Register Mobile Number to Bank

Request letter to bank manger for registration of your new mobile number with your bank account for any communications and verification purposes.

Register My New Mobile Number to Bank

The Operation Manager

Subject: Re-registration of Mobile Number

Dear Sir,

It is submitted for your information that I have changed my Mobile Number. My new mobile number is 03XX-1234561. You are requested to please re-register my mobile number in your record and also update for the purpose of mobile banking against my Current A/C # 23456.

An urgent action in this regard is requested please.

Yours Truly

Ittifaq Ahmad
A/C# 23456

Re register Mobile Number to Bank

Dear Sir,

I am Mr. xyz, have been holding an account in your bank since many years. I have getting efficient services from your bank, getting all updates, promotions & transactions of my accounts via email. Now I just want to register my mobile number with my account so that I may get all updates, bank promotions and transactions of my bank account via SMS. So kindly register my mobile number 123456789 with my account.

Thanks and regards


Register Mobile Number to Bank

Dear Sir,

We would like to request you to register your Mobile number in your nearest Bank alfalah branch. Your Current mobile number is not registered with us.

It will be not possible for us to disclose any detail till customer call us from registered number. Due to security concern we are blocking your account. Please visit nearest branch and unblock your account. We regret for any inconvenience from our end.


Hassan Tahir

How to Register Mobile Number to Bank

It is to inform you that I had lost my mobile in a robbery last week. I have also registered a complaint to police station. In order to carry on my routine work I have bought a new mobile number. I request to re-register my new number against my account. This would further secure my account.

Reregister Mobile Number to Bank

Habib Bank Limited,
Lahore, Pakistan.

Respected Bank,

This letter is to inform you about my cellular phone number registration. My cellular phone number is 12345678. Please register it in your documentation about my account and I will expect you to contact me on this number whenever needed.



Register Mobile Number to Bank

The Bank Manager,
XYZ Bank.

Respected sir,
It is stated that I have a savings account in your bank under the name of (Enter Name Here) and my account number is (XXX-XXX-XX). When it came to my knowledge that mobile banking is now a thing, I rushed to write you this letter. I would like to register my mobile number to my bank account and be notified of any deposits or transactions via messages or any mean that the bank team adapts.
I am attaching my mobile number details along with the letter as well.
Thanking you,

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  1. To The bank menager. United bank of India. The respect sir. my saving account number your bank full name (United bank of india) unter name keshab Das your ac number (1648010077589) register mobile number ito is very helf my sms banking balance required please sir my mobile number take register for you. You faithfully/ keshab Das/

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