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Letter to Supplier to Stop Material Supply Due To the Work Completion

Sample Letter to Supplier to Stop Material Supply Due To the Work Completion on the construction project or site etc.

Letter Requesting Cancel the Supply of Material

Dear sir,

We are pleased to inform you about the completion of our ongoing infrastructure project that has been continued till 4 years. As we were getting our work done at a very swift pace and it was a fast track project so now it is near to its completion.

The purpose of this letter is to basically inform you that we will not be requiring any material from you due to the project completion. As you are well aware of that we made our order for material supply few months back. As we can see that the material lying at site will be sufficient until the completion of the project may be some of that material will be left and will be returned to you.

So we are requesting you to please cancel our pending order of material supply at the earliest. An early action in this regard may be taken from your side. It is requested that if some material left out at site after the project completion it may be returned at any good price according to you.

We will be very thankful to you for this cooperation and acceptance of left material.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best regards,

Ayesha Khan

Letter to Supplier for Stopping material Supply

Mr. Riaz Ali Shah
Sami Constructions
New Delhi

Dear Mr. Riaz,

Good Afternoon! I am Rajiv Kumar from New Delhi. As you know that my new house is being constructed and all material is being supplied from your company.

I need to update you that the construction work of my house is almost going to end. For last stage, I still have sufficient & related material at my end.

Therefore, you are requested to stop the material supply on immediate basis as it is no longer required. I appreciate you for your timely availability of all stock related to stock.


Rajiv Kumar

Letter to Supplier to Stop Material Supply

The Supplier,
XYZ Agency.

It is stated that the material you were providing us with has been top quality and up to the mark, however you are requested to kindly stop sending any more supply as the construction work is complete and no more material is required. It was pleasant doing business with you and we hope you hire you as our supplier again in our upcoming projects.

Thank you for your services,
XYZ Group of contractors.

Letter to Contractor to Stop Construction Work

Sample letter to contractor for asking to stop any further work on the project due to mismanagement, poor quality, poor work, structure problem etc.

Letter to Contractor to Stop Construction Work on Site

Dubai Construction Co.,
Dubai, UAE,

Respected Contractor,

The reason for my writing to you is that I want you to stop the construction of the building you are constructing. It is because I have lately discovered that the property sight will be used for the construction of a road by the government and the government is paying me the price I had always wanted to have. So, I want you to stop the work on the building immediately.



Letter to Stop the Work on Site

Dear respected sir,

With all due respect may I have your kind attention towards the ongoing construction work at the site of housing scheme near Baker Street, London.

As we are concerned about the quality of work and being answerable to our worthy clients it is our foremost priority to carry out the supervision of the construction work of best quality desired by our clients. According to our supervision staff at site it is concluded that the construction works’ quality is been getting worse day by day due to the unavailability of your technical staff at site.

We have observed the misalignment of some columns from the grid due to the error of your site staff. It has been forgiven one time but this could not be possible every day so it is better for our interest to shut off all the ongoing activities till further notice and decision by the management.

Since we have warned you before about this matter in the last meeting held at our office dated 12th September, 20XX but no action been taken in that regard from your side. So it was a very hard decision by the company to stop all the ongoing activities at site related to the execution of work. This decision has been taken after a very detailed meeting sessions regarding your poor quality of work execution.

So we will be grateful to you for stopping all the activities until further decision in this regard is made by the management of our company. We will be calling a site staff meeting in this regard to look in to the matter more briefly shortly as you’ll be also summoned for clarifications and improvement guarantees of the site work.

It is advised that a quick action may be taken in this regard to avoid more errors in the execution of the works.

Thanking you for your best cooperation and a quick action.

With Best regards,


Letter to Stop Construction Work

The Contractor,
XYZ Company.

it is stated that, upon orders from the higher authority you are hereby advised to stop any kind of construction work under your supervision effective immediately. The construction work is being stopped because of the rising pollution percentages in the construction areas. We are planning on using a more environment efficient and eco-friendly fueling system as soon as we can and aim to install it in all of our heavyweight machines that puff out smoke.

Until the new fueling system is implemented you are instructed to stop the construction work and wait until further orders.
Thanking you,
XYZ Company

Letter of Introduction to Clients

Sample letter to introduction to clients, new clients, prospective clients, existing clients from the company, consultant, contractor, supplier, construction company etc. Company introduction letter to clients with its products and standards of quality and other certifications etc.

Sample Letter to Introduction to Potential Clients

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to inform you about our company with a name of Core Consultants. We have been working in construction consultancy services from two decades and currently possessing a reputable status in the market among the other competent companies. We are currently having many major projects going on under the flagship of our company.

Our clients trust us with their investment and their time. Since the start of the company we have delivered them the desired outcomes and based upon their trust we have been able to achieve the status of a well-known company in this profession. We make client’s need our first and foremost priority and delivering them the best quality products they ever dreamed off.

Our core area of services are related to construction services that includes high rise buildings, infrastructure works and turn key projects. We have very specialized staff at our disposal that makes possible the impossibilities by their hard work and out of the box solutions.

For further details you can go through the brochure enclosed with this letter. We are looking forward to work for you in the near future.

Thanking and assuring you our best services at any time.


Sales Manager,
Core Consultants

Letter of Introduction to Existing Clients

1. M/s GRN Corporation Lahore
2. M/s ARU Transport Lahore
3. M/s Sisco Corporation Lahore
4. M/s ZTE Telecom Lahore

Subject: Introduction to AZ Communications

Dear All,
We are pleased to inform you that we have launched a new branch of our firm “AZ Communication” in Lahore which is a leading telecom construction company and has already been introduced in Islamabad. Please feel free to contract for the following fields.
1. Construction of Telecom Poles
2. Laying/termination of Fiber Network
3. Installation of Digital Exchanges
4. High Speed Internet
5. Mobile Networks
We look forward to serve you better

General Manager
AZ Communication

Letter of Introduction to New Clients

Cornelius, Lane and Mufti Law Firm,

Respected Clients,

This letter is an introductory letter for all the clients we have. Our firm has only one branch, which is in Lahore. Secondly, the firm has no connections with any other firm and there are six lawyers in our law firm, namely, Mr. Cornelius, Mr. Lane, Mr. Mufti, Mr. Ian, Mr. Robert, Miss Julian. We provide our clients with all kind of legal services.

Yours Sincerely,
Cornelius, Lane and Mufti Law Firm

Letter of Introduction to Clients

Whom it may concern,

Dear clients,
I the HR Manager of the firm was asked to write an introductory letter to all of you and introduce our firm. So, as most of you know our firms name is (XYZ) and we work on your legal issues. Whenever you think of starting a business or register your existing business to the legal department, you being a businessman will have absolutely no idea about your legal documents and the legal processing’s. This is where we come in, We at (XYZ Firm) work with complete dedication whilst gaining trust of our clientele.

As you know that whilst starting a startup, there are a lot of legal documentation issues that you will face. Hiring a lawyer can be hard for you and we shall help you in hiring a lawyer as your legal advisors and your legal partners.

Want to file a trademark or a patent under your new businesses name? We are here to serve you at the least of rates offering 100% guarantee that your legal documents are safe and sound with us. Trusted by our old clients we prove to be the best in the market and the ones with the best lawyers.

We at the firm hope to work with you and build a business relationship.

Thanking you,

Construction Work Delay Letter Due To Non-Approval of Commercial Plaza

Sample letter to client for stoppage of construction work because site sealed by the authorities because of no approval. Work site is sealed by the Local Development Authority and letter to stop construction work.

Construction Site Sealed by the Authorities

Project Director,
Housing Scheme, Islamabad.

Dear Sir,

This is to inform your good self about the current matter regarding the delay in work at site due to Government authorities. It has been two months since we started the construction work at site for the establishment of commercial plaza at an area of 50,000 square feet. It is quite a big area to cover for us but we managed to deal with that very humbly and being carrying out the work at its best.

With reference to your last letter received dated 12, September, 20XX regarding the approval of construction at site by the concerned Govt. authorities. It is being stated that the all the plans relating to the site and work have been submitted to their office and we await their final approval but you at the other hand directed us to continue our work with the same manner as we are doing since the start of the works.

As advised and directed by you we carried on our work and did not stop it for a single day. While we were working all of a sudden the police came at our site with a few Govt. personnel’s who held our work and suspended it for the time until the approval of the plan you submitted to them. We are here to inform you about the delay and the imminent reason for the delay of the work.

It is not upon us from now on keeping the work in time. It is requested that you may get this building approved by the competent authority and inform us so that we can continue our suspended work at the earliest.

A quick response in this regard is requested so that it does not waste any more of our time.

Thanking you and assuring you our best services at any time.

Yours truly,

Project Manager
Core Construction Company

Construction Work Delay Letter

The Head of operations,
XYZ Construction Company.

Respected sir,
You and I signed a contract of building a commercial plaza in the suburbs of town. However, I met the town planner today, and wrote an application to the town head as well requesting the approval of a commercial plaza but unfortunately both of my applications were declined right away, as the community from the suburbs is still being moved to another part of town.

I was hereby told that until the moving process is done, we won’t get the approval. The moving and housing process might take a few weeks. I wanted to inform you that since the commercial plaza is still unapproved, you can expect some delays in the construction work because of the aforementioned reasons. Still however, I will try my best to meet your deadlines and provide you with high quality construction work.

Thanking you,

Letter to Client for Disposing Off the Excavated Material

Sample letter to supplier for disposing off the extra material at construction site because it is causing problem for ongoing work. Letter for cleaning of garbage/material from site after completion of project.

Letter for Cleaning Construction Site

Dear Sir,

With reference to the meeting held at your good office on 21, September, 20XX, this is to remind you that no action has been taken in this regard from your side. the excavated material is still lying at the site and causing huge problem to the pace of ongoing works.

The observations made by our representative at site are as follows:

  1. The Contractor you employed for the transportation and disposal of excavated material at site has not been delivering the expected outcome. He has not been able to achieve the progress desired by us.
  2. The employed Contractor is not working with sufficient resources including both man power and machinery for the disposal of excavated material from site. with the pace he is working its going to take months to clear off the site from the excavated material.
  3. The lying excavated material is covering the passages for transportation an causing serious problems to the other contractors working at site regarding the access of the site.
  4. It is advised that more Contractors to be employed and more machinery is required for the quick disposal of this excavated material from site so that the other contractors can have complete access of the site and can work with fast pace without any problems.

Therefore an early action in this regard may be taken from your side. If the further action not been taken in this regard and the excavated material stayed at site, the other contractor may ask for time extension for other works.

Project Manager,


Cleaning Request Letter Sample for Contractor

Letter to Client for Disposing Off the Excavated Material at Construction Site

M/s Amjad Builders,
Johar Town, Lahore

Subject: Disposing off The Excavated Material at Constructed Site

Dear Amjad Sahib,

It is regretted to inform you that the Excavated Material has yet not been removed from the site which is ready since last week. Please direct your labor to dispose the excavated material from the site as it is giving very bad impression to our customers who are willing to purchase or rent shops in our new commercial building.

An urgent action in this regard is requested please.


San-fast  Group of Companies

Letter for Disposing Off the Excavated Material

The Respective Client,

Respected Client,
I am writing this letter on behalf of the construction company asking you to kindly dispose of all the excavated material from the construction site as soon as possible. Excavated material might be reused and made usable again but for now, you are requested to remove it in order to make room for the fresh material lot coming in this week.

Thanking you,