Leave Application for Brother’s Marriage

Sample of leave application on marriage of brother (younger or elder) to apply for leave from office, company, factory etc.


The District Emergency Officer,

Dear Sir,

Further to my verbal discussion a few days ago on the subject cited above, it is submitted that the marriage ceremony of my younger brother is going to be held on 10th of this month. Being an elder brother it is my prime duty to ensure all mandatory arrangements and formalities. It requires a busy schedule that’s why I need to avail my casual leaves from my record.

Therefore, I request you to please grant me leaves not more than three days w.e.f 9th to 11th October.

I shall be very thankful to you.

With regards,

Adeel Ahmad

Leave Application Due to Brothers Marriage

To Manager,

Actually I beg to state that from the next week I would not be able to continue my job just for a week the reason behind is my brother’s marriage. As you know there is lot of work and there is a very busy schedule at home as all of the arrangements are to be done by me. So it’s a humble request that please grant me leave for a week. So that I can manage my work at home, as far I will work overtime to complete my task


Osama Saleem

Leave Application for Brother Marriage to Boss


The Project Manager,

Faisal Town Franchise, Lahore.

Respected Sir,

I am working in your organization as software and web developer since last two years.

It is hereby to inform you that my elder brother’s marriage ceremony is going to be held from 07-10-2016 to 10-10-2016 in the Faisal Town, Lahore. As I am member of family so for this purpose I want leaves. There is no pending work from my side. Kindly send a notice to accounts department not to deduct my salary.

Hope for your approval.

I shall be very thankful to you.



Brother Marriage Leave Application

The Administrator

Topaz Security Services,

Tabuk, UAE.

SUBJECT: Leave Application for Brother’s Marriage

Respected Sir,

Most humbly, it is requested that my brother’s wedding ceremony is approaching this Thursday. As I am his only brother have to manage all the arrangement of the ceremony. In this regard, I need two days leave from the office. Kindly grant me the requested leave. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours dutiful,


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