Letter for Cancellation of Admission

Sample application letter for cancellation of admission in college, school, university due to any reason. You can also request the refund of deposited fee according the policy of the institute.

Application Letter for Cancellation of Admission and Refund Fees

The Academic office, National College Of science, Lahore.

Respected sir,

With all due respect it is stated that I have applied in your institute for BS degree. Luckily I got selected but now I would like to inform you that my family is shifting to Saudi Arabia permanently and I am supposed to go with them. I consider myself lucky to be selected by you but unfortunately I have to request you for the cancellation of my admission and refund of deposited fees. I shall be thankful to you.


Mr. Mahad Khan,

Admission Cancellation Letter to Student

John Mark, LA

Respected john, with a heavy heart we are informing you that your admission at our college has been cancelled as you have not submitted the fee in the given frame of time and your seat has been given to another deserving student. As per the policy you cannot apply again this year and have to wait for the next batch enrollment. We wish you a good luck for upcoming life. Thanks.


Academic office, NY college of science, US

Admission Cancellation Application Sample

Mr. Asad
534/2 Municipality-III,
Lake City, UK.

Subject: Letter for Cancellation of Admission

Dear Candidate,

Hope this letter finds you in good health. We regret to inform you that your admission in the Master in Public Administration (MPA) has been cancelled at this university. You failed to qualify the GRE in required timeline. You are now require to get clearance from the office and collect the course certificates you have received so far.  Kindly contact the admission office for further details.


The Admission Office
University of Westminster
United Kingdom

Application for Cancel Admission

Beaconhouse Newlands,
Paragon City, Defense, Lahore.

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I want to say that I had applied for admission in the month of August in the A Levels program you are offering. I have been given admission as my name is in the list of students who are able to get admission. The problem is that my father has been transferred to a far fledged area, thus, we are no longer going to live in Lahore as it would be nearly impossible to travel for me that far.

Most respectfully, I want you to cancel my admission so that I can apply to another place where my father have been posted and refund the registration fee as well. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,

John Shaw

Letter for Cancellation of Admission

The School Management,
XYZ School.

Respected Admission Officer,
I am writing this letter to inform you that this past week I came to your school for the admission of my son in kindergarten. He was supposed to pass a test, which he did and then got admitted in your school. However, the very next day I got word from my office that they’re sending me over to another town for two years because of some work.

Since I live alone with my son after her mother’s death, we both are moving to the other town tomorrow. I request you to kindly cancel the admission of my son (Enter Sons Name Here) and refund me the security fees that I submitted back into my bank account.

Thank you,

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