Application for Educational Loan for Studies

Sample application letter to request educational loan from your school, college, principal or university. Letter for Education Loan for Further Studies Respected Sir, I hope you are fine and are in good mood. Sir I am studying in your college for past 2 years and having the best education of my life, as I like… Read More »

Application for Duplicate Driving License

Sample application for duplicate driving license from city traffic police or licencing authority of drivers in any country or area. Application for Duplicate Driving License To The Licensing Authority, Lahore Subject: Application for Duplicate Driving License Dear Sir, It is submitted that I have lost my LTV Driving License yesterday so you are requested to… Read More »

Warning Letter to the Contractor for the Safety Norms

Sample letter to warn for not following safety norms during production, manufacturing, construction or any other site or project you have assigned. You can also warn the supplier for not following certain certifications. Warning Letter To Contractor Against Violation Of Safety Norms Sample Letter to Warn William Asbestos Co., United Kingdom, Dear Contractor, It is… Read More »

Register Mobile Number to Bank

Request letter to bank manger for registration of your new mobile number with your bank account for any communications and verification purposes. Register My New Mobile Number to Bank The Operation Manager EZEE Bank Lahore Subject: Re-registration of Mobile Number Dear Sir, It is submit for your information that I have changed my Mobile Number. My… Read More »

Letter for Cancellation of Admission

Sample application letter for cancellation of admission in college, school, university due to any reason. You can also request the refund of deposited fee according the policy of the institute. Application Letter for Cancellation of Admission and Refund Fees To, The Academic office, National College Of science, Lahore, Respected sir, With all due respect it… Read More »

Leave Application for Sister’s Marriage

Sample Leave application letter on marriage of sister from school, college or academy as a brother or sister studying as student in school or college. Leave Letter for Sister Wedding to School The Principal, Excellence School, Hayan -Damascus. SUBJECT: Leave Application for Sister’s Marriage Respected Sir, Most respectfully, It is stated that my sister’s marriage ceremony is… Read More »

Job Interview Call Letter Sample Format

Sample letter to call for interview for any job or vacant post and second interview of the candidates to be hired for jobs in company, office etc. Interview invite letter to candidates after written test also available for download. Letter to Call a Candidate for Interview To, Mr. Jonah Mart, Las Vages, Respected madam, We… Read More »

Resignation Acceptance Letter Format

Resignation Acceptance Letter Format for employees, teachers, professors, lecturers, students etc. Sample resign accepted letter to company staff/employee on urgent basis or with notice period that your resignation is accepted. Resignation Acceptance Letter from HR Mr. Farhan Saeed I.T Engineer AZ Communications, Lahore Subject:                               Acceptance of Resignation Dear Farhan, We are pleased to inform you… Read More »

Fee Concession And Installment Request Letter

Sample fee concession application from mother, father or parents. A letter to university for fee concession and installment by father,who is a transporter and has 3 children and cant afford high fee for his daughter. Application for Fee Concession to College Principal To, The accounts office, Forman Christian College, Lahore Respected sir, With due respect it is stated… Read More »

Leave Application Proforma

Sample leave application proforma for school available to download. This leave application proforma can be used for earned leave application, casual leave application proforma. Format of Outing Leave Proforma The Manager Human Resource Baykee Solar Pvt. Ltd. SUBJECT: LEAVE APPLICATION PROFORMA Respected Sir, Most respectfully, I beg to say that I Peter, Employee ID:  XCSVC needs a… Read More »