Resignation Acceptance Letter Format

Resignation Acceptance Letter Format for employees, teachers, professors, lecturers, students etc. Sample resign accepted letter to company staff/employee on urgent basis or with notice period that your resignation is accepted.

Resignation Acceptance Letter from HR

Mr. Farhan Saeed
I.T Engineer
AZ Communications, Lahore.

Subject:   Acceptance of Resignation

Dear Farhan,

We are pleased to inform you that your resignation has been accepted. 31.10.20XX will be your last working day with us so you are requested to complete all the pending assignments before leaving. Mr. Adnan will be our new I.T Engineer who is being attached with you temporarily so that you can train him for the type of assignments and all about our office decorum.

We appreciate your devoted work with us throughout your service period. We wish you success in your future goals.

Best Regards

General Manager
AZ Communications

Resign Accepted Letter to Employee

Michael Jordan,
Associate Professor,
California State University
California, United State

Subject: Acceptance of Resignation Letter

Respected Sir,

I received your resignation letter stating that you want to leave your job as Associate Professor in our university because you have applied for your MPhil in this university. You are leaving the job for an excellent cause so I am accepting your resignation and releasing you immediately. I thank you for having a great time with us and wish you the very best for your future. Your arrears will be entertained soon.


Sam Billings,
Head of Electrical Department,
California State University

Employee Resignation Accepttance Letter Template

Mr. Rauf
Officers Residence
West Lake, UK.

Subject: Resignation Acceptance Letter Format

Dear Mr. Rauf,

Hope this letter finds you in best of your spirits. Human Resource Office has received your resignation letter this Monday. Your resignation has been talked over with your concerned manager and has been accepted today after clearance in meeting with senior management. Hope you enjoyed this journey so far with us. We wish you best of luck for your future.

Best Regards,

HR Manager

Letter for Resignation Acceptance

Mr. Tariq Bilal
Accountant, GYX Limited

Subject: Acceptance of Your Resignation

Dear Tariq Bilal,

We are pleased to inform you that your resignation against the post of Accountant in our office has been accepted. You are requested to wind up all your pending assignments before leaving this office at the end of current month.

We are also thankful for your devoted work in our office and we will always miss you as a good employee and kind behavior with your colleagues.

We hope you will abide by the instructions.

Raza Ali

Managing Director
Hameed Corporation

Resignation Acceptance Letter to Employee

General Motors Co. Ltd.,

Respected Ex-Employee,

It is to inform you that your resignation letter for the job of assistant manager has been accepted. Now you are not an employee of the General Motors and there are no legal or formal relations between us.


General Motors Co., USA

Resignation Acceptance Letter

Whom it may concern.

I received your resignation letter yesterday and it has always been hard for me to accept these kinds of letters however it is what it is. It’s sad to see you go as you were an asset to his firm and I hope you excel in your future endeavors. My door is always open to you in case of any recommendations or career advisory.

Your resignation letter is hereby accepted and you are free to leave the office. Thank you for your services, and wish you the very best.

Best Regards,
XYZ Company

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