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Complaint Letter to Supplier for Damaged Goods

Sample letter to supplier for Supply of damaged goods and poor quality items on site. Complaint letter to supplier for delivery of expired goods or damaged goods on site.

Letter to Supplier for Change of Damaged Goods

Mr. Eric John, Good wood suppliers, LA.

Respected sir,

With all respect I would like to bring it to your knowledge that  I had order 5 wooden cabinets from your company last week. I have got my order but I would like to bring it to your knowledge that  3 of them were damaged, the locked were broken and are not fixed properly. I was expecting a perfect delivery but somehow it was not what I expected. I would like you to change them on urgent basis as I have to fix them in the house. Looking for your response. Thanks.


Ana Merchant,

Letter to Supplier for Damaged Goods

Dear Smith and Bro,

It is intimated that your firm made a supply of the stores against the contract agreement vide our supply order no 3052.asmt.23.supp dated 15 Jan 20XX. The items have been inspected at our warehouse by our quality team in respect of the quality standards which were found satisfactory but some of items out of those have been found broken due to improper packing.

The damaged items have been segregated at our end and kept separate. You are hereby instructed to visit our warehouse and collect these and replace them with intact quality of stores. If you fail to replace these broken items in the next week the accepted quantity of the items will be taken on charge and payment will be made only for accepted quantity. It is expected that you will not waste any time to make the delivery good.

Yours sincerely,


Complaint Letter to Supplier for Poor Quality of Service

1A/1 Ghalib Market,

Dear Albert,

I have a complaint for you, which might make you improve your services in the future. The problem is that the crockery supply order I placed in your firm has perfectly reached on time but the problem is that most of the goods are damaged or cracked giving me a loss of $1000 which is a huge amount of money for me.

Your drivers and other staff has been so careless that despite the fact that the boxes mentioned the ‘fragile material’ signs. I truly respect you and had it been someone else, he would have been facing a law suit. I would like you to improve and train your staff when dealing with such material; otherwise I will have to take an action against you and your staff.

Atticus Finch,
Gulberg 3, Lahore

Complaint Letter Format for Damaged Goods

Mr. S.W. Lincoln
Executive Manager,
Bacon Suppliers & Co.
Hill Station Newland

Subject: Complaint Letter to Supplier for Damaged Goods

Dear Mr. Lincoln,

I have ordered a pair of soccer cleats item number 34K2 to your company via internet and my order number was 56B000. I have received the package last night. I have checked the package and found that the soccer cleats that your company has sent to me are used and one of them is damaged also from the toe.

I had paid the cash via debit card but know I think I have not been served good. I am sending the package back to you with this letter. Please refund my money and there is also no need to send another pair of soccer cleats as I have bought a pair from local sports shop.

Thank you for the time you given to consider this letter. Please feel free to contact me on my number 123456789 or you can email me on john@outlok.com.


John L. Thomas