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Contractor Letter of Authorization

Sample letter to authorization to contractor for approval and agreement of construction work. Sample authorization letter for contractor for further contracts and agreements with other companies or contractors on behalf of site owner.

Contractor Letter of Identification/Authorization

Breeze & Co.
The Contractor
Zeus Builders, London

Subject: Contractor Letter of Authorization

Dear Mr. Anil

It is a pleasure to inform you that the chief Executive of our company Mr. David has authorized you and your company Zeus Builders to start the work at the given sight.

The map has been uploaded to your website. The architecture has been finalized and the company is waiting for some representative from your side for further discussion on it.

As you were the lowest bidders so the company has decided to increase your profit to 1.5%.

You are directed to inspect the building sight within seven days after the date you receive this letter and inform us so that further negotiations can be done on both sides.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact our HR department for any quires.


James Anderson
HR Executive

Authorization Letter to Contractor

Dear Sir,

With reference to the meeting held at your good office on 21, September, 20XX it is to have your attention towards the rates submitted by your company for the execution of construction work at the prescribed site. However it was discussed very briefly in the meeting that the execution rates will be up to the market prices so that the Contractor agrees to the terms and condition and does not bear any loss while carrying out the work.

As it is stated earlier that you submitted the execution rates quotation to us after that meeting. We have been reviewing those rates in comparison to the market rates that we will pay for the material and keeping in view the margin held by the supplier from a week.

After a detailed comparison and our projected cost during this work period regarding the construction work we have come to an accord with your submitted rates. It is more than agreed and happily approved.

We are pleased to notify you that we agrees to your provided rates of execution work and we are obliged and excited to work with you on this project. The rates of execution provided are authorized and approved and we can move forward to further necessary action from your side to start the work as soon as possible.

Looking forward to a quick agreement from your side and hoping that we can take over the work at the earliest in order to overcome any delay caused by the latency.

Thanking you and assuring you our best professional services at any time.


Core Construction Company