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Application for Duplicate Driving License

Sample application for duplicate driving license from city traffic police or licencing authority of drivers in any country or area.

Application for Duplicate License

The licensing authority,

Respected sir,

With due respect, this is stated that I have lost my driving license, two days before during travelling. This requested, that duplicate license may please be provided to me.

The particulars are attached herewith.

Respectfully yours,


Application for Duplicate Driving License

The Licensing Authority,

Dear Sir,

It is submitted that I have lost my LTV Driving License yesterday so you are requested to please issue me Duplicate Driving License as soon as possible. The copy of F.I.R is attached herewith for your consideration and for ready reference.

An urgent action in this regard will be highly appreciated as I am facing great difficulties in driving due to loss of original Driving License.

Thanking you

Fareed Ahmed

Application for Lost Driving Licence

Dear Sir,

This application is to request an issue of duplicate driving license. I had received the license last year but due to some unforeseen events I lost it. I had a terrible accident last month. Due to mistake of a lady driving behind me we both crashed into a water tanker which caused injure to both of us. During that time in the hustle I forgot my license somewhere at the scene. So it is a humble request to issue me a duplicate driving license. I hope that my application would be considered at top priority.

Warm Regards,

Hammna Ikram

Application for Duplicate Driving License

City Traffic Police

Respected Officer,

I want to say that my previous driving license has been lost and there is no hope of getting it back, I want to request you to provide me with the duplicate of my driving license so that I can start to drive as otherwise I will be guilty of driving illegally. I shall be much obliged.

Yours Respectfully,


Application for Duplicate Certificate

Sample application for issuance of duplication certificate. You have lost the first one and now want copy of your certificate.

Application for Duplication Participation Certificate

Dear Sir,

This application is request to issue a duplicate certificate of participation in the debate competition. I participated in the debate competition conducted by your institute last year. Unfortunately I lost the certificate of participation. So I request you to issue a duplicate certificate in my name for participation in that competition. A copy of my participation slip/card is enclosed.

Sinerely Yours,

Hamza Jatal

Application for Duplicate Certificate from Education Board

To the Board of Intermediate and secondary education

It apprised that I, Mr. Joseph S/O Mr.Stephen passed my intermediate examination held by your Board the last year under Roll No.123654 in commerce subjects obtaining 76 percent marks. The certificate of my result dispatched by your department received at my home address two month back.

An unfortunate incidence happened that during my journey from college to home my certificate slipped down somewhere on the way. I tried my best to find it out but in vain. Now I want to get admission in B.Com and the certificate is urgently required. It is therefore requested that a duplicate copy of the certificate may please be issued to me. A photocopy of the certificate is also attached here with for ready reference.

Thanking you in anticipation,


Apply for Duplicate Matric Certificate

The Principal
GT Public School,

Subject:  Application for Duplicate Matric Certificate

Dear Sir,

Request fully it is stated that I have lost my original Matric Certificate on some photocopy shop but I have still not found the same in spite of many efforts. You are therefore requested to please issue me the duplicate one so that I can take admission in college for intermediate.

An urgent action in this regard is highly requested.

Thanking you
Yours Obediently,

Habib Ahmed
Roll No. 1923

Application for Duplicate Certificate

Board of Higher and Secondary Education,

Respected Sir/Madam,

I have to say that my secondary school certificate has been lost somewhere and I could not find it even after giving an advertisement in the newspaper about it. I request to you that you provide me with the duplicate certificate so that I can apply for admission in the high school. I shall be very thankful to you.

Your Respectfully,


Application for Duplicate Certificate

Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to state that due to some reasons I lost my certificate which I got last year from PTCL Company as a Telecommunication engineer. I was employee there for one year.

Myself Nadeem
Designation: Telecommunication Engineer
Time: August 20XX- October 20XX

I would like to have that certificate for further process in jobs. It’s my humble request to grant me duplicate certificate, so that I can move forward in job processing.

Thank You