Letter to Principal for Discount in Fee

Sample Letter to college principal for discount in fee for school, college or university due to poverty, low income of father or high dues of the college or university.

Request for Fee Concession

The Principal,
Cant Public High School,

Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that my son is a part of your prestigious institution for last seven years and always secures first position in his class. He is the student of class 5 and is known as one of the noblest students among all.

Sir, we always deposit tuition fee in time but unfortunately we have received a notice from your good office that tuition fee has become doubled from next month. This notice fell on us like a bolt from the blue.

Sir I am a government servant and have not born with silver spoon in my mouth; thus survive on monthly salary and not able to pay increased amount of tuition fee.

In brief, you are requested that extra amount in tuition fee of Rayan Adeel may please be exempted, for good.

My family and I shall be grateful to you for this favor.

Adeel Ahmad,
Father of Rayan, Class 5.

Application for Discount in School Fees

Mr. Joseph
The Principal
St. Jones High School
Victoria Street

Subject: Letter for Discount in Fee

Dear Mr. Joseph

With due respect it is stated that I am a student of 9th standard in St. Jones and my enrollment number is 948n4. The school has directed me to submit my semester fee till September 15th 20XX.

Sir I belong to a working class family. My father is a clerk in Central Church and his income is not much to pay my school fee. I am a bright student with a percentage of 87 in my previous classes. I am also a debater and I have won many medals for my school.

You are requested to give me some discount in my semester fee so that I can pay it and continue my school with peace of mind. I shall be grateful to you for this kindness.


John Stuart

Letter to Principal for Fee Discount

Dear Respected Sir,

I have recently passed the entry test for admission in your prestigious institution. Before that, I had been studying in a government school since my first grade.

As you can see my previous academic results which are enclosed with this application, I achieved distinction throughout my academic career. In addition to this, I was also awarded with gold medals on showing bright performance in my extra-curricular activities. Moreover, I belong to a poor family with meager resources of income.

The tuition fee for getting admission in your institution is beyond my family income. However, I have strong desire to seek my further education here. I shall be very grateful to you for giving me this opportunity by discounting my fee so that my family could afford it. I am eager to avail this opportunity by surfing all my energies to make my institute proud of my performance in both curricular and extra-curricular activities.

I am thankful for your valuable time and kind consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Aniqa Aslam

Application for School Fee Discount

The Principal,
Study Centre High School,

Respected Sir,

Hope you will be enjoying good health & best of your time. From a reliable source, I came to know that the school has opened the admissions for class 10. I am studying in a private school yet which is quite far away from my house. So I am deciding to take admission in your school as it is near to my house. I have good academic record not only in study but in extra activity as well.

My father is poor financially and unable to afford the fee here. I have a very humble request to you please allow me the discount in fee so that i can continue my study with the same spirit.

I shall be very thankful for your kind consideration on this matter.

Your obediently,

Iqbal Ahmad


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