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Sample Invitation for School Event

Wording for Sample letter of invitation for school event to invite the companies, NGOs, schools, students, parents etc in your school to attend the event, event participation or social event attendees. Free invitation templates for school event.

Invitation Letter for Sports Event

District Public School
Mr. Jonson
Chief Sports Officer
District of Colombia.

Subject: Sample Invitation for School Event

Dear Mr. Jonson

It is a pleasure to inform you that our school has got the honor to host the 7th District Sports Competition. The event is going to start on September 19th. There would be a lot of games conducted to increase the importance of sports among the students. The prize distribution ceremony will be held on September 22, 20XX at 4:00 pm. Refreshment will also be provided during the ceremony from the school.

You are requested to attend the ceremony on September 22nd 20XX. Your arrival will constitute as a great honor for us. Please confirm us about your arrival before September 17th 20XX so that further procedure must be continued.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact us on this number 433662277 for any quires.


Mrs. Jacob

Sample Invitation Letter for School Event

The head person, care foundation, Lahore.

Respected sir,

It is stated with all respect that you are doing a good job for our society by providing education to special children. We admire your effort and to honor them the students of our school has arranged a funfair for the special children. Sir we invite you and your staff along with the children of your school on 6th June 20XX to appreciate the effort of our students. It will be a great get together. Looking forward for your arrival. Thanks.


Rehman public High School,

Invitation Letter for Event Participation

Internship Fair 20XX

Dear Sir / Madam,

We would like to invite you to the Internship Fair at Beacon School System, Liberty Campus on the 19th of April, 20XX FROM 9:00 am TO 11:00 am . It would be an opportunity for our students to become familiar with your NGO and its mission. We at Beacon School System lay great stress upon the involvement of our students in internship during summer break in the areas where they realize their social responsibility.
We would really appreciate if your presence at the Fair.

Looking forward

Invitation Letter for Email with Attached Invitation

Furthering our conversation, Beacon School System – A Level Johar Town Campus would like to invite you to attend the Internship Fair – XXXX.
It is the invitation and kindly confirm your presence. The event will be followed by Networking Tea.

Kind Regards,


Invitation Letter for School Event

A-Level Johar Town Campus
The Access Center

Dear Sir/Madam,
Greetings from Beacon School System, A-Level Johar Town Campus Lahore!

We at Beacon School System believe in the importance of the responsibility towards the society and giving back to the people of our country in particular and the world as a whole.To bring awareness about the different social, environmental and community issues to our students Beaconhouse School System like every year has launched the Social Awareness Internship Program

Beacon School System, A-Level Johar Town Campus has arranged an internship fair for this cause and we invite you to join us to communicate the details of your internship program to our

The details of the event are as follows:
Date: 6th April 20XX
Timings: 11:00 am – 01:00 pm
Venue: BeaconSchool System A-Level Johar Town Campus, Lahore.

This will be a great opportunity to interact with students of different campuses at the same place.
The event will be followed by a networking tea, which will also be a good opportunity to interact with other organizations working in similar capacity.

The contact persons for this fair are:
Name Designation Contact Number Email Address
Amna Career Advisor 0335-1234567 info@letterapplications.com

We look forward to have you over at our campus and hope that the event will prove to be fruitful to your cause.


Letter of Invitation for School Event

The City School, Kasur Campus

Dear Students,

It is to inform you that we have a Fun Fair on the coming weekend 02-09-XX to 04-09-XX which will start at 3 pm in the afternoon and will end in the evening at 6 pm. All the children are supposed to bring their parents and siblings along and the gates will be closed at 3 pm for the security concern and no one will be allowed to enter unless having this invitation letter.

Fun Fair will include different food and toys stalls for you, arranged by your seniors and their parents. You can also arrange your own stall along with your classmates and parents. For arranging a stall, contact the school administration.



Invitation Letter to Parents for Participation in the Ceremony

Sample of Invitation Letter to Parents for Participation in the Ceremony of Annual Results of the School. Parents Participation on Result Day event in school or Letter inviting parents into school for Annual Result announcement.

Invitation Letter To Parents For Graduation Ceremony

Dear Father and Mother,

I hope you both are in the best of health and happiness. I had to tell you that my big day has come. I should rather say your big day because you are the ones who have made a lifetime effort for it.

Father and Mother, I have finally graduated from my University with good marks. The University has arranged a graduation ceremony on 09-09-XX and both of you have to come and see me get my graduation certificate which is the most precious thing I have achieved and it all has happened because of your prayers and your goal to make me get the best of education. I hope to see both of you.


Emily Dickinson

Invitation to Parents from Principal

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Farhat Baig,

I hope both of you shall be fine. I am writing to you in the capacity of Principal Science and Technology Higher Secondary School where your two children are enrolled in grade IX and X. I am pleased to invite both of you for participation in the ceremony of annual results of our school. It will be held on January 25, 20XX.

The participation of the parents in the ceremony makes it meaningful. It is also essential for encouragement of the students who are eager to make their parents proud of them.

The school management is keen to welcome you with the bright academic results and wonderful achievements of students in their extra-curricular activities. I am quite hopeful that your both children will also make both of you very proud and happy on the day with their academic results and performance in the extracurricular activities.

I look forward to greeting you with warm welcome on the day.

Best Regards,

Letter to Parents for Invitation in the Ceremony

Respected Parents,

This letter is to invite you for the Graduation Ceremony arranged by the school for the students who have completed their high school. Your child, Rory, has completed his high school. The school administration invites you for the ceremony which is to occur in the next week.

Yours Respectfully,

Management School,
The City School

Invitation Letter to Parents for Participation in the Ceremony

Mr.(Enter Fathers Name Here),

Dear father and mother,
I am fine and I hope I am writing this letter to you while you’re in the best of your health. Mother I hope that your back pain is gone by now and you are walking just fine. I am writing this letter to invite you to the prize distribution ceremony being held in our school by the end of this month. The school has advised me to invite you both because apparently I got second first position in my class and seven A stars in all seven of my subjects, which is a record of this school.

Moreover, I was told by the school management that they will be rewarding my academic performances with a scholarship to one of the finest colleges in the country so that’s something I’m very proud of.

Therefore, I cordially invite you to join me in accepting my reward at the ceremony as you both are the reasons behind my success. Keep praying for me as I need them the most.
Hope to see you both at the ceremony.

With love and lots of respect,
Your son,