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Application for Educational Loan for Studies

Sample application letter to request educational loan from your school, college, principal or university.

Loan Application Letter for Higher Studies

The manager,

Punjab bank, model town branch,

Respected sir,

I have completed my A levels, with seven A(S). Due to shortage of financial resources, its not possible for me to continue my higher studies. Through reliable resources, this has come to my knowledge, that your esteemed bank is disbursing educational loans. I want to utilize this opportunity.

I am sending to you my educational details, with this letter.

I hope you will consider my application and give me an opportunity or continue my studies.

Respectfully yours,


Letter for Education Loan for Further Studies

Respected Sir,

I hope you are fine and are in good mood. Sir I am studying in your college for past 2 years and having the best education of my life, as I like to study and come first in my class. I want to study more in your college but there are many hurdles coming in my way specially your fees. As I am an orphan there is no one to look after me.

I have only one brother whose income is not enough for my studies that’s why I am writing you this letter to kindly grant me some education loan for my further studies so that I can continue my studies and fulfill my dream by achieving something in my life. I will return your loan as early as possible. I shall be thankful to you for your act of kindness.



Educational Loan Request Letter Sample

Institute Name


I did come to my knowledge through your online portal / website about education loan. I want to apply for above mentioned subject. I have all complete requirement as per mentioned in your ad. I have A + Grades through out of my education career. So I am applying to avail this education loan for my best career and future after that I want to serve for my beloved country. Hopefully you will be consider my request and will be give positive response.

Thanking You


Syed Umair Ahmad

Application for Educational Loan to Bank

The Bank Manager,
XYZ Bank.

It is stated that my father is a poor man and cannot afford that I study more because of the rise in tuition fees lately. I am an “A” grade student that has been granted an educational scholarship from the state the past year; unfortunately that scholarship money isn’t enough to pay my school fee. I request you and the bank to kindly accord me with an educational loan of (Enter Amount Here).

Approved loan will help me complete my education and make a career out of myself. I have attached my bank account details along with this letter as well. As far as the pay back is concerned I will try to pay the student loan back as soon as I get a job after completing my school.

Approved request will be highly appreciated.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Application for Duplicate Driving License

Sample application for duplicate driving license from city traffic police or licencing authority of drivers in any country or area.

Application for Duplicate License

The licensing authority,

Respected sir,

With due respect, this is stated that I have lost my driving license, two days before during travelling. This requested, that duplicate license may please be provided to me.

The particulars are attached herewith.

Respectfully yours,


Application for Duplicate Driving License

The Licensing Authority,

Dear Sir,

It is submitted that I have lost my LTV Driving License yesterday so you are requested to please issue me Duplicate Driving License as soon as possible. The copy of F.I.R is attached herewith for your consideration and for ready reference.

An urgent action in this regard will be highly appreciated as I am facing great difficulties in driving due to loss of original Driving License.

Thanking you

Fareed Ahmed

Application for Lost Driving Licence

Dear Sir,

This application is to request an issue of duplicate driving license. I had received the license last year but due to some unforeseen events I lost it. I had a terrible accident last month. Due to mistake of a lady driving behind me we both crashed into a water tanker which caused injure to both of us. During that time in the hustle I forgot my license somewhere at the scene. So it is a humble request to issue me a duplicate driving license. I hope that my application would be considered at top priority.

Warm Regards,

Hammna Ikram

Application for Duplicate Driving License

City Traffic Police

Respected Officer,

I want to say that my previous driving license has been lost and there is no hope of getting it back, I want to request you to provide me with the duplicate of my driving license so that I can start to drive as otherwise I will be guilty of driving illegally. I shall be much obliged.

Yours Respectfully,


Application for Duplicate Driving License

The License Officer,

It is stated that yesterday morning I happened to be passing by a pathway not knowing that I am about to drop my wallet in the middle of a very busy street. What was anticipated happened. I lost my wallet and my driving license along with it. Living in this town full of busy streets and roads one must always carry a driver’s license, so I request you to kindly accord me with a duplicate driving license as soon as possible. As I am a trucker I hope that you will find my situation worth processing and approve my request.

Thanking you,

Warning Letter to the Contractor for the Safety Norms

Sample letter to warn for not following safety norms during production, manufacturing, construction or any other site or project you have assigned. You can also warn the supplier for not following certain certifications.

Warning Letter To Contractor Against Violation Of Safety Norms

William Asbestos Co.,
United Kingdom,

Dear Contractor,

It is to inform you that it is a warning letter to you from the company’s side. The news has reached the company that you are not making the workers use the particular mask while working near asbestos. As Asbestos is a cancer causing product, we want to make sure that there is no harm to the workers at the end of the day to avoid litigation as well.

We want you to make sure that all the workers wear that particular mask while working near asbestos, otherwise the company will not be responsible for any claims or litigation whatsoever. Our manager will keep on reporting us about you. We hope that you take care next time.

Esso Construction Co.

Warning Letter to the Contractor for the Safety Norms


We have been informed that the work which is assigned to you have several violations as you know at the time of contract we have provided you with the requirements that must be fulfilled. But you are not properly following those rules.

So this is to make sure that if you will not follow all the rules for the safety of labor we will renew the contract with the other people who have better norms for the labor. As the government officials are concerned about the health and safety for the labor. So it’s a request that if the necessities are not fulfilled till tomorrow then we will seize your work


Warning Letter to the Contractor for the Safety Norms

The Contractor,
XYZ Firms.

Dear contractor,
It has been noticed by the firm that you or your laborers don’t care about your own safety and keep working in a very dangerous environment however, the firm thinks that this is unacceptable and that you should consider your and your workers safety first. The firm requires that you should follow the standard safety norms as best as you can. Safety norms include, all of your workers wearing a construction cap, Proper rope check before installing or using any heavy machines. Wear leather gloves when at work.

Please make sure that you and your workers follow these simple rules and ensure their safety as best as they can.

Thanking you,
Firm Manager,
XYZ Firms

Register Mobile Number to Bank

Request letter to bank manger for registration of your new mobile number with your bank account for any communications and verification purposes.

Register My New Mobile Number to Bank

The Operation Manager

Subject: Re-registration of Mobile Number

Dear Sir,

It is submitted for your information that I have changed my Mobile Number. My new mobile number is 03XX-1234561. You are requested to please re-register my mobile number in your record and also update for the purpose of mobile banking against my Current A/C # 23456.

An urgent action in this regard is requested please.

Yours Truly

Ittifaq Ahmad
A/C# 23456

Re register Mobile Number to Bank

Dear Sir,

I am Mr. xyz, have been holding an account in your bank since many years. I have getting efficient services from your bank, getting all updates, promotions & transactions of my accounts via email. Now I just want to register my mobile number with my account so that I may get all updates, bank promotions and transactions of my bank account via SMS. So kindly register my mobile number 123456789 with my account.

Thanks and regards


Register Mobile Number to Bank

Dear Sir,

We would like to request you to register your Mobile number in your nearest Bank alfalah branch. Your Current mobile number is not registered with us.

It will be not possible for us to disclose any detail till customer call us from registered number. Due to security concern we are blocking your account. Please visit nearest branch and unblock your account. We regret for any inconvenience from our end.


Hassan Tahir

How to Register Mobile Number to Bank

It is to inform you that I had lost my mobile in a robbery last week. I have also registered a complaint to police station. In order to carry on my routine work I have bought a new mobile number. I request to re-register my new number against my account. This would further secure my account.

Reregister Mobile Number to Bank

Habib Bank Limited,
Lahore, Pakistan.

Respected Bank,

This letter is to inform you about my cellular phone number registration. My cellular phone number is 12345678. Please register it in your documentation about my account and I will expect you to contact me on this number whenever needed.



Register Mobile Number to Bank

The Bank Manager,
XYZ Bank.

Respected sir,
It is stated that I have a savings account in your bank under the name of (Enter Name Here) and my account number is (XXX-XXX-XX). When it came to my knowledge that mobile banking is now a thing, I rushed to write you this letter. I would like to register my mobile number to my bank account and be notified of any deposits or transactions via messages or any mean that the bank team adapts.
I am attaching my mobile number details along with the letter as well.
Thanking you,

Letter for Cancellation of Admission

Sample application letter for cancellation of admission in college, school, university due to any reason. You can also request the refund of deposited fee according the policy of the institute.

Application Letter for Cancellation of Admission and Refund Fees

The Academic office, National College Of science, Lahore.

Respected sir,

With all due respect it is stated that I have applied in your institute for BS degree. Luckily I got selected but now I would like to inform you that my family is shifting to Saudi Arabia permanently and I am supposed to go with them. I consider myself lucky to be selected by you but unfortunately I have to request you for the cancellation of my admission and refund of deposited fees. I shall be thankful to you.


Mr. Mahad Khan,

Admission Cancellation Letter to Student

John Mark, LA

Respected john, with a heavy heart we are informing you that your admission at our college has been cancelled as you have not submitted the fee in the given frame of time and your seat has been given to another deserving student. As per the policy you cannot apply again this year and have to wait for the next batch enrollment. We wish you a good luck for upcoming life. Thanks.


Academic office, NY college of science, US

Admission Cancellation Application Sample

Mr. Asad
534/2 Municipality-III,
Lake City, UK.

Subject: Letter for Cancellation of Admission

Dear Candidate,

Hope this letter finds you in good health. We regret to inform you that your admission in the Master in Public Administration (MPA) has been cancelled at this university. You failed to qualify the GRE in required timeline. You are now require to get clearance from the office and collect the course certificates you have received so far.  Kindly contact the admission office for further details.


The Admission Office
University of Westminster
United Kingdom

Application for Cancel Admission

Beaconhouse Newlands,
Paragon City, Defense, Lahore.

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I want to say that I had applied for admission in the month of August in the A Levels program you are offering. I have been given admission as my name is in the list of students who are able to get admission. The problem is that my father has been transferred to a far fledged area, thus, we are no longer going to live in Lahore as it would be nearly impossible to travel for me that far.

Most respectfully, I want you to cancel my admission so that I can apply to another place where my father have been posted and refund the registration fee as well. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,

John Shaw

Letter for Cancellation of Admission

The School Management,
XYZ School.

Respected Admission Officer,
I am writing this letter to inform you that this past week I came to your school for the admission of my son in kindergarten. He was supposed to pass a test, which he did and then got admitted in your school. However, the very next day I got word from my office that they’re sending me over to another town for two years because of some work.

Since I live alone with my son after her mother’s death, we both are moving to the other town tomorrow. I request you to kindly cancel the admission of my son (Enter Sons Name Here) and refund me the security fees that I submitted back into my bank account.

Thank you,

Leave Application for Sister’s Marriage

Sample Leave application letter on marriage of sister from school, college, academy or office as a brother or sister studying as student in school or college.

Leave Letter for Sister Wedding to School

The Principal,
Excellence School,
Hayan -Damascus.

Subject: Leave Application for Sister’s Marriage

Respected Sir,

Most respectfully, It is stated that my sister’s marriage ceremony is going to be held next Tuesday. As the only brother, I have to take care of all the arrangements of this ceremony and other related matters. So, I shall not be able to attend the office for four days. Your kind approval for this application is requested. Please oblige.

Thank you

Yours Devoted,

Leaves are Required for Marriage Ceremony of Sister

The District Emergency Officer,
Punjab Emergency Service,

Dear Sir,

It is submitted that the marriage ceremony of my sister is going to be held on 10th of this month. Being an elder brother and breadwinner of the family, it is my prime duty to make all arrangements and fulfill necessary requirements. It requires a busy schedule that’s why I need to avail my casual leaves from my record.

Therefore, I request you to please grant me leaves not more than three days w.e.f 9th to 11th October.

Moreover, you are requested earnestly to please give approval for the provision of personal loan so that I could manage all monetary affairs in a smooth way.

I shall be very thankful to you.

With regards,
Adeel Ahmad

Leave Letter for Sister’s Wedding

The Director
GYS Corporation,

Subject: Leave Application for Sister’s Marriage

Dear Sir,

It is duly submitted that my sister’s marriage is going to be held on 12th September due to which I will not be able to attend office w.e.f 12.10.21XX to 14.10.21XX.

It is therefore requested to your kind honor to grant me 3 days casual leave for the period stated above. I shall be highly obliged.

Yours Truly,

Umair Hassan
Engineer I.T

Leave Application for Sister’s Marriage

Gilford Motors Co.,
United Kingdom,

Respected Manager,

I want to say that I have a family function at home, that is, my sister’s wedding which is within a month’s time. I need a leave for a week to look after every need of my family and the guests and also to arrange the function. Please provide me the leave for a week. I shall be very thankful to you.

Yours Respectfully,

Employee, Gilford Motors Co. Ltd.

Leave Application for Sister’s Marriage

The Manager
Logicose Pvt. Ltd.

Respected Sir,

It is humbly requested that the marriage ceremony of my sister is going to be held on this Saturday. I need to make some arrangements for the connecting functions too as I am her only brother. Please approve my leave for this Saturday and day before. I shall be obliged.

Yours Dutiful

Procurement Lead

Leave Application for Sister’s Marriage

To Respected Sir/Madam,

I would like to state that I am an employee here in your company, Employee id # s20167009. I would like to state that on November   2nd, 20XX my elder sister is getting married. At home there are quite a lot of work burden on family. My family needed me at home because with my help burden will be enlightened.

Due to which it is my humble request to allow me leave for 5 days, (dates: 31 December – 4 November) so that I could also be there in her happiness and be there for family to help in such situation.

Thank You

Id: s20167009

Leave Application Letter for Sister’s Marriage

Respected sir/mam,

It is humbly stated that my sister’s marriage ceremony is to be held on 2nd and 3rd of this month. As I am basically from Islamabad I would have to go back home for attending the ceremony. Due to some necessary preparations I request for a leave for three consecutive days (1st Oct-3rd Oct).

Thanking in anticipation for your kind favour.

Yours truly


Job Interview Call Letter Sample Format

Sample letter to call for interview for any job or vacant post and second interview of the candidates to be hired for jobs in company, office etc. Interview invite letter to candidates after written test also available for download.

Letter to Call a Candidate for Interview

Mr. Jonah Mart, Las Vages,

Respected madam,

We would like to inform you that after thorough review we have decided to have your interview for the post of general manager at Nestle. You have all rights to be happy to know that you have successfully passed all the selection levels. We are looking for you on 5th January 20XX. We wish you all the best.


HR team, Nestle, US

Sample Call Letter for Interview

Mr. Mehta
192-X, Sun Apartments,
New Delhi

SUBJECT: Job Interview Call Letter Sample Format

Dear Candidate,

Congratulations, your resume has been shortlisted by our HR department against the post of Sr. Operations Manager. You are now required to appear for the interview as the second hiring phase at Reliance. Kindly reach by 9:00 am, Tuesday 30th sharp at the below given address.

Head Quarters, Reliance Pvt. Ltd. Delhi Gate Road

We wish you best of luck for your future.

Human Resource Officer

Caller Letter for Interview /Writing Test

Merchant Shipping Co.
Mini Market, Gulberg 2

Mr. Albert,

This letter is being sent to inform you that after viewing your degree certificates, the written test you have passed for our company (which is in our Company Rules) and application for the specific job of an Assistant Executive Manager, it is to inform you that you have been selected for the interview. The interview will be held next week 07-09-XX at 10 AM sharp in our Administrative Block. Bring your certificates and your resume along with you.


John Fuller,
CEO, Merchant Shipping Co.
Robert & Co.
East Coast

Letter to Call for Interview

Mr. Martin
Alabama Street

Subject: Job Interview Call Letter

Dear Mr. Martin,

It is a pleasure to inform you that you have been shortlisted for the job interview that will be held on September 4th 20XX against the post of Customer Services Representative in Robert & Co. East Coast. You are directed to reach the destination sharp at 1100 am on Monday. Please make sure that you bring all your necessary documents with you.

Thank you for taking interest in Robert & Co. Please feel free to contact us on this number 55555555 for any quires.


HR Department

Job Interview Call Letter

To Miss Saaman,

I am pleased to tell you that we have chosen you for specific position (content writing) in our software house. It will be delighted if you can come for interview, which is scheduled on 22nd September 20XX, Friday at 4 pm. Location of our software house is : Faisal town , next to cakes and bakes, office no 3.

Looking forward for your response.

Thank you.


Job Interview Call Letter Sample

To whom it may concern

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to you on behalf of XYZ Corporation. As you applied for a job here, we have considered your CV thoroughly and I am happy to tell you that you have been selected for a Job Interview. The interview will consist of a basic test, and you shall be indulging in an open conversation with our CEO. He’ll be reviewing you as a choice and see if you’re good enough to be a part of our organization.

The job interview is scheduled to be on 11th of this month at 1200 hrs. Kindly be in the office on time. You can reply back to this letter if you have any further queries.

Thank you,
HR Manager,
XYZ Organization

Resignation Acceptance Letter Format

Resignation Acceptance Letter Format for employees, teachers, professors, lecturers, students etc. Sample resign accepted letter to company staff/employee on urgent basis or with notice period that your resignation is accepted.

Resignation Acceptance Letter from HR

Mr. Farhan Saeed
I.T Engineer
AZ Communications, Lahore.

Subject:   Acceptance of Resignation

Dear Farhan,

We are pleased to inform you that your resignation has been accepted. 31.10.20XX will be your last working day with us so you are requested to complete all the pending assignments before leaving. Mr. Adnan will be our new I.T Engineer who is being attached with you temporarily so that you can train him for the type of assignments and all about our office decorum.

We appreciate your devoted work with us throughout your service period. We wish you success in your future goals.

Best Regards

General Manager
AZ Communications

Resign Accepted Letter to Employee

Michael Jordan,
Associate Professor,
California State University
California, United State

Subject: Acceptance of Resignation Letter

Respected Sir,

I received your resignation letter stating that you want to leave your job as Associate Professor in our university because you have applied for your MPhil in this university. You are leaving the job for an excellent cause so I am accepting your resignation and releasing you immediately. I thank you for having a great time with us and wish you the very best for your future. Your arrears will be entertained soon.


Sam Billings,
Head of Electrical Department,
California State University

Employee Resignation Accepttance Letter Template

Mr. Rauf
Officers Residence
West Lake, UK.

Subject: Resignation Acceptance Letter Format

Dear Mr. Rauf,

Hope this letter finds you in best of your spirits. Human Resource Office has received your resignation letter this Monday. Your resignation has been talked over with your concerned manager and has been accepted today after clearance in meeting with senior management. Hope you enjoyed this journey so far with us. We wish you best of luck for your future.

Best Regards,

HR Manager

Letter for Resignation Acceptance

Mr. Tariq Bilal
Accountant, GYX Limited

Subject: Acceptance of Your Resignation

Dear Tariq Bilal,

We are pleased to inform you that your resignation against the post of Accountant in our office has been accepted. You are requested to wind up all your pending assignments before leaving this office at the end of current month.

We are also thankful for your devoted work in our office and we will always miss you as a good employee and kind behavior with your colleagues.

We hope you will abide by the instructions.

Raza Ali

Managing Director
Hameed Corporation

Resignation Acceptance Letter to Employee

General Motors Co. Ltd.,

Respected Ex-Employee,

It is to inform you that your resignation letter for the job of assistant manager has been accepted. Now you are not an employee of the General Motors and there are no legal or formal relations between us.


General Motors Co., USA

Resignation Acceptance Letter

Whom it may concern.

I received your resignation letter yesterday and it has always been hard for me to accept these kinds of letters however it is what it is. It’s sad to see you go as you were an asset to his firm and I hope you excel in your future endeavors. My door is always open to you in case of any recommendations or career advisory.

Your resignation letter is hereby accepted and you are free to leave the office. Thank you for your services, and wish you the very best.

Best Regards,
XYZ Company

Fee Concession And Installment Request Letter

Sample fee concession application from mother, father or parents. A letter to university for fee concession and installment by father,who is a transporter and has 3 children and can’t afford high fee for his daughter.

Application for Fee Concession to College Principal

The accounts office, Forman Christian College, Lahore.

Respected sir,

With due respect it is stated that I am studying in your prestigious institute from fall 15, sir I would like to inform you that I belong to an average family and I am not able to pay my full tuition fee. I wanted to study in this institute to make my future bright and for this I need your corporation.

Please grant me fee concession and make installments of the remaining fee so I can easily continue my studies. I have attached my utility bills and my rental agreement as a proof. I shall be really thankful if you help me to complete my studies by considering my request.

Yours obediently,

Mark Emanuel,
Batch 15

Fee Concession Application from Father

The Registrar
Coventry University,
Cyprus, EU

Subject: Fee Concession And Installment Request

Respected Sir,

Most humbly it is stated that, I am father of Meghna, Univ. Reg. No. XCSD3. I have three children including her. I am a local transporter in the town. I have low income due to which I feel difficulty in payment of my children educational fees. I request you for fee concession and processing of the fee in installments so that I can pay the fees easily. I assure you the timely payment of the fee installments each month. Your approval shall provide me an ease to accommodate other financial needs of family in time. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours Sincerely,

Bug Hamm
Northern Town

Application for Fee Waiver or Remission

The Principal,
Beacon-house School System,

Respected Sir,

I want to say that my family is facing financial crises due to my father’s retirement. My humble request to you is that I want you to give me some concession in my fees and to allow me to submit it in the installments. I have been a bright student throughout as per my record, I have also won a medal in the cricket match for our school and 3 of my siblings have also studied in the same school. Kindly, grant me some concession in my fee and allow me the submission in installments.

Yours Respectfully,

Eunice Murray
O Levels 2

Application for Fee Concession and Installments

The Head of the Department,
Department of Philosophy,
Lincoln Institute
Alabama, USA


It is stated that I am a student of A standard  philosophy class under roll number 34-543. I have been given the date of August 30th 20XX to pay my semester fee. I am unable to pay the whole fee as my father is a poor store in charge and his income is not enough to pay my fee.

Sir I am a bright student with 3.8 CGPA in my last 2 semesters. I had also topped the debate competition of last year. More ever I am the captain of the soccer team of philosophy department. But I am unable to continue my studies as my father cannot pay my fee.

I request you to grant me concession in my semester fee and make some easy installments for me so that I may continue my studies with peace of mind. Otherwise I will have to leave my studies in the middle.

I shall be obliged.


Rose Eliot

Leave Application Proforma

Sample leave application proforma for school available to download. This leave application proforma can be used for earned leave application, casual leave application proforma.

Format of Outing Leave Proforma

The Manager
Human Resource
Baykee Solar Pvt. Ltd.


Respected Sir,

Most respectfully, I beg to say that I Peter, Employee ID:  XCSVC needs a leave for outing planned with the family for a week. Kindly allow me to leave for the office for the next week. I request you to kindly approve the request and oblige.

Thank You.

Design Engineer

Leave Application Form for Employees Format

Company Name + Logo

Leave Form

Submission Date:_________________




Leave Dates:______________________ To:_________________________

Reasons of Leave: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Leave Type:  

  • Sick Leave_____
  • Casual Leave______
  • Emergency/Urgent Leave_______
  • Annual Leave______

Approved By:

Manager/Supervisor ____________________________


Final Approval:

Department Head/Director:_________________________________________


Leave Application Form for Students