Letter to Principal from Parents

Letter to the principal by parents of a student to inquire about the academic performance of their son. Letter to Principal from parents about teacher and performance of their child in school.

Letter to Principal About Student Performance


The principal,

Shining Institute for Secondary Education,

Sydney branch, Sydney.

Respected Sir,

My son, Ricky Ponting, is enrolled in grade IX at your esteemed institute. He is also accommodated in the boarding hostel of the institute. I am interested to inquire about his recent academic performance from you because I have not received any of his academic report since previous two months. Can you please find some time to compile his detailed academic results and send at my home address?

Being a father yourself, you can better understand that it is immensely important to be aware of academic performance and well-being of one’s children. Although, his past academic records are quite satisfactory yet your feedback will be more satisfactory for us.

I look forward to receiving a report from you about my son’s academic s and related matters.

Best Regrads,

Mr. Brown Dandy

Letter to School Principal from Parents


The Principal

Allied School,


Subject: Appreciation Letter

Dear Sir,

We are very pleased to inform you that our children are becoming confident and hardworking after studying in your School. Competition in your school is very high which forces children to struggle harder in their studies. They also feel comfortable due to extracurricular activities provided by your school and feel pride to participate in those activities as well. Your great efforts are really highly appreciated. And we look forward the same struggle from you in her future classes as well.

Thanks again.

Best Regards


Zain Class 4

Complaint Letter to Parents About Misbehave with Teacher

Letter to parents to inform them about misbehave of their child with his teacher in the class. Letter to parents from teacher about misconduct of their child with the teacher in class or school, college etc.

Complaint Letter to Parents from Principal

District Public School

Los Angeles

Mr. Peter

West Street Los Angeles

Subject: Complaint Letter to Parents about Misbehave with Teacher

Dear Mr. Peter

I am feeling sad to inform you that your Son Roger is not doing well in school. He is not following the rules regarding maintenance of discipline in school. He is accused of misbehaving most of his teachers. His Mathematics teacher Miss Rose has alleged Roger that he was found shouting at her. He refused to done his homework and also used inappropriate language with the teacher. His tune was also harsh.

It is my duty to inform you that this kind of behavior cannot be tolerated in the school. This time he has been left with a simple warning but if he would continue doing so and not change his behavior he would not be allowed to sit in exams and his name would be stroked off from the school.

Hope that you will play your part as a good parent to teach him how to behave with the teachers in school. Please feel free to contact me on my number 89797896 in case of any quires.


Anna Isabella


Warning Letter for Misconduct

We are sorry to inform you that your child had been involved in some unethical activities. Teachers had complained about the misconduct of your child in the classroom. So in order to achieve a good atmosphere in our school we ask to ensure your child’s manners and ethics.

Letter to Parents for Misbehaviour of Student with Teacher

Mr. & Mrs. William Robert,

I am writing to you in the capacity of Principal Girls Higher Secondary School, Oxford street branch. It is surely unpleasant for me to tell any bad news or complaint of students to their parents. The letter is intended to inform you about misbehave of your daughter, Jacqueline Fernandez, with her Arts teacher in yesterday’s class.

I must tell you that it is not the first time your daughter has misbehaved with her teacher in the class. In fact, it is the third time that she had done so, irrespective of my two consecutive warnings to her in the past about her inappropriate conduct in the class. It is highly regretted that she is not mending her conduct as required. Now, i think, it is time of your intervention in this matter.

As I had already told you at the time of admission here that good academic performance and conduct in the class both will be necessary for her to retain her enrollment or continue her studies here. Otherwise, her enrollment may be terminated on the ground of consistent poor academic performance or inappropriate conduct in the class. Hence, it is in her best interest to shun her misbehavior with her teachers in the class. It is also adversely affecting her studies. However, i am quite hopeful that you can play vital role in persuading her to correct her conduct such as advised to all students by their respectable teachers.

I am looking forward to hearing no complaints about her misconduct in the class.


Ms. W. Lagerend,

Principal Girls Higher Secondary School,

Oxford street branch

Complaint Letter Against Misbehavior with Teacher

Garden Town,

Lahore, Pakistan


Respected Parents,

It is to inform you that your child, Rory Grade 2, has been guilty of misbehavior with the class teacher. The student had been throwing paper balls at the teacher while the class was going on and has also used inappropriate speech with the teacher when she tried to stop him. It is to specify that Rory is a bad influence for the other children, as others will also learn that from him. We do not want such an effect on other children.

Rory has been suspended for one week due to his misconduct. We hope you try to manage the situation intelligently and improve Rory’s behavior further.


School Management,

Beaconhouse School System

Complaint to Parents About Misbehave of Their Son/Dauther from Principal

Dear Mr. Kabir,

It is stated that me, M.Yasir has been running my own school for the last 10 years. During this time, the school has achieved many milestones of success. The school has maintained top positions in Board for the last 3 years. Your son Waleed is the student of class 6 in this school.

I am writing this letter to you to put your attention towards a serious matter. Class teacher of Waleed, Mr. Ahmed Hussain has complained the behavioral problem of Waleed many times. Upon this, Waleed has been punished, imposed fine & suspended from school once. In-spite of these punishments, there is no significant changed is observed in his behavior.

Yesterday, Mr. Ahmed was teaching his class. While that, Waleed was talking and not paying attention. When the teacher stopped him doing so, Waleed did misbehave with teacher and left the class without permission.

I request you to please take a serious note of this shameful incident, being the parents of Waleed. I hope to have a positive response from your side.


M.Yasir, (Principal), Lahore

Sample Complaint Letter to Parents of Student

Letter to Parents to Inform Them about Decreasing Interest of Their Child in Studies. Sample complaint letter about student behaviour to parents with warning and call the parents in school for meeting with teacher and principal to discuss the issue of their child.

Sample Complaint Letter to Parents of Student

Respected Parents,

I am writing to you to let you know about the weekly performance of your child xyz and his behavior in the class. He has been misbehaving in the class since many weeks. He is not done with his homework mostly and gives lame excuses on it. His dressing is not proper, shoes are not properly polished. Also he is getting below average marks in the class test. I request you, kindly take notice of your child for such usual behavior and make sure your child will come to class with proper uniform, polished shoes and done with every subject`s tasks.

Thanks and regards,


Sample of Complaint Letter to Parents


The Administration,

Respected Parents,

It is hereby to inform you that this letter is a complaint against your child who is the student of 4th class section green in our school named as Ali S/O Ahmed. Your child is very lazy and shows non serious behavior towards the study. It’s homework is mostly incomplete. He also shows no interest in the classroom as well as in the extracurricular activities.

We request to you that kindly check the status of your child regularly so that we both can avoid any type of disturbance. We hope that you will understand and will contribute with the administration.

Yours Faithfull,


Complaint Letter to Parents from School

Mr. & Mrs. James,

I hope you both shall be hale and hearty. As a principal of Beacon group of schools it is my prime duty to inform parents of the students enrolled here about the academic performance of their children on regular basis. As you both are aware of monthly academic reports of your child which clearly indicate the constantly decreasing interest of your son, Alex James, in his studies.

Despite several counseling sessions, Alex James has failed to produce good results in all his subjects. It is a matter of concern for both his teachers and parents. The aim of this writing is to inform and advise you so that you can persuade him by your parental affection to pay more attention his studies. Student’s keen interest in learning is pre-requisite to excel in his or her studies. For this purpose, you may also offer him some incentives, in addition to other means, to convince him for producing good results in the school.

I am quite optimistic that this letter to you will meet its objective.

Best regards,

Mr. Jackson Durant

Principal Beacon group of schools

Letter to Parents from Student Teacher


Mr. and Mrs. Jamal

Parents of Zain Jamal

Dear Parents,

This is Miss Nyla, teacher at Beacon House School.  I am teacher of Mathematics and teaching 6th grade students these days. With due respect, I want to bring in your knowledge a few things about your kid Zain Jamal. Your child used to be very hardworking and punctual, and I never had any complaints. But, for last few days I have found him a bit disturbed, as he does not concentrate on his studies. He is also absent most of the time, and does not even come up with his homework. If his behavior is due to some family issues, then kindly resolve it. Whereas, if he has some other issues then let me know so we can handle it together. Hope you will take notice of this complaint, and would help me resolve this matter in a better way.

Best Regards

Saira Amin


Letter to Start a Business Partnership

Letter of intent to start a business firm on partnership to your friend, colleague, neighbor, cousin, father’s friend or friend of a friend.

Request Letter for Business Partnership

Dear Mr. William,

On the eve of our previous meeting, I can clearly remember that you had talked about your plans to start a business of your own. Fortunately, we both are on the same page when it comes to the argument that the best way of earning money is to doing a business of your keen interest and wide experience. As you know, we both have been working in the same company since past 5 years and have similar experience in the field of development of digital technologies. After profound thinking, I have also made my mind to initiating a business in this field. Would it not be wonderful if we start this business on the basis of equal partnership? My answer is: yes!  What do you think regarding this?

Before letting me know your decision about starting a business partnership, I must tell you that, for me, you are the most suitable person for this partnership. Because, as an old friend of yours, I have complete faith in your professional skills and abilities. There is no need to praise myself as I am very well known to you. Most importantly, we have essential finance for starting a business  and  both know very well about the basics of business management.

I look forward to early hearing positive response from you.

Stay blessed,

Smith Bond

Letter to start a business partnership with Friend

Dear Samuel

Hope my letter finds you in good health. I want to apprise you that I am running a business of import of auto parts from abroad. My friend would you believe that I have found it very profitable and well reliable. I started this business last year at medium level and have established it much at better level. Basic thinking to tell you about all this is to invite you to come and join me as my business partner. My friend I know that you are already running a shop with your brother and I also know that it’s not enough for both of you. Now question arises that why I am inviting you and not someone else so there is a very simple answer that I know you for the last 10 years and you also have marvelous talent for being a good businessman and 2nd thing is that I also require a partner in my business so that I can share my burden with him. Now you will ask that how much money will be required to be my partner I just tell you to bring only 5 percent of the auto parts presently held in my storehouse. And by the passage of time your share will be increased gradually. I hope that you will consider my offer and respond positively and join me in my business as my partner soon after receiving this invitation.

Yours sincerely

Application for Registration of Business Name

Sample application letter for registration of company name, products, logo, trade mark, ntn, certification, production for new launching of your business in the market. Companies can get registered as private limited, limited, partnership firm, sole proprietorship.

Request Letter for Company Registration

Dear Sir,

Innovative Solutions Inc. is a private business firm which deals in the distribution of computer electronics equipment and accessories. The firm has been established with an aim to provide services at national level. After fulfilling all the legal requirements for registration of business name, it is requested to approve the application for registration of the business firm with above mentioned name i.e.            Innovative Solutions Inc.

With due respect it is said that the past track record of registration process at Security Exchange Corporation, popularly known as SEC, is not satisfactory due to unnecessary delay. In such case, the firm with unregistered business name might pay heavy cost in the face of financial losses. Hence, it is our earnest request to you for early completion of registration of business name of the firm.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best Regards,


Letter for Registration of Business Name

Government Deptt. For Registration,

United Kingdom,

Respected Sir/Madam,

I want to request a legal registration of the business name of my company, PEPSICO Ltd. Please register the name of my company so that I can legally start to do my business. I shall be much obliged.

Yours Respectfully,

Ian Eldred

Appreciation Letter to Teacher from Parents

Sample letter to class teacher from parents for appreciation and reply to complain of your child. Sample thanks letter to class teacher of your child, son or daughter for informing the parents.

Letter to Teacher by Mother

The Class Teacher,

Grade II.

Army Public School & College System,


Subject: Appreciation for notifying daughter’s misconduct

Dear Ma’am,

I just wanted to thank you for taking out time and giving attention to my child, Sara Raza. I understand she has been pretty troublesome for you. She is very mischievous and often loses interest in studies. I know you have a class of nearly 25 students and it becomes really hard to give every student such attention but I’m very pleased that you have not ignored my child. Instead, you came up with a good observation and showed genuine concern in improving her. I am highly grateful to you for complaining about her misconduct at school. I assure you that we as parents will give our maximum time to bring the best out of Sara, along with all your dedicated efforts.


Mrs. Saima Raza

Letter to Appreciation to Teacher, Lecturer, Principal

Mr. Shahzad Bhatti,


Dear Sir,

It is giving me immense happiness to inform you that my son, Waleed who is your student in class 8 have stood first in his final examination.

Being his parents, his result & marks made us feel proud and happy. We pray for his consistent & long lasting success. But it is all due to your hard work, determination and the way you have taught him. You always gave him your valuable time. The way you deliver the lecture & teach the mathematics is outstanding.

We hope that you would keep on teaching my son in the same way.


Faisal Ali

Appreciation Letter to Teacher Template


Miss Saba,

Math Teacher, Allied School,

XYZ Campus, Lahore

Subject: Appreciation Letter

Dear Madam,

We are very pleased to inform you that my daughter Zoya who is studying in class 3 Yellow in your school has got very excellent marks in her Mathematics Examination. She was very weak in Mathematics but you have really made great efforts to make her expert in solving Mathematical Problems. Your great efforts are really highly appreciated. And we look forward the same struggle from you in her future classes as well. She appreciates your kind behavior as well.

Thanks again.

Best Regards,


Zoya Naveed