Letter of Recommendation for Students from Professor

Sample recommendation letter for students for admission in higher studies like M.Phil or Phd programs  in university. This letter is normally required for admissions in overseas universities as recommendation of admission. Schools, colleges.

Recommendation Letter for Student

University of Uppsala,

Uppsala, Sweden

This is to certify that, mr shabbir ahmad s/o m.s.kaleem, roll no 10, was a bonafide student of IAS.his session was 1984-1987. He was a progressive and dedicated student of class. He always took part in co-curricular activities.

He was group leader in case studies of organizational behavior and personnel management. He was a good leader and participative. He always achieved his tasks assigned.

I strongly recommend him for the subject, Asian studies and culture, in your esteemed university.

For any further queries, don’t hesitate to contact me.

I wish him good luck.


Recommendation Letter for Student

To Whom It May Concern
I feel pleasure to write for Mr. Khan S/O Ch. Abdul Haq. He is known to me since he got admission for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).
He completed his DVM in the year 19XX by securing CGPA 3.43/4.00 from University of Agriculture Scotland. He joined the Department of Microbiology, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS), in the academic session 20XX-20XX for M.Sc. (Hons) degree program. He completed his course work successfully and executed his research on “Standardization of Indirect Sandwich Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay (ELISA) for Detention of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Stereotype O”.

He worked hard and took keen interest the experiment of the project. He completed his M.Sc (Hons) degree program during 20XX by securing CGPA 3.50/4.00. He also worked as Research Associate (RA) in National Agriculture Research Council (NARC) funded research project entitled “Immunoprophylaxis in Bovine against Foot and Mouth Disease” in Department of Microbiology.
Keeping in view his dedication and hardworking, he was recruited as Laboratory Manager in private organization. Currently, he deeply involved in laboratory testing of food samples.

He has expertise in techniques such as scrodiagnosis, cell culture and isolation and characterization of food poisoning bacteria. He is enthusiastic, energetic, honest, responsible, inquisitive and ambitious to learn applied knowledge and techniques in field of Microbiology and related disciplines. He is soft spoken, flexible and disciplined person with smiling face. He has an ability to adjust in a multicultural environment.
I wish him success in his future endeavors in areas of science.

Prof. Dr. Hameed
Supervior/Dean, Faculity of Veterinary Science
Email: ………

Letter of Recommendation from Professor/Doctor

To Whom It May Concern
It gives me immense pleasure to recommend Mr. Raju for higher education. I have known him since he was student of Master’s degree program in Microbiology. Department of Microbiology, University of Veterinary & Animal Science, New Delhi. He joined the department in academic session 20XX-20XX and passed M.Sc (Hons), Microbiology examination in the year 20XX. His CGPA is 3.80 out of 4.00 and 669 marks out of 900.

He completed his course work successfully. He executed his research on “Standardization of Indirect Sandwich Enzyme Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay (ELISA) for Detention of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Serotype O”. He also performed his duties as Research Associate in a project entitled “Immunoprophylaxis of FMD in bovine”. He passed his dvm examination in the year 19XX securing CGPA 3.45 out of 4.00 from University of Agriculture Mumbai.

I found him motivated, honest, responsible, dedicated and hardworking. He is co-operative and possesses the capacity to contribute positively while working as a part of team.
I wish him all success in his future endeavors.

Dr. Farah Khan

Letter to Principal for Library

Sample Letter to Principal from Parents for Unavailability of Library in the College. Application letter requesting to principal to establish a library in the college, school or university.

Letter to Principal for Library

The Principal,

XYZ school.

Respected Sir,

With due respect it is to be stated that I am a student of Grade 8 in your renowned institution. With a deep apprehension I want to draw you attention toward the importance of library in an educational institute. Modern era is of research and innovation. It’s getting hard for the students to cope up with new challenges in the absence of a library, which is the only gateway to effective learning and research. I hope that you will have a kind look on the point which I have raised and soon we will have a library in our institution.

Yours truly,


Application Letter to Principal for Library and Books

The Principal,
Beacon College, London

Dear Respected Sir,

Beacon College has been proving its educational standards over the years by means of its bright academic results and highly qualified faculty. At the same time, it has successfully maintained its academic records. With due respect, I want to suggest you that establishment of library equipped with modern needs of the students and teachers will enhance the capacity of students as well as teachers to perform well in their respective areas of study.

Actually, it was my son, studying in your college in grade XII, who told me few days ago that majority of students in his class regularly visit public library in order to meet certain needs of their subjects. I think the teachers will also have to visit any library to gain access to certain books relevant to their area of study.

Therefore, establishment of college library will save precious time and energy of both students and teachers in your college. It will also help improve ranking of your college in the national rankings as it is mentioned in the criterion for rankings of national colleges.

I look forward to you for keenly considering my suggestion as a parent of one of your students.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,

Kanza Faisal

Application Letter for Establishment of Library in College

Dear Principal,

Greetings! Hope you will be fine. I am Steve, have been teaching computer for the last 6 months in your school. Through this application, I want to put your attention towards a very intensive need of college.

As the college is in process of established, yet we have no library. Normally, teachers refer books to their students of different authors and editions. This process is costly even teachers have to purchase the books from market for their own reference.

If we have library in our college, it will be best source of knowledge for the students as well as for teachers under one roof. We will have a chance to get maximum knowledge and definitely college results will improve. I hope you would look into this suggestion.



Letter to Clear Previous Payments from the Client

Sample letter to client for clearance of previous payments for further progress of the work. Application letter to request the clearance of payments before any further work on the project.

Request Letter for Previous Payments

Dear respected sir,

This is to have your kind attention towards the pending payments left with your company. It may be in your kind notice that you hired our company for piping works on your construction site in October, 20XX. Since from the construction schedule it is inevitable that the work is going to be held for more than a year minimum. As we have been working from three months and our progress and our quality of work is up to the desired level.

It has been three months since no payment is made to our company for our services at the site. We are running a small company and each payment matters to us so it is our primary focus that we continue the work in order to have our payments on time or without any delay so that we can pay the salaries of our workers in time.

It is requested to pay our pending payments by your company at the earliest so that we can resolve the financial matters without being affecting our work at the site. A quick action in this regard will be highly appreciated and obliged.

Looking forward to a quick action in this regard and a timely payment from your side.

Thanking you and assuring you our best professional services at times.

With best regards,


Payment Recovery Letter to Client for Previous Payments

Mr. Shahab ud Din
Satellite Town,

Dear Valued customer,

Hope you are fine and enjoying good health. The letter is about your previous unpaid payments. The company has made a contract with you on the time of getting new phone connection. It is good that you have been paying the installments for six months without any reminder.

Unfortunately, you are not fulfilling you obligation to pay the phone bill for the last 3 months, which is very unpleasant. For this, your phone line has been temporarily blocked till the clearance of previous payments.

We look forward to have a pleasant and long term business relation.


Sheraz Khan
(Manager Collection department)
Voice line Pvt. Ltd

Sample Warning Letter to Vendor

Sample of warning letter to vendor for late delivery, no delivery, non delivery on the purchased and ordered items.

Letter for Delay in Delivery of Goods

George and Co.
Mr. Collins
Norgreen Groups
12th street East Coast

Subject: Sample Letter to Supplier for Delay in Delivery

Dear Mr. Collins

It is to inform you that our company has ordered you a container of PVC pipes last month on August 02, 20XX. The receipt of the order has been attached with this letter. The estimated time for the shipment was 15 to 18 working days but now it has been over a month but the company has not got the shipment till the date.

The manufacturing of our products has been suspended due to unavailability of the concerned goods. You are directed to sail the consignment in time and the company also request you to have an inquiry for late shipment. If the consignment does not arrive within 5 working days the company has the right to terminate the contract with you.

Thank you for your time. Please feel free to contact the HR department in case of any quires.


John Broken
HR Executive

Strong Warning Letter to Vendor

Dear Sir,

It is stated with all due respect that we have been doing business with your company from several years. It is a moment of concern for both of the companies regarding the products supply. It is stated that our company placed last order on 21st September, 20XX. It is been noticed that no response has been received from your side. So from this we can conclude that no action has been taken in this regard from your side.

This is to remind you that we have a very big order of products delivery from a client. In order to complete that order before due date we hired different vendors. Since the deadline is approaching we are in a hurry of placement of order to the client. As you are our main vendor currently delivering our major products we require you to make a timely delivery of the order.

We advise you to have a quick and rapid action in this regard so that there can be no further delays in the product delivery. In order to not deliver the products in time we will be having further action against your company based on the contract between the two companies. So it is better to make the timely delivery to avoid any further clarifications and action from our side.

Thanking you in anticipation.

With best regards,

Warning Letter to the Client for Non Payment

Sample Warning Letter to the Client for Payment of Invoices Submitted and contract will be cancelled in-case of non payment or overcharges will be imposed in case of late payment. Format of letter to clear previous payments.

Warning Letter for Non Payment of Dues/Loan

United American Bank
Washington D.C.
Mr. George Belly
West District

Dear Mr. George.

It is stated that the finance department has audited your account Number 98888833637262 and found that you have not cleared your debentures since the last six months. You have been sent notices 3 times to clear your debentures but you did not put an ear to these notices.

This is the final letter to you from the bank to make it clear that if you do not clear your account with in 15 days of receiving this letter, your account and all the contracts related to your account shall be terminated and further legal proceedings will also be start against you. Make sure that you clear all the loans within 15 days after receiving this letter.

No further notice will be sent to you in this regard.

Thank you for your concern. Please feel free to contact our bank from Monday to Friday on this number 98098776878.


Relationship Manager

Sample Warning Letter to the Client for Non Payment

Mr. Charles Smith, North east company, LA

Respected sir,

We would like to inform you that your company had ordered 25 chairs from our company, maintaining our commitment we have delivered your order a week ago but I would like to tell you that you have not given us the check on the committed date, sir these kinds of things are very unprofessional.

I believe that you are running a successful business and in order to maintain our dealership you will be careful next time in the matter of money. Expecting our check to be delivered within a week as we have to manage the business as well, looking forward for a quick response.


Nexus supply chains,

Letter to Client for Clearing Overdue Payments

Dear respected Sir,

With reference to our meeting in your good office on 21st September, 20XX this is to remind you about the currently pending bill invoices that has been submitted to your good office a month ago. Since no action has been taken in this regard from your side.

It is kindly requested that our company has been going through very hard time regarding the finance so we are in a need of every payment that is pending with your good company. Since we have not been able to pay the salaries of our staff from three months so they are quite fed up from this delay.

It is requested that a quick action may be taken in this regard so we can run our company with a good environment by paying out the salaries of our staff and the other stake holders as soon as possibly we can. So we leave the matter up to you from now on. It is anticipated that no further hard action would be required and you will pay the bills before any further notice and action from our side.

In case your company will not be able to pay our bills in time it is stated regretfully that we will be terminating the contract between two companies and further legal activities can be pulled on against your company. So it is best for us that we resolve this matter without any legal operations from both sides.

Looking forward to a quick action in this regard from your side and it will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you and assuring you our best professional services at times.

With best regards,

Project Manager,
Oil Industries Development Co.
Manchester, United Kingdom

Warning Letter to Bank Client for Non Payment of Loan

Mr. Maqbool Hussain,
Satayana Road,

Respected Client,

We hope that you are enjoying good health and best of your time. This letter is with reference to your personal loan account. You have taken the loan of $3000/- in March from our bank. The monthly installment of $100 was decided to pay as per the contract.

Unfortunately, we have not received the installments from the last 3 months even after several reminders through phone calls, SMS, e-mail and letters through courier.

This letter is being sent you as a Final Warning towards your installment payment. If you still unable to pay the debt, a legal action will be taken against you.

We hope to receive a positive response from your side & looking forward for a pleasant and long term relationships in future as well.


Muhammad Riaz
Manager Collection department

Warning Letter for Payment Due

4-Davis Road,

Dear Customer,

It is to inform you that it has been a couple of weeks since you showed up after buying my product Panther Tires on whole sale rate for selling them in to the market. You had promised to send me the payment as soon as the first batch of tires was sold, but now I see that you are not replying to any of my calls and messages which have made me write to you a letter of warning giving you the last chance to pay all the money within 15 days. If you are still unable to do so then I will have no objection filing a case against you. I expect to receive it within 15 days I have given you.

Yours Supplier,

Browne Wilkinson
Mall Road.

I Forgot To Mark My Attendance

Sample application letter to inform about I forgot to marking my attendance while coming to work or returning from work to get your salary with detailed explanation. I Forgot To Mark My Attendance. today i forget to mark my attendance on the thumb machine and now seeking your favor to avoid any salary deduction or marked as absent.

Application for Attendance Not Marked on Machine

The Manager Payroll,
Menu Industries,

Respected Sir,

It is stated that me, Salman Shahid have been working in your organization for the last 7 years in Marketing department. Currently, I am working as assistant marketing manager. I always followed the office timings during my career. My senior also appreciates me that I come to office on time & mark the attendance properly.

Today, I have faced an unpleasant incident on the road while I was coming to the office in the morning. Due to this hustle and bustle, I came of office 5 minutes late. I was in much hurry to reach that I forgot to mark my attendance on the gate.

I just got the call from Aamir, that today I will be considered absent for not marking the attendance & 1 day salary will be deducted.

I request you to please favor me this time. I assure that I will never forget to mark my attendance in future.


Salman Shahid
Assistant Marketing manager

Letter I Forgot to Mark Attendence

Dear respected sir,

It is stated with all due respect  that I am working in your company in the capacity of quantity surveyor since 31st August, 20XX. I have been placed in the head office with the contracts department in the bidding and bill of quantities preparations. As you are well aware of that the attendance system of the company is bio-metric and it can only be marked by the very person only.

The matter I am trying to explain is recently I have not been able to mark my attendance via bio-metric system. I have been informed through a memo issued by the manager personnel that my attendance has been missing and through company’s software it has been marked as absent. It is also mentioned that the salary for that day will be deducted from my monthly gross salary.

This is requested with respect that I am a very low earning employee in the company it would misfit all my financial conditions for the month. I am living away from home in a hostel so I need every penny at the end of the month so that I can spend my next month comfortably. It is requested that kindly mark my present for the date 21, September, 20XX so that there will be no deduction in my salary. A quick action in this regard may be taken before the payment of salaries so that I can get my full salary of this month.

Thanking you and assuring you our best professional services at times.

With Best Regards,

John Steve,
Quantity Surveyor in Contracts section

Letter to Supplier to Stop Material Supply Due To the Work Completion

Sample Letter to Supplier to Stop Material Supply Due To the Work Completion on the construction project or site etc.

Letter Requesting Cancel the Supply of Material

Dear sir,

We are pleased to inform you about the completion of our ongoing infrastructure project that has been continued till 4 years. As we were getting our work done at a very swift pace and it was a fast track project so now it is near to its completion.

The purpose of this letter is to basically inform you that we will not be requiring any material from you due to the project completion. As you are well aware of that we made our order for material supply few months back. As we can see that the material lying at site will be sufficient until the completion of the project may be some of that material will be left and will be returned to you.

So we are requesting you to please cancel our pending order of material supply at the earliest. An early action in this regard may be taken from your side. It is requested that if some material left out at site after the project completion it may be returned at any good price according to you.

We will be very thankful to you for this cooperation and acceptance of left material.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best regards,

Ayesha Khan

Letter to Supplier for Stopping material Supply

Mr. Riaz Ali Shah
Sami Constructions
New Delhi

Dear Mr. Riaz,

Good Afternoon! I am Rajiv Kumar from New Delhi. As you know that my new house is being constructed and all material is being supplied from your company.

I need to update you that the construction work of my house is almost going to end. For last stage, I still have sufficient & related material at my end.

Therefore, you are requested to stop the material supply on immediate basis as it is no longer required. I appreciate you for your timely availability of all stock related to stock.


Rajiv Kumar

Letter to Contractor to Stop Construction Work

Sample letter to contractor for asking to stop any further work on the project due to mismanagement, poor quality, poor work, structure problem etc.

Letter to Contractor to Stop Construction Work on Site

Dubai Construction Co.,
Dubai, UAE,

Respected Contractor,

The reason for my writing to you is that I want you to stop the construction of the building you are constructing. It is because I have lately discovered that the property sight will be used for the construction of a road by the government and the government is paying me the price I had always wanted to have. So, I want you to stop the work on the building immediately.



Letter to Stop the Work on Site

Dear respected sir,

With all due respect may I have your kind attention towards the ongoing construction work at the site of housing scheme near Baker Street, London.

As we are concerned about the quality of work and being answerable to our worthy clients it is our foremost priority to carry out the supervision of the construction work of best quality desired by our clients. According to our supervision staff at site it is concluded that the construction works’ quality is been getting worse day by day due to the unavailability of your technical staff at site.

We have observed the misalignment of some columns from the grid due to the error of your site staff. It has been forgiven one time but this could not be possible every day so it is better for our interest to shut off all the ongoing activities till further notice and decision by the management.

Since we have warned you before about this matter in the last meeting held at our office dated 12th September, 20XX but no action been taken in that regard from your side. So it was a very hard decision by the company to stop all the ongoing activities at site related to the execution of work. This decision has been taken after a very detailed meeting sessions regarding your poor quality of work execution.

So we will be grateful to you for stopping all the activities until further decision in this regard is made by the management of our company. We will be calling a site staff meeting in this regard to look in to the matter more briefly shortly as you’ll be also summoned for clarifications and improvement guarantees of the site work.

It is advised that a quick action may be taken in this regard to avoid more errors in the execution of the works.

Thanking you for your best cooperation and a quick action.

With Best regards,


Undertaking Letter Format for Employee

Sample undertaking letter format and sample for company employees, workers, staff members etc. Undertaking Note for employees with salary and terms of job as a record keeping etc.

Undertaking Letter Format for Job

Subject:                               Undertaking

I hereby solemnly confirm that I have carefully studied the rules and regulations contained herein the appointment letter and I will abide by them throughout my service. I also hereby confirm that the information I have filled in this form is correct to the best of my knowledge. In case you require any further information I will be ready to furnish you with as soon as possible.

Signature & Thumb impression of the Employee 

Undertaking Letter by Employee

Mr. Rafay Mir,
Alma Mater School.
Shadman II, Lahore

Dear Sir,

This is to bring into your notice that I have taken the job of substitution teacher at Alma Mater School for one year i.e. from 1st September 20XX to 31st August 20XX. I agree that I shall be paid 700 Rupees for a day, 5000 Rupees for a week and 18,000 Rupees if I shall provide my teaching services for a month. I have completely understood all the terms and conditions of the job and my working hours will be from 8 am till 3 pm. I undertake that I can be terminated from job at any time without any prior notice.

Most Respectfully,

Danish Kakayzai.

Business Proposal Rejection Letter

Sample letter to contractor or vendor for rejection of business proposal sent against your advertisement or requested in a letter.

Business Proposal Denial Letter

Mr. Umar Shahzad,
Ideas Evolved.

Subject: Rejection of business proposal

Dear Mr. Umar,

It is to inform you that your business proposal has been rejected after careful consideration by a panel of experts at the Media Company. We are looking for something different and your business idea doesn’t meet our requirements. We wish you good luck and hope that you’ll come up with more innovative yet practical business plans in the future.

We thank you for investing your time with us and encourage you to look forward to more opportunities to work with us.  God prosper you.


Mr. Saleem Shah.
Managing Director

Rejection of Business Proposal Letter

The District Emergency Officer,
Punjab Emergency Service,

Dear Sir,

We regret to inform you that your proposal to start a business partnership with our company has not been approved by the board of directors. You may be provided with another opportunity at some other occasion.

It is pertinent to mention here that the company requires an altogether safety and security for smooth working whereas you have launched your organization recently and nobody gives assurance in this regard.

In the light of above circumstances, we feel remorse to acquaint you that your proposal for initiating business with our company cannot be made possible in current scenario and you are suggested to establish your name and gain trust in the market before offering your services or partnership.

Hoping you best of luck for next time.

With regards,

Adeel Ahmad

Business Proposal Rejection Email

M/s Guoco Pharmaceutical Limited,

Subject:  Business Proposal Rejection

Dear Sir,

It is regretted to inform you that Business Proposal given by you to start a Medical Store in Moon Market is hereby rejected since there is already much abundance of Medical Stores in the given area due to which a high level of competition is expected which may lead to failure of such business. Also the rates of medicines given by you too are high which will not suit us to take a start.

Once again we are sorry to reject your proposal. We remain looking forward to another business proposal from your end at your earliest. Hopefully you will give us a good proposal which may sooner be accepted.

Best Regards

Abdul Rehman

Business Proposal Rejection Letter

Pak Fans,

Respected Contractor,

It is to inform you that I have read all the terms and conditions of the contract you had for our company. The problem is that many of your terms and conditions are not favorable for our company and we may suffer a loss due to that. So, I have to inform you that the company does not agree with the contract and we thereby do not accept it.


Rudyard Kipling