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Letter of Introduction to Clients

Sample letter to introduction to clients, new clients, prospective clients, existing clients from the company, consultant, contractor, supplier, construction company etc. Company introduction letter to clients with its products and standards of quality and other certifications etc.

Sample Letter to Introduction to Potential Clients

Dear Sir,

We are pleased to inform you about our company with a name of Core Consultants. We have been working in construction consultancy services from two decades and currently possessing a reputable status in the market among the other competent companies. We are currently having many major projects going on under the flagship of our company.

Our clients trust us with their investment and their time. Since the start of the company we have delivered them the desired outcomes and based upon their trust we have been able to achieve the status of a well-known company in this profession. We make client’s need our first and foremost priority and delivering them the best quality products they ever dreamed off.

Our core area of services are related to construction services that includes high rise buildings, infrastructure works and turn key projects. We have very specialized staff at our disposal that makes possible the impossibilities by their hard work and out of the box solutions.

For further details you can go through the brochure enclosed with this letter. We are looking forward to work for you in the near future.

Thanking and assuring you our best services at any time.


Sales Manager,
Core Consultants

Letter of Introduction to Existing Clients

1. M/s GRN Corporation Lahore
2. M/s ARU Transport Lahore
3. M/s Sisco Corporation Lahore
4. M/s ZTE Telecom Lahore

Subject: Introduction to AZ Communications

Dear All,
We are pleased to inform you that we have launched a new branch of our firm “AZ Communication” in Lahore which is a leading telecom construction company and has already been introduced in Islamabad. Please feel free to contract for the following fields.
1. Construction of Telecom Poles
2. Laying/termination of Fiber Network
3. Installation of Digital Exchanges
4. High Speed Internet
5. Mobile Networks
We look forward to serve you better

General Manager
AZ Communication

Letter of Introduction to New Clients

Cornelius, Lane and Mufti Law Firm,

Respected Clients,

This letter is an introductory letter for all the clients we have. Our firm has only one branch, which is in Lahore. Secondly, the firm has no connections with any other firm and there are six lawyers in our law firm, namely, Mr. Cornelius, Mr. Lane, Mr. Mufti, Mr. Ian, Mr. Robert, Miss Julian. We provide our clients with all kind of legal services.

Yours Sincerely,
Cornelius, Lane and Mufti Law Firm

Letter of Introduction to Clients

Whom it may concern,

Dear clients,
I the HR Manager of the firm was asked to write an introductory letter to all of you and introduce our firm. So, as most of you know our firms name is (XYZ) and we work on your legal issues. Whenever you think of starting a business or register your existing business to the legal department, you being a businessman will have absolutely no idea about your legal documents and the legal processing’s. This is where we come in, We at (XYZ Firm) work with complete dedication whilst gaining trust of our clientele.

As you know that whilst starting a startup, there are a lot of legal documentation issues that you will face. Hiring a lawyer can be hard for you and we shall help you in hiring a lawyer as your legal advisors and your legal partners.

Want to file a trademark or a patent under your new businesses name? We are here to serve you at the least of rates offering 100% guarantee that your legal documents are safe and sound with us. Trusted by our old clients we prove to be the best in the market and the ones with the best lawyers.

We at the firm hope to work with you and build a business relationship.

Thanking you,

Letter to Inform Clients of Resignation

Sample letter to inform your clients that you have left the firm/company and for future communication they need to contact you directly on personal email or phone number.

Letter to Inform Customer of Your Resignation

Mr. Zaid Ali,
Residential Area,
W-Block, Phase 3,
DHA. Lahore

Subject: Working independently from Chohan Estates

Dear client,

It is to inform you that I, Mr. Javaid Manzoor, senior property dealer is no more working with Chohan Estates. I have left that company and have joined AR Associates, DD-Commercial Area, Phase 4, DHA, Lahore. You are requested to reach to me on the provided email address or number for future property discussions and meetings to continue getting quality services.

With best regards,

Javaid Manzoor
Property Dealer

Letter to Inform Clients of Employee Resignation


1. M/s GRN Corporation
2. M/s ARU Transport
3. M/s Sisco Corporation
4. M/s ZTE Telecom

Subject : Resignation From Service

Dear All,

It is hereby informed that I am going to resign from my service by the end of current year so all of you are requested to please contact Mr. Abid Majeed who will be our new General Manager form the start of next year.

It is also assured you that our quality of service will not be affected in any case because Mr. Abid Majeed is also a very talented and cooperative person.

Best Regards

Ahmad Raza
G.M AZ Communications

Letter to Inform Customers of Resignation

Cornelius, Lane and Mufti Law Firm,

Respected Clients,

It is to inform you about my resignation from the chambers of Cornelius, Lane and Mufti Law Firm. So, please do not ask for my presence as a solicitor over there as I have officially resigned from there.



Letter to Inform Clients of Resignation


Dear Clients,
It was with a very heavy heart that I am telling all of you that I am resigning from the firm as the Manager because of some personal reasons that I don’t feel are feasible to be discussed here.
However, a new manager will be replacing me very soon and will be communicating with all of you accordingly. I promise that nothing between you and the firm will change even if I am gone.
It was nice dealing with all of you.

Best Regards,