Sample Complaint Letter to Parents of Student

Letter to Parents to Inform Them about Decreasing Interest of Their Child in Studies. Sample complaint letter about student behavior to parents with warning and call the parents in school for meeting with teacher and principal to discuss the issue of their child.

Sample Complaint Letter to Parents of Student

Respected Parents,

I am writing to you to let you know about the weekly performance of your child xyz and his behavior in the class. He has been misbehaving in the class since many weeks. He is not done with his homework mostly and gives lame excuses on it. His dressing is not proper, shoes are not properly polished. Also he is getting below average marks in the class test. I request you, kindly take notice of your child for such usual behavior and make sure your child will come to class with proper uniform, polished shoes and done with every subject`s tasks.

Thanks and regards,


Sample of Complaint Letter to Parents

The Administration,

Respected Parents,

It is hereby to inform you that this letter is a complaint against your child who is the student of 4th class section green in our school named as Ali S/O Ahmed. Your child is very lazy and shows non serious behavior towards the study. His homework is mostly incomplete. He also shows no interest in the classroom as well as in the extracurricular activities.

We request to you that kindly check the status of your child regularly so that we both can avoid any type of disturbance. We hope that you will understand and will contribute with the administration.

Yours Faithfull,


Complaint Letter to Parents from School

Mr. & Mrs. James,

I hope you both shall be hale and hearty. As a principal of Beacon group of schools it is my prime duty to inform parents of the students enrolled here about the academic performance of their children on regular basis. As you both are aware of monthly academic reports of your child which clearly indicate the constantly decreasing interest of your son, Alex James, in his studies.

Despite several counseling sessions, Alex James has failed to produce good results in all his subjects. It is a matter of concern for both his teachers and parents. The aim of this writing is to inform and advise you so that you can persuade him by your parental affection to pay more attention his studies. Student’s keen interest in learning is pre-requisite to excel in his or her studies. For this purpose, you may also offer him some incentives, in addition to other means, to convince him for producing good results in the school.

I am quite optimistic that this letter to you will meet its objective.

Best regards,

Mr. Jackson Durant
Principal Beacon group of schools

Letter to Parents from Student Teacher

Mr. and Mrs. Jamal
Parents of Zain Jamal

Dear Parents,

This is Miss Nyla, teacher at Beacon House School.  I am teacher of Mathematics and teaching 6th grade students these days. With due respect, I want to bring in your knowledge a few things about your kid Zain Jamal. Your child used to be very hardworking and punctual, and I never had any complaints.

But, for last few days I have found him a bit disturbed, as he does not concentrate on his studies. He is also absent most of the time, and does not even come up with his homework. If his behavior is due to some family issues, then kindly resolve it. Whereas, if he has some other issues then let me know so we can handle it together. Hope you will take notice of this complaint, and would help me resolve this matter in a better way.

Best Regards

Saira Amin


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