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Letter to Supplier for Delay in Payment

Sample Letter to Supplier for apologize due to Delay in Payment of project. letter for late payment to supplier or contractor from the company with excuse and Apology for Delay in Payment.

Letter to Supplier for Late Payment

Dear Smith and Brothers,

We are very pleased that the project of construction of bridge one km long on the across the shine river against our contract agreement has very satisfactorily completed by your company as per drawings and specifications within the stipulated time frame. As you know 80 percent payment of the said job has already been made to you.

Dear now due to non-receipt of the payment allotment to our office it seems that we will not be able to pay your firm the remaining 20 percent payment of the final bill. I am not feeling happy to inform such late payment but it is our departmental constraint. But one thing I assure you the correspondence regarding early issuance of the allotment letter with higher authorities is under way and it is hoped the same will issued in the next 10 to 15 days. Once again it is requested not to be disappointed due to this late payment and please keep in touch not creating any negative feelings about our department.

Yours sincerely,

Manager Finance

Letter Format for Delay in Payment

Dear Sir,

It is to inform you that we are continuously receiving short payments from your end from last 2 months. We are in extreme pressure from our credit control department for holding your supplies. Please update us about this, so we can update our finance department. Below is your break up of pending payment detail.

Short payment Aug’20XX = 3.0 Million
Payment against Sep ’16 supplies = 3.5 Million
Total = 6.5 Million

We are looking forward for prompt positive reply from your end. Account statement also attached for your viewing.


Hassan Tahir

Apology Letter to Supplier for Delay in Payment

ASUS Computers,
London, England, United Kingdom.

The Finance Manager,
Scottish Logistics Company,
Scotland, United Kingdom.

Dear Sir,

I feel remorse to state that your payment for the products which we have received the day before yesterday may be delayed this time by virtue of some financial problems of the company. As you have better knowledge among all of us, the sudden decline in the value of Pound Sterling has affected many business deals and also disturbed the financial budget of our company, adversely.

Furthermore, the company had ordered the supply of consignment before this month but unfortunately it needs time to pay full amount. Meanwhile, if we are able to pay full amount of order then we will do it in a jiffy.

Keeping in view the above mentioned circumstances and past years of working with our company, you are earnestly requested to please consider our request genuine and give time for the payment till next month.

With regards,

Peter Pounce

Delay in Making Payment Letter

M/s GYX Private Limited

Subject:  Delay in Payment

Dear Rafi Sahib,

We feel sorry to inform you that your last bill is delayed at our end due to non- availability of funds against the given head of account. We have applied to the concerned for more funds against the given head. As soon as new funds are allocated, we will process your bill so that you get your payment.

Best regards

Attique Ahmed
Tariq Corporation.

Letter to Supplier for Delay in Payment

Marlboro Companies,

Respected Supplier,

It is to inform you that I have still not received the amount for the product which I had supplied a few months back. I want you to pay me as soon as possible because it is a high time now. I shall be very thankful to you.

Your Contractor,

Adolf Hitler

Construction Work Delay Letter Due To Non-Approval of Commercial Plaza

Sample letter to client for stoppage of construction work because site sealed by the authorities because of no approval. Work site is sealed by the Local Development Authority and letter to stop construction work.

Construction Site Sealed by the Authorities

Project Director,
Housing Scheme, Islamabad.

Dear Sir,

This is to inform your good self about the current matter regarding the delay in work at site due to Government authorities. It has been two months since we started the construction work at site for the establishment of commercial plaza at an area of 50,000 square feet. It is quite a big area to cover for us but we managed to deal with that very humbly and being carrying out the work at its best.

With reference to your last letter received dated 12, September, 20XX regarding the approval of construction at site by the concerned Govt. authorities. It is being stated that the all the plans relating to the site and work have been submitted to their office and we await their final approval but you at the other hand directed us to continue our work with the same manner as we are doing since the start of the works.

As advised and directed by you we carried on our work and did not stop it for a single day. While we were working all of a sudden the police came at our site with a few Govt. personnel’s who held our work and suspended it for the time until the approval of the plan you submitted to them. We are here to inform you about the delay and the imminent reason for the delay of the work.

It is not upon us from now on keeping the work in time. It is requested that you may get this building approved by the competent authority and inform us so that we can continue our suspended work at the earliest.

A quick response in this regard is requested so that it does not waste any more of our time.

Thanking you and assuring you our best services at any time.

Yours truly,

Project Manager
Core Construction Company

Construction Work Delay Letter

The Head of operations,
XYZ Construction Company.

Respected sir,
You and I signed a contract of building a commercial plaza in the suburbs of town. However, I met the town planner today, and wrote an application to the town head as well requesting the approval of a commercial plaza but unfortunately both of my applications were declined right away, as the community from the suburbs is still being moved to another part of town.

I was hereby told that until the moving process is done, we won’t get the approval. The moving and housing process might take a few weeks. I wanted to inform you that since the commercial plaza is still unapproved, you can expect some delays in the construction work because of the aforementioned reasons. Still however, I will try my best to meet your deadlines and provide you with high quality construction work.

Thanking you,