bad weather & car problem, I could not join the interview at right time. I am very keen to join this company and possess all necessary skills for this post. I request you to please re-schedule my job interview. I assure you that I will able to convince my interviewer & get this job.

I shall be thankful to you.