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Complaint Letter to Supplier for Damaged Goods

Sample letter to supplier for Supply of damaged goods and poor quality items on site. Complaint letter to supplier for delivery of expired goods or damaged goods on site.

Letter to Supplier for Change of Damaged Goods

Mr. Eric John, Good wood suppliers, LA.

Respected sir,

With all respect I would like to bring it to your knowledge that  I had order 5 wooden cabinets from your company last week. I have got my order but I would like to bring it to your knowledge that  3 of them were damaged, the locked were broken and are not fixed properly. I was expecting a perfect delivery but somehow it was not what I expected. I would like you to change them on urgent basis as I have to fix them in the house. Looking for your response. Thanks.


Ana Merchant,

Letter to Supplier for Damaged Goods

Dear Smith and Bro,

It is intimated that your firm made a supply of the stores against the contract agreement vide our supply order no 3052.asmt.23.supp dated 15 Jan 20XX. The items have been inspected at our warehouse by our quality team in respect of the quality standards which were found satisfactory but some of items out of those have been found broken due to improper packing.

The damaged items have been segregated at our end and kept separate. You are hereby instructed to visit our warehouse and collect these and replace them with intact quality of stores. If you fail to replace these broken items in the next week the accepted quantity of the items will be taken on charge and payment will be made only for accepted quantity. It is expected that you will not waste any time to make the delivery good.

Yours sincerely,


Complaint Letter to Supplier for Poor Quality of Service

1A/1 Ghalib Market,

Dear Albert,

I have a complaint for you, which might make you improve your services in the future. The problem is that the crockery supply order I placed in your firm has perfectly reached on time but the problem is that most of the goods are damaged or cracked giving me a loss of $1000 which is a huge amount of money for me.

Your drivers and other staff has been so careless that despite the fact that the boxes mentioned the ‘fragile material’ signs. I truly respect you and had it been someone else, he would have been facing a law suit. I would like you to improve and train your staff when dealing with such material; otherwise I will have to take an action against you and your staff.

Atticus Finch,
Gulberg 3, Lahore

Complaint Letter Format for Damaged Goods

Mr. S.W. Lincoln
Executive Manager,
Bacon Suppliers & Co.
Hill Station Newland

Subject: Complaint Letter to Supplier for Damaged Goods

Dear Mr. Lincoln,

I have ordered a pair of soccer cleats item number 34K2 to your company via internet and my order number was 56B000. I have received the package last night. I have checked the package and found that the soccer cleats that your company has sent to me are used and one of them is damaged also from the toe.

I had paid the cash via debit card but know I think I have not been served good. I am sending the package back to you with this letter. Please refund my money and there is also no need to send another pair of soccer cleats as I have bought a pair from local sports shop.

Thank you for the time you given to consider this letter. Please feel free to contact me on my number 123456789 or you can email me on john@outlok.com.


John L. Thomas

Complaint Letter to House Builder for Inferior and Poor Work

Sample of a complaint letter to house builder for poor work, incomplete work, inferior work, damages and material theft etc. Letter to house developer for compensation.

Complaint Letter to Contractor for Poor Work

Mr. John smith, flex Builders, Miami,

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to bring it your knowledge that you were given a contract for the construction of my apartment 6 months back. You have done an average job, the main issue I have is the material you used is substandard, wood you have used is not fixed properly, doors are not fitted properly, and there is a leakage in kitchen and washrooms.

I was expecting a good work as I have invested a lot of my earning but I am not satisfied with your work. I hope you will take responsibility for this and fix the work as soon as possible, looking for your response.

From, Julia James,


Complaint Letter to Builder Template

Bahria Town,

Dear Tomlin-son,

The reason for my writing to you is that I am not at all satisfied with the quality of work you have done on my house. I am afraid that I will not trust you any further. I am seeing so many problems in the building material you have used, the tiles are having rashes on them, the floors are becoming faded, the paint is equally bad and the cement is corroding. Everything has some problem or the other.

I will try not recommending your services to anyone in need. Such dissatisfactory work has made me depressed as I have spent so much money on it. Try to improve your services as much as possible.

Your Customer,


Complaint Letter to House Developer

Chief Executive Officer,
Core Construction Company, Ohio

Dear Sir,

It is to recall you about the agreement between you and myself regarding the construction of my villa at street 9, downtown, Ohio. The agreement was to complete the desired work according to the technical provisions in this period decided.  As you know that you were unable to work in the desired time and we had to extend the deadline further 6 months to complete the construction works.

After the completion of construction my family shifted in the villa in a month time. Only after some weeks we started to face problems due to your poor quality of construction and lack of attention to the work.

It is noted with great observations that you have used low quality material in everything. The plaster of walls is having cracks that can even be seen by naked eyes. The distemper you painted on the external walls came off after some rains and at some places the stains are visible making the paint look really bad from the distance. There is a window you placed at the first floor of the house which is not being correctly leveled by your workers due to poor workmanship and the window looks weird that I am going to dismantle that window and realign it again.

After all I awarded you the contract for the construction of this villa based upon our previous experiences together but you have been failed to deliver the quality product. Now I want you to compensate this problem as soon as possible so that I can have a good value for my spent money on this villa. I hope you will be courteous to pay heed to my complaint and will take further necessary actions in this regard.

Looking forward to a quick action and a swift reply from your side.

Yours Sincerely,

Elton Wish,

Complaint Letter to Contractor of Construction

Mr. Rizwan Butt
House Builder,

Dear Rizwan,

Hope you are enjoying your work. I am Johhny Kumar, as my house is being constructed by your company. The work has been started 2 months ago. I have been noticing that the construction work is not satisfactory. As last night, a constructed wall fell down itself and heavy quantity of clay was found from it.

This is indeed for unfortunate & dangerous the way you people are working. Through this letter, I want to make a complaint against your labor that they are doing inferior and poor work. I request you to look into this matter, as I want this house for my personal use & I don’t want any unpleasant incident anymore.


Johhny Kumar

Complaint Letter to Home Builder for Inferior and Poor Work

Mr. Joseph
Chief Contractor
Joseph & Co.
Keelson Road Bridge

Dear Mr. Joseph

It is to inform you that I have inspected my new house which was built by your company under contract B342. I have paid the full amount to your company as it was agreed in the contract. Your crew has finished the project and left the house completed.

During inspection I have come to know that there are several flaws left by the builders of your company. The material used during the construction is of very poor quality and there are also flaws in the design of several rooms. The doors are not closed gently and one must use force to adjust it to the lock. There are also cracks in the cemented coating. Distemper has also been used of inferior quality.

I think it is not a good experience to have a contract with your company as you have not made me satisfied by your work. Please send your crew back to fix the bugs or you should refund 40% of the contract money.


Robert K. Mertin

Sample Complaint Letter to Parents of Student

Letter to Parents to Inform Them about Decreasing Interest of Their Child in Studies. Sample complaint letter about student behavior to parents with warning and call the parents in school for meeting with teacher and principal to discuss the issue of their child.

Sample Complaint Letter to Parents of Student

Respected Parents,

I am writing to you to let you know about the weekly performance of your child xyz and his behavior in the class. He has been misbehaving in the class since many weeks. He is not done with his homework mostly and gives lame excuses on it. His dressing is not proper, shoes are not properly polished. Also he is getting below average marks in the class test. I request you, kindly take notice of your child for such usual behavior and make sure your child will come to class with proper uniform, polished shoes and done with every subject`s tasks.

Thanks and regards,


Sample of Complaint Letter to Parents

The Administration,

Respected Parents,

It is hereby to inform you that this letter is a complaint against your child who is the student of 4th class section green in our school named as Ali S/O Ahmed. Your child is very lazy and shows non serious behavior towards the study. His homework is mostly incomplete. He also shows no interest in the classroom as well as in the extracurricular activities.

We request to you that kindly check the status of your child regularly so that we both can avoid any type of disturbance. We hope that you will understand and will contribute with the administration.

Yours Faithfull,


Complaint Letter to Parents from School

Mr. & Mrs. James,

I hope you both shall be hale and hearty. As a principal of Beacon group of schools it is my prime duty to inform parents of the students enrolled here about the academic performance of their children on regular basis. As you both are aware of monthly academic reports of your child which clearly indicate the constantly decreasing interest of your son, Alex James, in his studies.

Despite several counseling sessions, Alex James has failed to produce good results in all his subjects. It is a matter of concern for both his teachers and parents. The aim of this writing is to inform and advise you so that you can persuade him by your parental affection to pay more attention his studies. Student’s keen interest in learning is pre-requisite to excel in his or her studies. For this purpose, you may also offer him some incentives, in addition to other means, to convince him for producing good results in the school.

I am quite optimistic that this letter to you will meet its objective.

Best regards,

Mr. Jackson Durant
Principal Beacon group of schools

Letter to Parents from Student Teacher

Mr. and Mrs. Jamal
Parents of Zain Jamal

Dear Parents,

This is Miss Nyla, teacher at Beacon House School.  I am teacher of Mathematics and teaching 6th grade students these days. With due respect, I want to bring in your knowledge a few things about your kid Zain Jamal. Your child used to be very hardworking and punctual, and I never had any complaints.

But, for last few days I have found him a bit disturbed, as he does not concentrate on his studies. He is also absent most of the time, and does not even come up with his homework. If his behavior is due to some family issues, then kindly resolve it. Whereas, if he has some other issues then let me know so we can handle it together. Hope you will take notice of this complaint, and would help me resolve this matter in a better way.

Best Regards

Saira Amin


Appreciation Letter to Teacher from Parents

Sample letter to class teacher from parents for appreciation and reply to complain of your child. Sample thanks letter to class teacher of your child, son or daughter for informing the parents.

Letter to Teacher by Mother

The Class Teacher,
Grade II.
Army Public School; College System,

Subject: Appreciation for notifying daughter’s misconduct

Dear Ma’am,

I just wanted to thank you for taking out time and giving attention to my child, Sara Raza. I understand she has been pretty troublesome for you. She is very mischievous and often loses interest in studies. I know you have a class of nearly 25 students and it becomes really hard to give every student such attention but I’m very pleased that you have not ignored my child.

Instead, you came up with a good observation and showed genuine concern in improving her. I am highly grateful to you for complaining about her misconduct at school. I assure you that we as parents will give our maximum time to bring the best out of Sara, along with all your dedicated efforts.


Mrs. Saima Raza

Letter to Appreciation to Teacher, Lecturer, Principal

Mr. Shahzad Bhatti,

Dear Sir,

It is giving me immense happiness to inform you that my son, Waleed who is your student in class 8 have stood first in his final examination.

Being his parents, his result & marks made us feel proud and happy. We pray for his consistent & long lasting success. But it is all due to your hard work, determination and the way you have taught him. You always gave him your valuable time. The way you deliver the lecture & teach the mathematics is outstanding.

We hope that you would keep on teaching my son in the same way.


Faisal Ali

Appreciation Letter to Teacher Template

Miss Saba,
Math Teacher, Allied School,
XYZ Campus, Lahore

Subject: Appreciation Letter

Dear Madam,

We are very pleased to inform you that my daughter Zoya who is studying in class 3 Yellow in your school has got very excellent marks in her Mathematics Examination. She was very weak in Mathematics but you have really made great efforts to make her expert in solving Mathematical Problems. Your great efforts are highly appreciated. And we look forward the same struggle from you in her future classes as well. She appreciates your kind behavior as well.

Thanks again.
Best Regards,

Zoya Naveed

Appreciation Letter to Teacher from Parents

Respected Sir,

We hope this letter brings a smile on your face and make you realize how much we admire your work on our son Usama. Usama was not a sharp student before he got admission in your university. Now it is really a fortunate for us that he has been under your supervision and guidance really shows that how much our son has changed both academically and socially. We really appreciate such a positive change in our son.

Although book studies have their own benefits at the same time social and societal grooming is also necessary. And, you have groomed the personality of our son in such a fascinating way that normally most teachers don’t do. Books develop a really good professional and personality-grooming develops a really good human being which a very beneficial part of society.

You have not only made him clear towards his goal in his professional studies but also brought a confidence in him. I hope all other parents are as happier by your work as we are from you.

We wish all the best for your future endeavors, our humble prayers will be with you for the rest of your whole life.

Warms Regards,

Usama’s Parents,