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Business Proposal Rejection Letter

Sample letter to contractor or vendor for rejection of business proposal sent against your advertisement or requested in a letter.

Business Proposal Denial Letter

Mr. Umar Shahzad,
Ideas Evolved.

Subject: Rejection of business proposal

Dear Mr. Umar,

It is to inform you that your business proposal has been rejected after careful consideration by a panel of experts at the Media Company. We are looking for something different and your business idea doesn’t meet our requirements. We wish you good luck and hope that you’ll come up with more innovative yet practical business plans in the future.

We thank you for investing your time with us and encourage you to look forward to more opportunities to work with us.  God prosper you.


Mr. Saleem Shah.
Managing Director

Rejection of Business Proposal Letter

The District Emergency Officer,
Punjab Emergency Service,

Dear Sir,

We regret to inform you that your proposal to start a business partnership with our company has not been approved by the board of directors. You may be provided with another opportunity at some other occasion.

It is pertinent to mention here that the company requires an altogether safety and security for smooth working whereas you have launched your organization recently and nobody gives assurance in this regard.

In the light of above circumstances, we feel remorse to acquaint you that your proposal for initiating business with our company cannot be made possible in current scenario and you are suggested to establish your name and gain trust in the market before offering your services or partnership.

Hoping you best of luck for next time.

With regards,

Adeel Ahmad

Business Proposal Rejection Email

M/s Guoco Pharmaceutical Limited,

Subject:  Business Proposal Rejection

Dear Sir,

It is regretted to inform you that Business Proposal given by you to start a Medical Store in Moon Market is hereby rejected since there is already much abundance of Medical Stores in the given area due to which a high level of competition is expected which may lead to failure of such business. Also the rates of medicines given by you too are high which will not suit us to take a start.

Once again we are sorry to reject your proposal. We remain looking forward to another business proposal from your end at your earliest. Hopefully you will give us a good proposal which may sooner be accepted.

Best Regards

Abdul Rehman

Business Proposal Rejection Letter

Pak Fans,

Respected Contractor,

It is to inform you that I have read all the terms and conditions of the contract you had for our company. The problem is that many of your terms and conditions are not favorable for our company and we may suffer a loss due to that. So, I have to inform you that the company does not agree with the contract and we thereby do not accept it.


Rudyard Kipling

Business Proposal Rejection Letter

Whom it may concern.

It is stated that I am writing on behalf of XYZ Vendors and received your revised rate list along with your bring proposal earlier today. However, I am sorry to tell you that we won’t be able to manage and build up a business relationship with your firm. Your business proposal and rate list came up with many ambiguities that don’t suit us and our business terminologies.

Thank you for cooperation,
XYZ Company.


Letter to Support a Business Partner

Sample letter to support a business partner in charity work is already being done or underway. Letter to your business partner assuring your help and required support for business operations.

Sample Letter to Support a Business Partner

The Partner AZ Communications

Subject:       Supporting you is our pleasure

Dear Ehsan Sahib,

We feel sorry that our business is not getting good response now a days due to sudden change in season due to which you must be feeling down. Also your investment is not giving out good profit rates. But I assure you that this will get better in a few days and we will arrange some meeting to discuss about its improvement. In case you do not have funds to invest further, we can provide you some financial help as well. We hope our support helps you in your disappointment.

Best Regards

General Manager
AZ Communication

Support for Business Partner in Charity work

The Media Company,
Jail Road,

Subject: business partnership

Dear Sir,

Please accept my greatest gratitude and felicitations for becoming our business partners. We have been working for the past 3 years on building shelter homes for orphans in coordination with different NGOs. Though we were doing a fair job, our company needed a boost to flourish and your partnership will prove to be the paramount of growth and success for us. We are very hopeful that this project will mutually be beneficial for us, and we’ll continue having support from you for future endeavors too.

Cheers to new beginnings!


Mr. Umar Shahzad
Managing Director

Letter to a Business Partner for Support

Cape Industries,
United Kingdom,

Respected Business Partner,

This letter is being written to you to show support towards your company from our side. We are providing you with the money required for our combined subsidiary NAAC. Being your business partner we want to support you throughout the crises which you are facing. Your problem is our problem. So don’t worry everything will be fine.

Yours Respectfully,

Cape Industries

Letter to Support a Business Partner

Mr. (Enter Business Partners Name Here),

Dear Friend,
I am fine and I wish you and your family blessings too. After the hard time that you’ve been through since the past couple of months, I know it’s been very difficult but this is life and you have to face it somehow. I came to know about the dispute between you and the bank a week ago and I was shocked to hear that your own home has been taken away from you because you couldn’t pay the house rent on time. It was very unprofessional of them to kick you and your family out like this.

However, apart from being business partners you and I are best friends too, and we have spent our childhood growing with each other. I just wanted to tell you that I support you both financially and spiritually in your time of need. If you need any financial aid, you are more than welcome to come to me, we will settle it afterwards. I hope you and your family portrays patience and goes through this difficult time like it meant nothing.

Your friend,

Letter to Start a Business Partnership

Letter of intent to start a business firm on partnership to your friend, colleague, neighbor, cousin, father’s friend or friend of a friend.

Request Letter for Business Partnership

Dear Mr. William,

On the eve of our previous meeting, I can clearly remember that you had talked about your plans to start a business of your own. Fortunately, we both are on the same page when it comes to the argument that the best way of earning money is to do a business of your keen interest and wide experience.

As you know, we both have been working in the same company since past 5 years and have similar experience in the field of development of digital technologies. After profound thinking, I have also made my mind to initiating a business in this field. Would it not be wonderful if we start this business on the basis of equal partnership? My answer is: yes!  What do you think regarding this?

Before letting me know your decision about starting a business partnership, I must tell you that, for me, you are the most suitable person for this partnership. Because, as an old friend of yours, I have complete faith in your professional skills and abilities. There is no need to praise myself as I am very well known to you. Most importantly, we have essential finance for starting a business  and  both know very well about the basics of business management.

I look forward to early hearing positive response from you.

Stay blessed,

Smith Bond

Letter to start a business partnership with Friend

Dear Samuel,

Hope my letter finds you in good health. I want to apprise you that I am running a business of import of auto parts from abroad. My friend would you believe that I have found it very profitable and well reliable. I started this business last year at medium level and have established it much at better level. Basic thinking to tell you about all this is to invite you to come and join me as my business partner.

My friend I know that you are already running a shop with your brother and I also know that it’s not enough for both of you. Now question arises that why I am inviting you and not someone else so there is a very simple answer that I know you for the last 10 years and you also have marvelous talent for being a good businessman and 2nd thing is that I also require a partner in my business so that I can share my burden with him. Now you will ask that how much money will be required to be my partner I just tell you to bring only 5 percent of the auto parts presently held in my storehouse. And by the passage of time your share will be increased gradually.

I hope that you will consider my offer and respond positively and join me in my business as my partner soon after receiving this invitation.

Yours sincerely


Application for Registration of Business Name

Sample application letter for registration of company name, products, logo, trade mark, NTN, certification, production for new launching of your business in the market. Companies can get registered as private limited, limited, partnership firm, sole proprietorship.

Request Letter for Company Registration

Dear Sir,

Innovative Solutions Inc. is a private business firm which deals in the distribution of computer electronics equipment and accessories. The firm has been established with an aim to provide services at national level. After fulfilling all the legal requirements for registration of business name, it is requested to approve the application for registration of the business firm with above mentioned name i.e.            Innovative Solutions Inc.

With due respect it is said that the past track record of registration process at Security Exchange Corporation, popularly known as SEC, is not satisfactory due to unnecessary delay. In such case, the firm with unregistered business name might pay heavy cost in the face of financial losses. Hence, it is our earnest request to you for early completion of registration of business name of the firm.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,


Letter for Registration of Business Name

Government Deptt. For Registration,
United Kingdom,

Respected Sir/Madam,

I want to request a legal registration of the business name of my company, PEPSICO Ltd. Please register the name of my company so that I can legally start to do my business. I shall be much obliged.

Yours Respectfully,

Ian Eldred

Application for Registration of Business Name

The Concerned Department

Respected sir,
It is stated that earlier this year I started my new startup firm… I didn’t think that it would grow on to be something big but fortunately, my business is growing fast and now I plan on making a shop especially for my business. A growing business requires a name that has to be registered, and I have come up with the name “CG Productions” as my business is about content and graphic services.

Kindly register this business name under my identity card and grant me the formal documents as soon as possible.

Thanking you,