Letter to Supplier for Outstanding Payment

Sample response letter to supplier for outstanding payment of stores, supplies or purchase orders etc. When supplier send you letter for payment you can write this letter in response to the payment letter.

Letter of Demand for Outstanding Payment

Letter to company or party for outstanding payment request.

Banana Factories Pvt, Ltd
Mr. Kinley
Steve Brokers
Los Angeles

Subject: Letter for Outstanding Payment

Dear Mr. Kinley

It is to inform you that during the annual audit it has been reported to recovery department of our company that some of the funds have been suspended from your side. You have not paid your monthly dues since the last three months. You are directed to pay your reminders before September 18, 20XX so that further transactions can be continued.
In case of failure to pay for your past transactions the company has the right to redeem all the running contracts with you and company has also the right to engage the consumer court for dispute settlement.

We can provide you 5% on paying all the reminders before the given date. Thank you for your concern. Please feel free to contact our Finance Recovery department on this number 654487657 for any quires.


HR Executive
Collisions & Co.

Strong Letter For Payment Recovery

Hall Road,

Dear Joshua,

You have really tested me this time that I am writing such a letter to you. I am unable to comprehend the idea what have stopped you from not paying me the money for all the goods I have provided to you. I cannot see any reason apart from your negligence and carelessness. I am giving you this last chance which I should not be giving, to pay my money as soon as within two working days. Otherwise I will sue you in the court of law.

Joshua, this letter is not to humiliate you, but the problem is that I am a man of white collar and I have to earn my living. Your not paying can really cost me and I will sue you if you do not give me my money.



Response Letter to Supplier for Payment

Dear M/S Stephen traders

I have been directed to convey the sorry feelings from my administration regarding the matter of late payment in respect of the final bill submitted by your firm consequent upon completion of the project named construction of 6 rows premix road 20 km long from city circular road to the northern bypass.

The intention to write this letter is not to create unnecessary confusion in your mind regarding any substandard work on your part neither any unfair demands from you but to let you understand the prevailing situation of the office. It might be in your knowledge special audit of our office is underway by a team of specialist auditors hired particularly by our head office to carry out the audit which meant to be completed in 10 days and all of our office staff is busy with the team all the day long.

Our office in particular feels unhappy about the delay of the remaining payment to you but at the same time want to realize you their constraint in the scenario mentioned above. I would now drag your kind attention to the decision of the office management about the time frame set for you to clear your outstanding payment. It is hoped the understanding our problem you will not bother bad feelings about us and visit our office.

Yours sincerely,


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